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Sportsground Environmental Projects

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Sportsground Environmental Projects - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Sportsground Environmental Projects.

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The LSE Sportsground in New Malden measures 11.27 Hectares of which the playing surfaces take up approximately 8.5 Hectares. Sporting amenities include seven football and two rugby pitches in the winter, two cricket squares and one grass tennis court in the summer. It is intended to manage the other 2.77 Hectares in a way to promote wildlife.
entrance to ground 1
Entrance to Ground (1)

Propose to plant one flowering cherry tree on island, hedge along railings and establish shrub bed by tennis court

exsiting oak 2
Exsiting Oak (2)

The many oaks and other trees around the ground are managed utilising a local tree surgeon who is called upon to deadwood on a regular basis.

in filled hedge and new oaks 3
In filled hedge and new Oaks (3)

Hedgerow measuring 157m between LSE and Kings in filled with Hawthorn and Blackthorn whips autumn 2009 and 2010

proposed area for new tree planting 4
Proposed area for new tree planting (4)

New trees to be planted to create screen and wildlife habitat (specimens to be confirmed)

creation of wood stacks 5
Creation of wood stacks (5)

Wood stacks are created all along the bank of the Hogsmill river. The strip measures 10m x 390m

Wood stacks create a breeding ground for insects and hence food source for small mammals and birds.

existing oaks 6
Existing Oaks (6)

The sportsground contains many ageing Oaks some of which are coming to the end of their natural life

New trees are to planted around the grounds to add to and replace existing

lower field controlled wild area 7
Lower field controlled wild area (7)

The lower side of the Sportsground has an area of 392m x 47m which is maintained in a way to promote a more natural environment. No Chemicals are used in this area and grass is left uncut throughout the growing season to allow wild flowers to grow.

site of wild flower area 8
Site of wild flower area (8)

In spring 2012 this area 65m x 22m will be sown with wildflower seed edged with wild grasses. The flowers are especially suited for bees.

Seed bed has been established without the use of chemicals by rotavating at regular intervals over the past year. Formally the land was overgrown with brambles. The Oaks pictured were saved during the process.

existing tree line 9
Existing tree line (9)

Tree line between LSE and Kings measures 238m and is left to grow naturally apart from minor pruning to cut back from overhanging football pitches.

wild area 10
Wild area (10)

At the top of the ground is a wild area measuring 57m x 31m.

The area contains the tip for the ground which is managed in a way that clippings etc are rotavated back into the ground.

proposed hedge planting 12
Proposed hedge planting (12)

New hedging (beech) is to be planted around the property 42m

proposed tree hedge planting 13
Proposed tree & hedge planting (13)

Suitable hedging and trees are to be sourced to fill this fence line 50m.

proposed tree planting 14
Proposed tree planting (14)

Suitable hedging and trees are to be sourced to fill this fence line 70m.

new hedging
New hedging

Hawthorn and blackthorn hedge 100m planted Autumn 2010