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Cadets At School

Cadets At School

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Cadets At School

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  1. Cadets At School Neil Probst Education Manager NHQ Cadet Programs CAP Annual Conference & National Board August 19, 2011

  2. Cadets At School Overview Demographics How to form a squadron Benefits School kits Sample School Startup Key points Activity

  3. Cadets At School Overview • What is Cadets at School? • Cadets at School refers to Civil Air Patrol cadet units located on middle and high school campuses across the United States

  4. Cadets At School Demographics • 57 units across United States • 323 cadets • 1,709 seniors • Wings with school units: Alabama, Arizona, California, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Maryland, North Carolina, New Mexico, Nevada, New York, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas

  5. Cadets At School ABCs of squadron formation Senior member foundation > Quality over quantity Relationship with nearby squadrons > Learn the ropes The reality: Sometimes prospective schools already have senior members on the faculty; most times, the school wishes to start a unit from scratch.

  6. Cadets At School Benefits of school units • Stability: The squadron meets on the school campus • Resources: The school may have additional resources, such as computers and study materials • Bonuses: Additional classroom space; additional property for drill exercises

  7. Cadets At School Sample school start-up School seeks info about CAP; NHQ sends kit. Next, the school recruits potential senior members among its faculty and staff. The adults join CAP, ideally in a nearby unit, where they learn about managing a squadron. The new senior members found their unit, then recruit cadets from the school population.

  8. Cadets At School • Schools who inquire about starting a cadet unit receive a School Kit, including: • Cadets At School pamphlet • -Learn to Lead (L2L) textbooks • -Aerospace Dimensions modules • -Journey of Flight textbook • -L2L Curriculum Guide • -L2L Resource Guide School Kit

  9. Cadets At School Key Points Start for the right reason. (i.e. not because it’s a shortcut to getting 11-year-olds in CAP) Lay a foundation. (make sure the senior members you recruit are in it for the long haul) Three senior members is a minimum (more is better)

  10. Cadets At School The Ideal Squadron

  11. Cadets At School The Un-ideal Squadron School recruits 3 faculty to assist commander in leading the unit. 30 cadets join the squadron. The three faculty recruited to meet the minimum eligibility requirements are not really committed. The commander runs the squadron solo.

  12. Cadets At School Victory At Last “Though patience be a tired mare, yet she will plod.” The previous slide was a worst-case scenario. With patience and planning, your school unit can be very successful. Mentoring with a host unit is the key, and staff at NHQ are happy to provide guidance.

  13. Cadets At School Activity • Objective: work as team in pairs or threes • Discuss, then draw a blueprint for how you would like your school squadron to be staffed. • What unit positions are most important? • What will you emphasize about CAP and its missions when speaking to the school? • We’ll come together and discuss your ideas.

  14. Cadets At School For more information: CAPP 52-21, Cadets At School – Program Overview for Educators Neil Probst ( or 877-227-9142, x 252) Cadet Programs (