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Aigerim Jyrgalbekova

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Aigerim Jyrgalbekova
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  1. Aigerim Jyrgalbekova • 17 years old • Student of school #2 • Talas, KG

  2. “I’m an optimist” • “ I think, that if a person is optimist he/she always can reach his goals=)

  3. Optimism is one of the keys to success. Optimism helps me to live easily. Because if fall down, I always stand up and continue my way. Just with help of optimism I can endure downfalls. I think, downfalls also have meanings in our life. Mistakes can make us sager.

  4. “I’m sociable” • Now let me tell you about myself, in other words about my character. I’m sociable. I like to communicate with people, because I know more about the world and essential of people. So this quality can help me to perform group of people. For example, I took a part in many projects such as TAG, debates, “Aikol”, “Positive”.

  5. “I try to be more disciplined” • The time is the most precious thing in our life. So ability to plan the time is important. I am developing it every day, becoming more punctual and planning me day to don’t waste a minute more effective. So, in my free time I try to improve my English and computer skills.

  6. Benefit from TAG project • The project TAG helped me to become smarter. Before to take a part in TAG project I didn’t know how to work with computer and my English was too bad. TAG project has helped me to develop many leader’s qualities such as to perform group of people, help to solve their problems, to listen other people etc. I’m so glad of taking a part in this useful project.