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Teknikinformationscentrum TIC 2007-2013 PowerPoint Presentation
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Teknikinformationscentrum TIC 2007-2013

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Teknikinformationscentrum TIC 2007-2013
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Teknikinformationscentrum TIC 2007-2013

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Presentation Transcript

    2. Participants in TIC-I

    3. Background to TIC-I

    4. The Participants way in to the tic project

    5. The Participants way in to the tic project

    6. WP 1: Identification and evaluation of emerging techniques and knowledge areas of interest for the participants in TIC WP 2: Identification and evaluation of future (quality) requirements on TI WP 3: Make an inventory and evaluate the needs for competence and competence development WP 4: Make an inventory and evaluate existing educations/training programs in TI WP 5: Tools for product-, service- and competence planning TIC-I work packages (WP)

    7. WP 6: Competence provision material WP 7: Test of competence provision packages WP 8: Test of demo-technology WP 9: Evaluation and lessons learned from conducted tests WP 10: Knowledge ensuring, -dissemination and -intensification TIC-I work packages (WP)

    8. The establishing of a TI-network Competence need and competence development Courses and course development Emerging techniques and knowledge areas to consider Future requirements on TI Traceability between TI and learning information (LI) Multimedia in learning situations Areas of Result

    9. Establishing an arena for networking A national conference in 2010 (TIC2010) Results: The establishing of a ti-network

    10. Need of competence development on multiple levels and in a variety of areas Competence in formulating requirements for TI Learning by doing is common, but there is a lack of feedback Managing tacit knowledge is of importance Competence development depended on changes in the surrounding world Need of tools for capturing information on the surrounding world Results: COMPETENCE need AND COMPETENCE DEVELOPMENT

    11. Results: VS4-model

    12. Set of courses XML Technology Multimedia production 1 Computer aided technical writing Computer supported technical illustration work Learning platforms for user training Model for development of courses that ensures that there is a continuous feedback on the courses so they meet the requirements from society, students, future employees, etc. Results: Courses and course development

    13. Results: Model for continuous course development

    14. Standards and adaption of standards to the own business Investigate potential solutions to enable information acquiring from many different distributers Investigate the need of potential classification techniques Results: EMERGING TECHNIQUES AND KNOWLEDGE AREAS to consider

    15. Animations Graphical interface in the terminal Smaller units, hand held units Open databases Linking of information in and between systems Positioning systems Results: Future requirements on ti

    16. Depart from an ideal perspective on traceability Use established standards/specifications Manual and automatic process for capturing metadata Working agile and close to the client Closer collaboration between TI, LI and constructors Results: Traceability between TI and learning information (LI)

    17. Cover the whole learning situation User being positive to the systems Feedback in the learning process Interaction and the social dimension of learning Results: Multimedia systems in learning situations

    18. Participants in TIC-II

    19. WP 1: Project management with coordination and control WP 2: Dissemination of results WP 3: Configuration management and control WP 4: Development of unified production line WP 5: Common technical information culture WP 6: Maintenance of competence in learning organizations WP 7: Steps toward next generation TI WP 8: Networking and the establishing of a mutual trade association WP 9: Marketing and strengthening of the TI area WP 10 : Annual national conference TIC-II work packages (WP)