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NetBrain In Action. Real World Use Cases:. Document Automation Visual Troubleshooting QA Network Changes. Troubleshoot Slow Applications. Challenges:. Lack of documentation and historic data for applications Difficult to visualize network slowness. Solutions:.

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Presentation Transcript
Netbrain in action

NetBrain In Action

Real World Use Cases:

  • Document Automation

  • Visual Troubleshooting

  • QA Network Changes

Troubleshoot slow applications
Troubleshoot Slow Applications


  • Lack of documentation and historic data for applications

  • Difficult to visualize network slowness


  • Use Dynamic Diagram to map out application flows

  • Diagnose from a map

  • Congested WAN links

  • High CPU/Memory utilization of routers

  • Unstable routing

  • Asymmetric flows

  • Speed/duplex mismatch

Common Causes:

Performance metrics for an application are visualized in real-time

Troubleshoot network connectivity
Troubleshoot Network Connectivity


  • No up-to-date documents about servers’ physical and logical connectivity


  • On-demand document automation

  • Broken cable

  • Switch port in disabled mode by spanning tree or error-disable

  • Server plugged into wrong port

  • Gateway Router not functioning

  • Misconfiguration

  • Link down/flapping

Common Causes:

A L3 Heat Map

A L2 Heat Map

Troubleshoot route flapping
Troubleshoot Route Flapping


  • Route flapping is transient in nature – difficult to catch and pinpoint root cause


  • Use routing table analyzer

  • Link flapping

  • Router CPU overload

  • Routing peer reset

  • Network worm attack

Common Causes:

Drag-and-drop the entry to a Q-map

Troubleshoot packet loss across mpls
Troubleshoot Packet Loss Across MPLS


  • No visibility into a service provider’s MPLS cloud


  • Map-driven IPSLA Toolkit

  • QoS classification errors

  • Physical errors at Demac

  • Congested MPLS core

  • Mismatch of CE-PE configuration

Common Causes:

Troubleshoot bandwidth hogging
Troubleshoot Bandwidth Hogging


  • Difficult to pinpoint congested links

  • Time-consuming to setup probes to track down bandwidth-hogging devices


  • Heat Map along with IP Accounting

  • Unauthorized network use

  • Looping traffic caused by misconfiguration

  • Virus attack

Common Causes:

Plan network migration
Plan Network Migration

Document automation dialog


  • Very time-consuming to document the network before migration

  • No visual help to plan network migration


  • Model network migration based on configuration files

  • Analyze new network design with Design Reader

  • Highlight routing to visualize design

Related Features:

Drag and drop


Add a new network device

Qa network changes to prevent outages
QA Network Changes to Prevent Outages


  • A small change may cause major impacts across the entire network, but it is difficult to check all changes manually


  • Automate impact verification after each network change

  • The comparative analysis of routing, configuration and traffic path should be run after most network changes – because 3 out of 4 network outages are caused by seemingly benign changes

Detect routing changes after configuration modification

When to Use:

Document a data center network
Document a Data Center Network


  • It takes weeks or months to discover and document a data center with tracing cables, show commands and Visio


  • Advanced discovery and document automation

  • Before and after a data center upgrade

  • Data center assessment

When to Use:

Assess a network for voip readiness
Assess a Network for VoIP Readiness


  • VoIP is very complex and depends on many advanced technologies to work properly


  • Automate the analysis of network design and performance

IPSLA Measurement

  • Apply diagnostic monitoring to VoIP paths

  • Automate documentation for VoIP assessment

Related Features:

Map VoIP traffic path instantly

Merge two independent networks
Merge Two Independent Networks


  • Two networks were built without knowledge of the other, and everything has to be reevaluated to avoid conflicts


  • Plan the network merge in a virtual environment

  • Analyze the new network design with Design Reader

  • Use Search to find the information needed

Related Features:

Compare the inventory data of two networks

Defend against network attack
Defend Against Network Attack


  • Network attacks can come from anywhere, and they are difficult to visualize


  • Use Dynamic Diagram to map out attacks and take defensive action in real-time

Map the attack from the inside

  • To visualize a denial-of-service attack to the network and servers

  • To analyze suspicious traffic from a vague host

  • To isolate virus-infected end hosts

When to Use:

Map the attack from the outside

Become cisco certified ccie ccnp ccna
Become Cisco Certified - CCIE/CCNP/CCNA


  • It takes a long time to become Cisco certified. People can forget things learned if not reinforced properly


  • Use NetBrain to document practice labs automatically and review past labs visually

  • To prepare for CCIE

  • To prepare for CCNP

  • To prepare for CCNA

When to Use: