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The Shawn Ryan Exploration Methodology The Science in the Yukon Ground. Ryanwood Exploration.

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The Shawn RyanExploration Methodology

The Science in the Yukon Ground

Ryanwood Exploration

In 2008, an unknown prospector by the name of Shawn Ryan started a modern day Yukon gold rush using his own unique grassroots exploration methods, combined with new emerging state of the art field technologies, to create a gold bonanza in the Yukon like no other. This manual outlines Shawn Ryan’s 5 step exploration method that has already uncovered two major systems in the Yukon, and spawned dozens of Jr.s to stake in the area.

Initial Soil Sampling

Shawn’s Success began with a soil sampling method that allowed for a calculated percentage of over burden. By innovating a tulip planter from Europe to take deeper soil samples, Shawn starts every program by taking wide line spacing soils. These samples, with the help of GPS, are catalogued and assayed for 36 different minerals. In years Previous, Shawn would be up all night with sore fingers writing tiny numbers on large maps, attempting to identify mineral trends. With the use of computers, Shawn was able to instantly see systems, trends and anomalies, and is able to accurately chart all soil samples to help identify anomalies, and concentrate exploration.

Air-Magnetic Fly-over

Shawn uses the assay results from his broad ranging soil sampling grids to determine where the magnetic resonance survey should be flown. By having the property surveyed in a flyover, Shawn saves investors money, first by using cheap soil samples that are used to concentrate the flight survey over recognized potential systems, which gives a better overall picture of potential mineralization.

Detailed Soil Sampling and Assay

Once the data is collected and processed from both the Fly-over survey and wide line spacing grid soil sample program, Shawn follows up with more detailed work with shorter and closer soil sample lines, which provide a better defined map of potential anomalies.


While exploring both the Kaminak and Underworld properties, drill targets were refined using a cost saving’s trenching machine named the Candig. The Candig was Shawns answer to getting deeper into the overburden in the Yukon and finding success. The Candig is a versatile machine that can be moved by either helicopter or ATV, and runs off of just a few gallons of gas per day. The Candig has been the key to defining mineralization in the Yukon, and has been used on all Shawn Ryan vended property’s.


In the final stage of Shawn Ryan’s exploration technique, Drills are brought in and holes are put into the ground based on a culmination of the previous steps of soil sampling, fly over and trenching work.

While drilling often supplies the most exciting results, it is the previous steps that lead to success. Shawn warns “Never rush drilling, it has been our biggest Mistake”.