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MDI-related information

MDI-related information. Lau Gatignon MDI meeting 17-12-2010. Contents. Post-collision line and dumps Cost of MDI+BDS+ PCLD TDR CDR Discussion. Post-collision line and Dumps. The Post-Collision line sub-WG has developed into a sizeable team

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MDI-related information

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  1. MDI-related information Lau Gatignon MDI meeting 17-12-2010

  2. Contents • Post-collision line and dumps • Cost of MDI+BDS+PCLD • TDR • CDR • Discussion

  3. Post-collision line and Dumps • The Post-Collision line sub-WG has developedinto a sizeable team • There is synergy between the final beam dumps, tune-up dumps and various intermediate and drive beam dumps • Therefore a separate working group for Dumps and Post-Collision Line has been formed, chaired by EddaGschwendtner. This group reports directly to CTC, but also (as in the past) to MDI for matters related to MDI.

  4. PCLD Mandate (1)

  5. PCLD Mandate (2)

  6. PCLD Mandate (3)

  7. PLCD Membership Chairperson: GschwendtnerEdda Other members: being defined, including some MDI members

  8. CLIC Cost Estimate • An internal CLIC Cost Review took place last Friday. The results are strictly confidential. • The cost reports for MDI, BDS and PCLD are combined. There are still missing inputs, in particular for the dumps and for the BDS. • The BDS magnets will be pre-designed and costedstarting in January. The specifications of the magnets (I, V, dI, time constants, etcetera) will serve as input for the rectifier and cabling estimates (including for QD0 and PCL). • Also collimators, (optional) muon sweepers, etcetera are still missing • The topics done are listed in the next slide. Discussion of technical issues in the next QD0 meeting. Thanks to Ray and Thibaut for valuable new input.MDI+BDS+PCL is still only representing a tiny fraction of the total. • An external CLIC Cost Review is scheduled for April.

  9. Cost Summary Confidential

  10. Towards the ‘TDR’ • Following the new MTR (reduced increase of resources for CLIC), the TDR phase has been split in two parts:1) A project preparation phase from 2011-20162) A project implementation phase from 2016 onward • See details in a few selected slides from Roberto Corsini’s talk at the CLIC Meeting on Friday 19 November • The ACE (Advisory Committee) in February 2011 will be dedicated to the preparations for the next phase • We must thus use the month of January to converge on our ideas and plans for this next phase,

  11. CDR Status • The CDR has been officially submitted on December 8th. The final version is available from today’s MDI agenda.It includes a list of valuable corrections by Lucie (discussed on a Monday mtg). • A preliminary author list for the MDI chapters has been established and can still easily be modified. Comments and corrections to this list are most welcome. • The chapters themselves can also be modified but only for very good reasons – and therefore only once (if at all).E.g. pre-alignment or pre-isolator results to be added.And an additional curve on the luminosity spectrum plot? • I consider the existence of the TDR chapter a remarkable collective achievement of the is working group (very late start!) and I wish to thank and congratulate all that have contributed!

  12. Discussion

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