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Emergency Traffic Cone PowerPoint Presentation
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Emergency Traffic Cone

Emergency Traffic Cone

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Emergency Traffic Cone

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  1. Emergency Traffic Cone Unlike a traditional PVC traffic cone, our Emergency Traffic Cone is  self-deploying and collapsible. They are made to provide a safer driving and work experience. They weigh half of what standard PVC cones weigh and they are effortless to carry and deploy. Safe Lanes Emergency Traffic Cones swiftly deploy letting other drivers know there is a possible emergency or pedestrians ahead. Most injuries on the highway actually occur outside of the vehicle! Our cones are a step above due to their resilience  and endurance. Emergency Traffic Cones take an impact and quickly spring back into position. 

  2. Safe Lanes Emergency Traffic Cones • Safe Lanes’ mission is to provide a secure scene when you have an emergency inside or outside of the vehicle and to protect highway workers from potential harm. Perfect for emergency traffic control and can be stored in small spaces. We offer the best quality spring traffic cone on the market.  Our cones are expertly crafted to be completely durable. Safe Lanes Emergency Traffic Cones are made with the highest quality materials and come with an unbeatable performance.

  3. Emergency Traffic Cones are compact • These small traffic cones are attractive, durable, and useful for many purposes such as, soccer fields, vehicle training, industrial safety, and much more. This small and convenient bundle is an perfect application for a variety of work and utility vehicles or trucks including emergency drivers. Perfect also for any application that could benefit from the increase in storage space gained by acquiring any one of Safe Lane’s cone systems. Spring Cones take up a fraction of the space of normal PVC cones. Our four cone tote can collapse to fit into a 15”x15”x6” space. When you purchase a Safe Lanes Traffic Systems you can have a peace of mind knowing that they are ready when you need them in a flash.

  4. Emergency Traffic Cones are Crafted to Endure • Safe Lanes’ Cones are bright orange and  designed with a strong and durable mesh, and are created to spring back up into position when they are run over by a car. The Safe D-Ploy Spring Cone reflective appearance is provided by combining 3M’s “8710″ reflective material.  This material can be seen for miles away as it produces a 500 Ra Candlepower. It also remains effective when it comes in contact with water.

  5. Contact Us • Safe Lanes Systems Inc. • 1624 Market Street, Suite 202 • Denver, CO( Colorado) 80202 • 303-968-9643 •