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VALLEY CHRISTIAN SCHOOLS. AN EVENING WITH THE SUPERINTENDENT To review progress on strategic initiatives, and to continue discussing the future of our schools. John Moran. Tuesday, March 24, 2009. School board Update. John Moran Now the Chairman

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Valley christian schools




To review progress on strategic initiatives, and to continue discussing

the future of our schools.

John Moran

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

School board update
School board Update

  • John Moran Now the Chairman

  • Richard Lietz Leaves after Several Years of

    Exceptional Service

  • Elizabeth Baysinger Secretary (Moved)

  • John Kiser Vice Chair

  • Dale Allender Member

  • Scott Van Dussen Member

  • Floyd Umidon Member

  • Ex–officio Members

Roger Valci, Jeri Schall, RoseMary Tuuri, Jody Boggs

Deacon board update
Deacon board Update

  • VCC Senior Pastor, Roger Valci, is now Chairman.

  • The School Superintendent now sits on the Deacon Board as a non-voting member.

  • The Superintendent now sits on the Finance Committee.

Strategic initiatives update
Strategic Initiatives Update

  • Build long-term financial strength (Development Plan)

    • Created Financial Hardship Form

    • Raised and Distributed 11K from Urgent Appeal for Scholarships

    • First Development Meeting cancelled due to Flu

    • Make up Meeting scheduled within next 2 weeks

    • Grant Writer helping us for FREE

Strategic elements
Strategic elements

  • Enrollment Management Plan

    • Projecting Decrease for September

    • Increased Advertising

    • Coordinating school wide Admissions Process

    • Word of Mouth (70-80%)

  • Develop Facilities

    • Several internal meetings held since December

    • First plenary meeting of Facilities Development Team Scheduled for April

Strategic initiatives update1
Strategic Initiatives Update

  • Create Strategic Alliances (Colleges, Corporations and non-profits)

    • Networking in Process with other School Leaders

    • RAGE relationship growing

    • Parent Advisory Board will promote outside relationships

    • Identifying College and Corporate programs

Strategic initiatives update2
Strategic Initiatives Update

  • Computer Capability

    • 106 New Apple Laptops purchased

      • 20 for the HS Media Center

      • 15 for HS Teachers, 10 for ES Teachers, 6 for PS Teachers

      • 25 for the HS Computer Lab

      • 30 for a ES Laptop Computer Lab

Strategic initiatives update3
Strategic Initiatives Update

  • Viking Red Goes Green!

    • Lori Umidon will lead this effort

    • Going green “footer” in all out going emails

    • Planning a recycling event before end of school year

    • Investigating water collection, wind power, etc.

Strategic initiatives update4
Strategic Initiatives Update

  • Maximize parental involvement in each of the 5 Pillars

  • Parent Advisory Board

  • Subcommittees will be spawned from the Advisory Board for Academics and others

  • Parent Survey identifies parental interest and concerns

Strategic initiatives update5
Strategic Initiatives Update

  • Integrate WASC / ACSI recommendations

    • Superintendent is now Accreditation Officer for VCS

    • Bi-weekly Work Meetings with Leadership Team

    • Lori Cantrell and I will visit VCS-SJ for accreditation review in early April

Advisory board update
Advisory board Update

  • We held our first Advisory Board to the Superintendent on Wednesday, March 5th.

  • Membership: 12 parents and 2 teachers.

  • Topics Discussed:

    • Clarified purpose

    • Identified areas needing improvement

    • Agreed to begin Strategic Planning

Advisory board update1
Advisory board Update

  • Purpose –

    • To provide an opportunity for two-way communication between the Superintendent and parents regarding issues pertinent to Valley Christian Schools - our mission, vision and direction, and implementation.

    • For parents, teachers and administration to jointly develop creative solutions to our most pressings issues.

    • To foster greater collaboration and accountability.

Advisory board update2
Advisory board Update


  • Utilization of current resources

  • Coordinate Parent volunteer opportunities and organizational structures

  • Parent Navigation / Orientation - How to be a successful parent at VCS.

  • GAP Analysis – Difference between vision and reality

  • Advocacy for our children.

  • Academic Standards

  • Strategic Planning

Budget planning

  • Enrollment Projections predict Tuition Revenue

  • 4 Day Budget Retreat in early April

  • Staffing and other expenditures will be determined

  • Superintendent will inform the VCS community of the results

Parent survey results
Parent survey results

First VCS wide parent survey, fielded among parents of each of our schools

208 parents completed the survey across the three schools via online survey in February and March 2009

  • Special thanks to John Kiser!

Reason for enrolling
Reason for enrolling

What prompted you to enroll your child(ren) in VC Schools? (select all that apply)

Over 50% of parents indicated that a desire for a

Christian Education was their primary reason for enrolment.

Satisfaction level
Satisfaction level

On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest, what is your satisfaction VC Schools? (select one )

Satisfaction is strong for responsiveness of staff and communication, improvement can be made on our facilities and our academic program.

Satisfaction by school
Satisfaction by school

On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest, what is your overall satisfaction at VC Schools? (select one per school)

Overall satisfaction varies amongst the schools,

and improvement is needed in all 3.

Recommendation intent
Recommendation intent

Based on everything you have experienced at VC Schools, which statement best describes how likely you would be to recommend VC Schools to your family or friends? (select one)

Top Two Box %

Regardless of which school parents are from, they will overwhelmingly recommend VCS to family and friends.

Value of schools
Value of schools

Considering the price for tuition, which statement best describes how you feel about the value for each VC School? “Very good value” to “Very poor value” (select one)

3.5 Benchmark

Each of the VC Schools achieve a strong price value rating,

as each school is above the 3.5 benchmark.

Priority of elements
Priority of elements

Using a 1-10 scale where a 1 means “not at all important” and 10 means “extremely important,” please indicate how important each of the following items are to you (select one for each).

Academic Excellence and Spiritual Development

are the most important elements for our parents.

Area of improvement
Area of improvement

Which of the following are in the need of most improvement? (select all that apply)

Academic Excellence and Creative Expressions

are in the need of most improvement.

Priority areas for academic excellence
Priority Areas for academic excellence

Considering Academic Excellence, indicate the areas of greatest priority for you? (select up to three)

3 R’s and Technology are most Important to parents.

Priority areas for creative expression
Priority Areas for creative expression

Considering Creative Expression, indicate the areas of greatest priority for you? (select up to three)

A broad spectrum of interest to parents.

Priority areas for athletic distinction
Priority Areas for athletic distinction

Considering Athletic Distinction, indicate the areas of greatest priority for you? (select up to three)

Sportsmanship is the greatest priority for our sports program, followed by equal treatment for all sports.

Priority areas for student activities
Priority Areas for Student activities

Considering Student Activities, indicate the areas of greatest priority for you? (select up to three)

Afterschool programs, Servant Leadership and Chapel Leadership

are the greatest priorities.

Priority areas for servant leadership
Priority Areas for Servant Leadership

Considering Servant Leadership, indicate the areas of greatest priority for you? (select up to three)

Adding more student-driven leadership is at the top of the list

for Servant Leadership.

What we like about valley christian schools
What we like about Valley Christian Schools…

“I like the fact that it is Christ centered.”

  • “I love that when I send my son there, I feel as if it is a second home.”

  • “The over all care and attitude of teachers and staff. It’s Christ-centered, the school and grounds are well kept - a reflection of "who we are" - and who we are is Christ-like.”

“The VCC community is very embracing and inclusive. The teachers are outstanding and go several extra miles to see every student succeed.”

“One parent…

1. Commitment to Christian Principals and academic excellence.

2. The teachers and school have the ability to discipline the students and keep things under control.

3. The safe and beautiful location.

4. The reasonable tuition and fees.

5. Preparing students for AP and college entrance exams

6. Caring teaching staff”

“I admire the teachers. I love the Christian environment, and that ALL the teachers, not just those who teach Christian classes share their Christian values with the students. I love that the staff and teachers are so available to parents, and that e-mail is used to communicate, and is responded to in such a timely manner. I love that Aaron McNeal was chosen as the Dean of Students. He is such a godly man and has the ability to discipline the students with and through God.”

“The time and attention that my daughter gets from the staff at the preschool. I have absolute faith that she won't get left behind or lost to the system.”

“The new FOOTBALL program with a staff of top level, dedicated, faith-based men with a leader in Mr. Parrella is a great example of this.”

“Biblical world view taught in all subjects, yet children do not seem to be kept in such a protective bubble that they are unaware of, or unable to cope with, non-biblical world views.”

What we dislike about valley christian schools
What we dislike about Valley Christian Schools…


“Double standards or preferential treatment to children of donors with big pockets.”

“Facilities are maxed out as far as space goes and therefore the campus needs more buildings for activities.”

“Jody (Boggs) is so on top of things that there haven't been any chances for dissatisfaction.”

“One parent…

1.The facilities need to be updated drastically, i.e., gym/luncheon facilities.

2.Lack of support for the sports programs if you’re not playing football or basketball.

3.I would like to see a wider range of electives for the students.

4.Not enough activity beside school.”

“At times have been disappointed in the talking down of other Christian religions i.e., Catholicism. Christians should be united and not tear each other up.”

“The fact that there is no music (choir, band, orchestra) offered at the school.”

“I don't feel like I have a voice at the school. I would like to have more interaction with my kids teachers and be more involved in evaluating overall performance of the school. This survey is a great first step.”

“Wish there was more opportunity to connect with parents in the same grades, outside of classroom parties and before the start of the school year. Would like to see more art and music available during the school day.”

We need you
We need you….

Would you or someone from your household be willing to work on a VC School committee? (Select one)

Over half of you are willing to work on a VC School committee and we can use you to improve the programs we have here at VCS.


  • We are making progress on all strategic initiatives

  • The parent survey helped identify strengths and weaknesses

  • We will build a strategic plan based upon our convictions, and with the collective wisdom of our entire community.

  • The Advisory Board will be essential in integrating and coordinating parental insights and resources into our planning process for the entire school system.

  • We have challenges ahead, but also great opportunities.

  • Together… “We can do all things through Christ, who strengthens us.” Philippians 4:13

Questions answers
Questions & Answers

Comments, Concerns, Ideas, Suggestions