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  1. 老爸老妈的罗曼史 How I Met Your Mother Season 02 Episode 02 克里斯老师

  2. Marshall and Lily had been together for nine wonderful years, until she dumped him and ran off to San Francisco. The healing process was taking a long time. (groans) Then, one night, he made a giant leap forward...

  3. Robin: All right, I'll see you guys later. Ted: I'll walk you out. Marshall: See ya. Barney: You just checked out Robin's ass. Marshall: What? No! N-No, Barney, I was... Barney: Dude, that's awesome. You're finally forgetting about that short redhead. Marshall: Lily. Barney: Yes, Lily. Thank you. That was going to drive me crazy all night. (Ted enters)

  4. Barney: Hey, Ted, Marshall just checked out your girlfriend's ass. Marshall: I did not, Ted, I... Ted: That's awesome. You're finally getting better. Barney: This is the moment I've been waiting for. Starting tonight, I am going to teach you how to live. Ted, you had your chance. You're out; Marshall's in. Ted: Yes! Marshall: Oh, God.

  5. Barney: Marshall, being a single guy in New York City is like... What's something everybody likes? Marshall: Candy. Barney: Yes, it's like being in a candy store. You just walk right in and grab yourself some Whoppers. (groans) Barney: Yeah. Is Whoppers the best one? Ted: Mounds. Barney: Milk Duds. Ted: Gobstoppers.

  6. This went on for another hour; I'll just skip to the end.

  7. Ted: Dubble Bubbles. Barney: Nice! Marshall, We're doing this. I am not taking no for an answer. Marshall: Fine. (chuckles) Ted: Hey, Robin, Marshall checked out your ass. Marshall: Ted, what is wrong with you? Robin: (on the other end of the phone) He checked out my ass. Hey, tell him thanks. I felt like I was having a bad ass day. Cool, see ya. Robin: Lily. Lily: It is a great ass.

  8. None of us had seen Lily in three months. There were so many unanswered questions, so many things to say.

  9. Robin: Your hair is adorable. Lily: Thank you. (both giggling)

  10. Meanwhile, Barney was taking Marshall out to meet women for the first time since he was 17.

  11. Barney: Hi. Have you met Marshall? Marshall: Hi. Look how sweaty my hands are. It's weird, right? Uh, sweat? Like, this smelly water coming out of your skin. It was nice meeting you. Barney: I-I-I hate to interrupt, but, uh, do you like magic?

  12. The girl: Um, I guess. (gasps) Oh, my God! (laughing) Barney: Anyway, Marshall here is awesome. Salad in a bag? His idea.

  13. Barney: Dude! You were awesome last night. You were charming, you were funny, you were totally working that girl. Marshall: You went home with her. Barney: Yes, I did. But she told me that if it wasn't for me, you would have had a shot with her, so, in hypothetical terms, you scored last night. All right! Hypothetical high five. Nice. All right. Tonight, we're going to go to the bar...

  14. Marshall: Barney, no, I am not going out with you ever again. Barney: Come on! I'll, I'll teach you all of my strategies. Marshall: Oh, really? Barney: My favorite, number seven: create a mystery about yourself. That way, they become so intrigued, they have to hang out with you all night. Marshall: Oh, come on, does that really work? Barney: Maybe it does, and maybe it doesn't. Marshall: Damn it, that's intriguing. Okay, I'm in.

  15. Robin: I have something you've got to hear. Ted: You will not believe what just happened. Robin: You go first. Ted: I found a penny on the subway. Just imagine the kind of history this little copper guy... Robin: Lily's back in town. Ted: And you let me go first? Have you seen her? Robin: Uh, yeah. I actually went apartment-hunting with her today. Ted: How's she doing? Robin: You're not going to like it.

  16. Lily: I am doing great. This summer, best thing ever! San Francisco is so happening right now. Ted: She's happy?! Marshall had the worst summer of his life, and she's happy. Yeah, and I suppose her art program was all fulfilling or whatever.

  17. Lily: Oh. The art program-- best thing ever. Art professor: Oh, my God. This is your best work. In all my years teaching, I've never seen anything so... Needless to say, this is art. (chuckles) I can't teach you anything. (gasps) (chuckles)

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