Logan s empires
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Logan’s Empires. History Power Point on Empires Head Of Sargon, Akkadian King. Fine Art. Encyclopædia Britannica ImageQuest . Web. 20 Feb 2014. http://quest.eb.com/images/107_3350111.

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Logan s empires

Logan’s Empires

History Power Point on Empires

Head Of Sargon, Akkadian King. Fine Art. Encyclopædia Britannica ImageQuest. Web. 20 Feb 2014. http://quest.eb.com/images/107_3350111

Babylonian Empire At 560 B.C., Map. Photo. EncyclopædiaBritannicaImageQuest.Web. 20 Feb 2014. http://quest.eb.com/images/109_247965What were the most important achievements of the four Mesopotamian Empires?

The akkadin empire had many achievements
The Akkadin Empire had many achievements.

  • The biggest achievement was becoming the world’s first empire!

  • The Akkadins also had a king called Sargon who made Agade one of the richest cities in the world.

  • A third achievement is that the Akkadins were very talented in Art, especially 3D sculptures.

The babylonian empire also made lots of achievements here are a few
The Babylonian Empire also made lots of achievements, here are a few.

  • One of the biggest achievements is the code of laws that Hammurabi wrote and are the earliest known written laws.

  • A second achievement is that Hammurabi created roads and a postal service which would make people more connected.

  • A third achievement is that there empire was the longest lasting of the 4, it went for 900 years!

After the assyrians conquered they made many important achievements
After the Assyrians conquered they made many important achievements.

  • One of the achievements that we still use today is the advance in warfare, they perfected warfare on horse back and came up with the siege.

  • A second achievement is the invention of the aqueducts which can deliver water from 30 miles away!

  • A last achievement was there bas-reliefs, a special 2D sculpture that were very detailed.

The neo babylonians had many great accomplishments
The Neo-Babylonians had many great accomplishments. achievements.

  • King Nebuchadrezzar protected people thick walls, moats, towers, and bridges.

  • Nebuchadrezzar created the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, a wonders temple with many plants coming out of it.

  • The Neo-Babylonians found discoveries that led to our present day 60 minute-hour and our 7 day-week.

The best empire is definitely babylon
The best empire is definitely Babylon! achievements.

  • One reason it is the best empire is because it had the longest reign so you would have the smallest chance of living during war.

  • It had the world’s first postal service which would help connect people, help with trade, and make people happier over all.

  • A third reason is that the laws were unusually fair and I wouldn’t be unfairly punished.