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Self- Esteem and Body Image

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Self- Esteem and Body Image - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Self- Esteem and Body Image. Group Activity. http:// / watch?v = uOrzmFUJtrs. Ask yourself these questions:. Do you constantly worry about what you look like? Do you always worry about what other people think of you? Are you putting yourself down? Are you Happy?

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Presentation Transcript

Group Activity

ask yourself these questions
Ask yourself these questions:
  • Do you constantly worry about what you look like?
  • Do you always worry about what other people think of you?
  • Are you putting yourself down?
  • Are you Happy?
  • Do you always blame yourself?
  • Do you have trouble saying “NO”
  • Do you have a fear of rejection?
what is self esteem
What is Self-Esteem?
  • How we value ourselves
  • How we perceive our value to the world around us
  • How valuable we think we are to others
  • Affects every part of our lives (our trust in others, relationships, school and work)
what are signs of positive self esteem
What are Signs of Positive Self-Esteem?
  • Confidence Ability to solve problems
  • Self-direction Independent and co-operative attitude
  • Non-blaming behavior An ability to trust others
  • Good self-care A good sense of personal limitations
  • Ability to say NO
  • Awareness of personal strengths
  • Ability to make mistakes and learn from them
  • Ability to accept mistakes from others
  • Optimism (tendency to look on the more favorable side of events or conditions and to expect the most favorable outcome)
  • Feel comfortable with a wide range of emotions
5 tips for positive self esteem
5 Tips for Positive Self-Esteem

These steps will help you to feel more positive about yourself.

defend your beliefs and values
Defend Your Beliefs and Values:
  • Perception of successes and failures will depend entirely on the framework of your personal beliefs.
  • Personal beliefs are shaped by our own observations, experiences, emotional and logical components.

Everyone has different Beliefs and Values! Respects other’s and embrace your own!

take responsibility for your own actions
Take Responsibility for your own actions
  • There is always a price to pay: take responsibility for your actions to maintain your personal power. We all make mistakes.
  • Build your self-esteem: Rely on your on-self, do not blame others or rely on praise of others
  • Give yourself permission to live the life you want
  • Take action: don’t just think and wish…. DO it!
  • Understand Limits of Responsibility: Can’t control reactions of others. Know your Limits
  • Take responsibility in everyday life-Take responsibility for little things ex. Todays goal
  • Aim to be your best: Don’t try to escape your life, take action and be consistent
recognize the things that get you down
Recognize the things that get you down

Build self worth:

Practice your own self love

Trust your own feelings

Analyze yourself

Understand the power of your attitude toward yourself and views about yourself.

Tell yourself and prove to yourself that you matter


Key Elements to

Positive Self-Esteem

what is low self esteem
What is low-self esteem?
  • Keeps individuals from realizing their full potential
  • Negative perception about one’s worth

A person with low self-esteem may feel:

  • Unworthy
  • Incapable
  • Incompetent

“Deep down we’ve all constructed an idea of who we ‘should’ be: how we should look, act, think, feel and be regarded by others.”

- Ryan Howes

signs of low self esteem
Signs Of Low Self-Esteem
  • Negative view of life
  • Perfectionist attitude
  • Blaming others
  • Fear of taking risks
  • Feelings of being unloved and unlovable
  • Dependence Fear of being ridiculed
  • Mistrusting others
what causes low self esteem
What Causes Low Self-Esteem?
  • Problems in the family
  • Societal problems
  • Loss of self
  • Being criticized
  • Failure in school, sports or another activity
  • Being teased or bullied
  • Physical, verbal and/or sexual abuse
  • When others have high/unrealistic expectation from you
  • Overprotective parents
  • Discrepancy between expectations an reality
how can you raise self esteem
How can YOU raise self-esteem?
  • Positive Thinking
  • Affirmations
  • Doing charitable work/volunteering
  • Stop comparing yourself
  • Associate with supportive people
  • Find your passion
  • Be true to yourself
examples of self talk
Examples of self-talk
  • I respect myself and others
  • I am lovable and likable
  • I am confident, and it shows
  • I acre about myself
  • I am creating loving, healthy relationships
  • I am a good friend to myself and others
  • I accept myself just as I am
  • I look great
  • Life is good, and I like being a part of it

“Find people who support your growth and development, seeing a counsellor, problem-solving what you can change, accepting the things you can’t, finding activities that you love and engaging in them regularly and reducing physical stress with meditation and exercise”


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