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MARSITE - ISTANBUL. MARSITE started on November 1 st , 2012. It is a three-year project. MARsite has been funded for about 6M€ .

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MARSITE started on November 1st, 2012.

  • It is a three-year project.
  • MARsite has been funded for about 6M€.
  • The first months are dedicated, among others, to the definition of the requirements for data access, data format and storage for other supersites, EPOS e-science and data storage policy.

MARsite plans to coordinate initiatives of important European partners focused on:

  • the collection of multidisciplinary data from space to ground;
  • their dissemination, interpretation and fusion to produce consistent theoretical and practical models;
  • following good practices so as to provide the necessary information to end users;
  • and updating seismic hazard and risk evaluations in the region and, particularly, in Istanbul.

The Marmara Region has been monitoring by about 400 stations.

  • Short period and broad-band seismology stations, strong-motion, GPS, soil radon, spring water and tiltmeter networks have already been installed in the study area.
  • The city of İstanbul, one of the biggest cities in the World, has also earthquake early-warning and rapid-response systems.

In the MARsite, a portal will be developed, as a main task of WP10, where space and in-situ data and results from the projects could be downloaded.


In-situ data will be collected from,

  • Seismological networks, in land and under the sea
  • Geochemical networks in land and under the sea.
  • Geodetic networks under the sea.
  • Continuous GPS networks
  • Multi-parameter Borehole Systems and surface arrays

A Service Level Agreement (SLA) with Terrafirma ESA GSE project has been signed in order to achieve the database of PSInSAR velocity maps and time series available for the area of Marmara Region.


Measurements, in the Marmara, provide one of the most complete geodetic records of deformation for any major continental earthquakes anywhere in the world with repeat GPS, InSAR, gravity, seismological observations.


MARsite creates a link between the available and new data sets, comes from novel geo-hazard monitoring instruments including high-resolution displacement meters, novel borehole instrumentation and sea-bottom gas emission and heat-flow measurement systems.


Moreover, MARSite coordinates initiatives of important European partners focused on:

  • To measure the tectonic strain accumulation across the metropolitan area and western section of the 1999 Izmit rupture by combining the InSAR and GPS data.