Make your end of year dvd
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Make Your End of Year DVD - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Make Your End of Year DVD. By using Windows Movie Maker and Windows DVD Maker*. *Must have Windows 7. Open Windows Movie Maker. Click on the Start Menu Go to ‘All Programs’ and find ‘Windows Movie Maker’ Open the program. You should now see this:. Start Adding Pictures. Click Here.

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Make your end of year dvd

Make Your End of Year DVD

By using Windows Movie MakerandWindows DVD Maker*

*Must have Windows 7

Open windows movie maker
Open Windows Movie Maker

  • Click on the Start Menu

  • Go to ‘All Programs’ and find ‘Windows Movie Maker’

  • Open the program

You should now see this1
You Should Now See This:

By default it goes to your Pictures Library

Navigate to your pictures
Navigate to Your Pictures

I have found my pictures and now want to add them

Navigate to your pictures1
Navigate to Your Pictures

Since I want to add all of my photos I just used Ctrl+A and click ‘Open’

I can rearrange my pictures
I Can Rearrange My Pictures

All I have to do is click and drag the picture to where I want it

I can add titles
I Can Add Titles

By clicking here

I can add captions too
I Can Add Captions Too

By clicking here

But first I needto select the picture

I want to caption

I can even change the font
I Can Even Change the Font

I just have to use these familiar tools

Adding music is easy too
Adding Music is Easy Too

I just have to click here

Now to add our music
Now To Add Our Music

Now find where your music is stored

I keep mine in the ‘My Music’ folder

Now i add the song s i want
Now I Add the Song(s) I Want

You can add more than one song,but I only need this one.

It now looks like this
It Now Looks Like This

Our Pictures

Our Music

Our Text

I don t want you to stare at a cat too long
I Don’t Want You to Stare at a Cat TOO Long

So now we want to change our timings.

Use the video tools
Use the Video Tools

We can adjust timings and more with this menu.

Click Here

Lets change the duration
Lets Change the Duration.

I think 3 or 4 seconds is good

But that was just one picture
But That Was Just One Picture

The picture with the blue bararound it is the one you areworking with.

You can select more than one picture
You Can Select More than One Picture.

I click the first picture of the ones I want to select

Then I hold down the ‘Shift’ key

And click the last picture in the group

Now i can change several pictures
Now I Can Change Several Pictures

I changed them all from 7 to 3.5 seconds

Now i ve created a basic movie
Now I’ve Created a Basic Movie

  • We’ve Added Pictures

  • We’ve Added Captions

  • And We Even Have Music

The Next Step is to Save our Work as a Movie

Choose the right option
Choose the Right Option

And Choose this Option

Go Down Here

Save your movie
Save Your Movie

Give your movie a name

And save it somewhere you can find it.

If you want to save your project
If You Want to Save your Project

Click Here

Do this if you want to work on your movie later.

That s it
That’s It!

Now you have a movie.If you want to burn it to DVDyou’ll need to useWindows DVD Maker.