the great plains n.
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The great plains

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The great plains. By:Cambrie and dawnyale. TRIBE NAMES. Sioux Blackfoot Cheyenne Crow Kiowa Comanche. Where they lived.

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the great plains

The great plains

By:Cambrie and dawnyale

tribe names
  • Sioux
  • Blackfoot
  • Cheyenne
  • Crow
  • Kiowa
  • Comanche
where they lived
Where they lived
  • They lived in teepees they were designed to set up and break down quickly. Their land was grassy .they would of lived in Texas , Iowa , Nebraska , North Dakota , and South Dakota. Their land effected their life by what kind of resources they had .
shelter food and water
shelter, food, and water
  • They ate buffalo, antelope, rabbits, occasional, bird, nuts, and berries. They lived in tepees. They built their houses near water that’s how they got their water.
interesting facts
Interesting facts
  • Men in the Sioux were hunters and warriors .
  • The Sioux children ,as in most Native American tribes , were to help their parents to do their work.
  • Sioux women wore long deerskin or elkskin dresses.
  • Sioux men wore breechcloths and legginsand buckskin shirts
  • Sioux indians walked and rode horses.
native tribes vs today
Native tribes vs. today
  • They are different because they, the natives like to give what they have, but today they like save. Natives used the sun to tell time, but today they use clocks and watches to tell time. Natives cooperated, but today the are competived.
what we are still wondering
What we are still wondering
  • We learned lots about the Great Plains. Are favorite is the Sioux tribe. We learned they live in tepees because they can break it down and set it up quickly. We wonder if they live in tepees today.