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safety remedial n.
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Safety Remedial PowerPoint Presentation
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Safety Remedial

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Safety Remedial
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Safety Remedial

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  1. Safety Remedial

  2. 1. What is the first thing you should do when an accident occurs? Notify the instructor

  3. 2. If the teacher ask you to clean up a chemical spill, how do you do it? As advise by the instructor

  4. 3. When can you taste or smell chemicals? NEVER

  5. 4. What should never be unattended at a lab station? Open flame or a hot plate

  6. 5. When can you design and perform your own experiments in science? NEVER

  7. 6. What Kind of container should never be heated Plastic, paper, pens and pencils

  8. 7. When can lab work be made up? Before or After School or during your lunch

  9. 8. When heating a test tube it should be positioned straight up and Down? NO, it should be pointed toward the wall away from everyone

  10. 9. When heating a test tube it should be held over the flame until it boils NO, only until you start see little bubbles form on the bottom or until it reaches the temperature the instructor has advised

  11. 10. When heating a test tube you should hold it with tongs? False, You should hold it with a test tube clamp

  12. 11. How should non-toxic liquids be disposed? Down the sink

  13. 12. Where should toxic chemical be disposed? In a special container that the instructor will advise you to place the toxic chemical in

  14. 13. Where should paper towels of disposed? In the proper waste container

  15. 14. The first thing you should do when preparing to heat a chemical is Have your hair tied back, sleeved rolled up, no flammable items by the flame (paper or flammable chemicals)

  16. 15. When preparing to heat a beaker you should light the burner and then put the beaker on the stand or should you put the beaker on the stand and then light the burner? You should light the burner and then put the beaker on the stand

  17. 16. When the book and the packet disagree what should you do? Ask the instructor which one should you follow

  18. 17. If a piece of glassware is chipped what should you do? Show the instructor and the instructor will advise you what to do

  19. 18. What is the most commonly forgotten safety precaution? Putting the goggles over your eyes!!!! Not on the forehead or around your neck

  20. 19. On lab day what four things do you need at your table before you begin your labs? Lab procedures The materials Goggles Yourself Writing utensile

  21. 20. You may be penalized points for which of the following? Note wearing goggles Going out of a designated area Talking to loudly Messing around All of the above E. All of the above

  22. 21. What do you set test tubes in? Test tube rack (holder)

  23. 22. What do you heat water in? Beaker

  24. 23. What do you mix chemicals in? Beaker or Test tube

  25. 24. What do you use to beak up chunks of chemical into powders? Mortar and pestle

  26. 25. What do you use to pick up a hot beaker? Tongs