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The Spiderwick Chronicles

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The Spiderwick Chronicles

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  1. The Spiderwick Chronicles Author: Tony Diterlizzi and Holly Black Illustrator: many

  2. Number of pages • 107

  3. Characters • Mallory • Jared • Simon • parents

  4. setting • There house

  5. ratting • www

  6. summery • This book is about three kids that move to their grandmothers house because their parents got divorced. When they get to the house it looks really old and dirty. Every night they sneak out of there room and explore. One night they find a dumbwaiter so Jared got in the dumbwaiter and Mallory pulled him up. When Jared got to the top he got out and waked into a small library. Jared found a book and started to look at it and then he turned around to put the book down and he saw writing in the dust. He went back down the dumbwaiter and told Simon and Mallory what happened then they went to sleep. The next night Mallory hit the wall with a broom and bugs crawled out. Then they went to sleep then Mallory woke up screaming with her hair tied up to the bed post.

  7. problem • The problem in this book is that they live in a scary house with a lot of animals and ghosts and their mom doesn’t believe them. They find a book about boggarts, boggarts are ghosts that are mean when they are unhappy. They think a boggart tied Mallory's hair to the bed. They thought that the construction to the house made the boggarts mad. Why do you think the boggarts are mad?

  8. solution • I think the solution to the problem is to make the boggarts happy. If the boggarts are happy they won’t be mean. The kids need to find a way to meet the boggarts. When they meet the them they have to find a way to be friends with them. They should talk to them and find out what is making them mad. If they do this they could solve the problem and all be friends.