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Outreach in Slovakia Pavel Murin PowerPoint Presentation
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Outreach in Slovakia Pavel Murin

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Outreach in Slovakia Pavel Murin - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Outreach in Slovakia Pavel Murin. IEP SAS Košice in H1 experiment. Pav e l Murín for H1 Košice group RECFA meeting, Bratislava, October 1-st 2004. H1 experiment and DESY. PHYSICS. IEP SAS Košice in H1. Concentration on H1 calorimetry. Hardware contribution :

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Presentation Transcript
iep sas ko ice in h1 experiment
IEP SAS Košice in H1 experiment

Pavel Murín

for H1 Košice group

RECFA meeting,

Bratislava, October 1-st 2004


IEP SAS Košice in H1

Concentration on H1 calorimetry

  • Hardware contribution:
  • Various contributions into the design of readout and trigger
  • Serial download card for LED system
  • Trigger bit card for the SpaCal output bits synchronization andconnection with central trigger (NIM A 515 (2003) 543)
  • Software contribution:
  • On-line data acquisition, monitoring and slow control
  • Simulation and reconstruction in SpaCal calorimeter
  • Methodical problems
  • spatial clusters resolution in Spacal
  • CJC-BDC-SpaCal matching
  • SpaCal off-line calibration, timing,data quality check
  • Contribution to the physical analyze:
  • vector meson study(Acta.Phys.Polon B31 (2002) 2357)
  • Participants:
  • A core of calorimetry group ( 1 Dr., 2 Dipl. Ing.) with strong DESY support
  • Košice (2 Dr., 1 diploma student), Bratislava since 2004 (3 Dr.)
  • 2 PhD students (Heildeberg, Kosice/Brussels)
  • Evidence of higher excited states ρ(1450) and ρ(1700) in elastic ep channel
  • Analysis in progress

Example: Spatial resolution of the SpaCal

Electron entry points

into 4x4 cm SpaCal


Reconstructed entry

points using

traditional method

Reconstructed entry

points using improved


Resolution 4 mm

h1 and future physics at linear col l ider
H1 and future physics at Linear Collider
  • Extension of the 2D method
  • Development of the 3D reconstruction algorithm used for an optimization of the layout of a sandwich (Pb/scint) calorimeter for a future linear collider

Financial support

  • 1987-1992 Read-boards production, BEMC trigger (about 1.1 mil. DM)
  • 1994 no projects support
  • Since 1995 ... Start support for Slovakia participation at CERN
  • ... Other HEP activities ... a constant, but very small support
  • May 2004 ... Slovakia -member of EU ...
  • We would like present to Slovakia community that Slovakia has big profit from our participation in CERN, DESY... but how to do it?



CERN WEB university:

Dr. R. Parker „Telecommunication for the future“

5-day series of lectures(CERN, Finland, Slovakia)

March 2001

18 secondary schools participated in the Physics on Stage, Life in Universe,(on line webcasting from Geneva, Amsterdam,…)

Our presentation in Amsterdam


Effective video conference network for academic Slovakia…

(2003, September 11)


  • 5 Virtual rooms
  • 4 VRVS reflectors
  • VRVS-SK team



Recent Version 3.3 and its Key Features

Recent Version 3.3 and its Key Features

Pocket PC web based interface

PocketVRVS videoconferencing client


Recent Version 3.3 and its Key Features

Recent Version 3.3 and its Key Features

Pocket PC web based interface

PocketVRVS videoconferencing client


H1 Kosice & EPOG group initiative:

Integration of the all laboratories and institutions in Slovakia concentrated on study of structure of matter. The objective: to build up the Slovak National Laboratory for Science Cooperation with the top European and Worlds Research Centers (including HEP research).

A model for such cooperation: Slovakia and DESY (H1 + HASYLAB) cooperation.

  • Present activities:
  • A Consortium – Virtual Collaboration (19 universities + SANET + CALTECH + some institutions of SAS) was established
  • the first contact with HASYLAB (Prof. Schneider) established
  • September 27 – Seminar related to research in HASYLAB broadcasted via VRVS to all Slovak institutions, members of the Virtual Collaboration.
  • Virtual Collaboration realize 2 largest central projects of Ministry of Education of the Slovak republic:
    • The WEB oriented videoconference net for academic Slovakia
    • Towards Slovak virtual university
    • ( Projects coordinator: P Murin (EPP OG / H1 )

H1 Collaboration meeting

11 – 15 September 2000, Stará Lesná, 60 participants

XII International Workshop on Deep Inelastic Scattering

(DIS 2004),14 – 18 April 2004, Štrbské Pleso,257 participants.

Welcome in High Tatras, Slovakia


Virtual Collaboration

Virtual Collaboration

Quo vadis Slovakia?

The human community seen via knowledge filter of the Space evolution:

The excitation states of the social vacuum. Virtual Collaboration.

Ministry of education

OPOG , P. Murin, October 29, 2004



Result – model, theory


Human probe the physical vacuum to understand the Universe.



Result – model, theory


Space of interaction

Human probe physical vacuum to understand the Universe.

a potential barrier (space of fluctuation) …ask for opportunity


Human community

Virtual collaboration

A Social vacuum

  • Physical vacuum
  • Vacuum excitation
  • Space of interacting particles

Space of interaction based on the capital and knowladge exchange




A Social vacuum


Virtual collaboration

Students Faculty of Art,

Technical University in Kosice, department of design.


Students Faculty of Art,

Technical University in Kosice, department of design.



  • We presented profit of Slovakia in our participation in HEP experiments
  • HEP community in Slovakia start to support our HEP outreach activities...
  • Outreach has no financial problems…
  • Next activities:
  • virtual presentation of the best Slovak laboratories…
  • ---> HASYLAB
  • Master classes …. March 2005