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Diagramming Sentences PowerPoint Presentation
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Diagramming Sentences

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Diagramming Sentences
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Diagramming Sentences

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  1. Diagramming Sentences

  2. A diagram is a visual outline of a sentence It shows the relationships among words or groups of words in a sentence. Diagramming serves two purposes Helps you understand how a sentence is put together Identifies errors in a sentence and makes clear why they are errors Simple Sentences

  3. In a diagram the subject, the verb, the direct object, and the subject or object complement go on the main horizontal line. Sentence: Galaxies contain stars. Simple Sentences Galaxies contain stars

  4. The subject is separated from the verb by a vertical line that cuts through the horizontal line The line to separate a verb from a direct object is also vertical but does not cut through the line. The line to separate a subject complement from a verb slants to left. Simple Sentences

  5. Sentence: The Milky Way is a galaxy. Subject Compliment Milky Way is galaxy a The

  6. An object complement is placed on the horizontal line after a line slanting right Sentence: The astronomy club elected Jaime president. Object Compliment club elected Jaime president The astronomy

  7. An indirect object is placed on a horizontal line under the verb. Sentence: The astronomer gave the class a talk. Indirect Object astronomer gave talk class The a the

  8. Placed under the words that they describe Sentence: He slowly pulled up a very large radish. Adjectives, adverbs, and articles He pulled up radish a large slowly very

  9. Act as adjectives or adverbs Sentence: Commuters in San Francisco ride on cable cars. Prepositional Phrases Commuters ride in on San Francisco cars cable

  10. An important crop of France is the grape. My friend in Australia sent me birthday card by e-mail. My aunt named the baby Ava. Colorful pennants decorated the walls of the gym. My brother composes songs for the guitar. Okefenokee Swamp in Florida is an animal sanctuary. You Try It

  11. You Try It (continued) • The soda pop from the pop machine was warm. • The octopus squirts an inklike substance for its defense. • Mars is the fourth planet in the solar system. • The Empire State Building in New York is my favorite place. • My sister baked cookies for the school fund-raiser. • Tourists in St Louis visit the very impressive Gateway Arch.