what s happening with rfid n.
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What’s Happening with RFID? PowerPoint Presentation
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What’s Happening with RFID?

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What’s Happening with RFID? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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What’s Happening with RFID?. Faith Lamprey Aurora Technologies (401) 765-3721 aurora@auroratechedi.com www.auroratechedi.com. NEMUG November, 2009.

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What’s Happening with RFID?

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what s happening with rfid

What’s Happeningwith RFID?

Faith Lamprey

Aurora Technologies

(401) 765-3721



NEMUGNovember, 2009


Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is the use of an object (RFID Tag) applied to or incorporated into a Product, Animal, or PERSON for the purpose of identification and tracking.

rfid components
RFID Components

Reader Antenna Tag (chip+antenna)

rfid tags
  • Active
    • A tag that has its own power source (battery).
    • It “chirps” or sends out a signal that says “Here I am!”
  • Passive
    • One type has no battery and requires an external source to provoke signal transmission.
    • A second type BAP (battery assisted passive) requires an external source to wake up, but can transmit over a greater range.
rfid in the supply chain
RFID in the Supply Chain
  • Used to improve the efficiency of inventory tracking and management. Smart Boxes
  • A fair cost-sharing mechanism between the retailer and consumer good supplier is essential for sustainable RFID adoption to take place.
rfid supply chain mandates
RFID Supply Chain Mandates
  • Since January 2005 Wal-Mart has required top 100 suppliers to use RFID tags on all shipments.
  • Since January 2008 Sam’s Club charges a service fee if single item pallets shipped to their Texas DC or directly to a store do not have an RFID tag.
  • DoD has strict requirements for RFID tags on packages. They label every shipping container (over a million!) that travels outside of the U.S. with active tags.
  • Uses an RF tag that contains the new EPC (Electronic Product Code)
  • Tags:
    • Chip and antenna inside a traditional label
    • Built into a plastic or rubber RF tag
    • Chips built into packaging
rfid trends miniaturization
RFID Trends — Miniaturization
  • Earlier this year British researchers glued microtransponders to live ants to study their behavior
rfid trends miniaturization1
RFID Trends — Miniaturization
  • Hitachi has developed the world's smallest and thinnest RFID chip. It measures only 0.15 x 0.15 millimeters in size and 7.5 micrometers thick. The new chips have a wide range of potential applications from military to transportation, logistics and even consumer electronics. Nicknamed "Powder" or "Dust", these chips consist of 128-bit ROM (Read Only Memory) that can store a 38-digit number.

Current Uses of RFIDAs the price of the technology decreases, RFID is becoming increasingly prevalent. Let’s look at some current uses of RFID technology.

mobil s speedpass
Mobil’s Speedpass

Car key and the Speedpass

u s passports
U.S. Passports
  • Since August 2007, the U.S. has been issuing only e-passports.
  • The U.S. Electronic Passport (e-passport) is the same as a regular passport with the addition of a small contactless integrated circuit (computer chip) embedded in the back cover. The chip securely stores the same data visually displayed on the photo page of the passport, and additionally includes a digital photograph.
  • The inclusion of the digital photograph enables biometric comparison, through the use of facial recognition technology, at international borders.
rfid network
RFID Network
  • Episode 4: RFID-Enabled Lift-Truck Solution Eliminates Operator Scanning
other current uses
Other Current Uses
  • Mobile Payment Cards, Phones, and other Devices
  • Mass Transit (subways, trains, busses, ferries, bridges)
  • Asset/Inventory Management (hospitals, animals, baggage, libraries, museums)
  • Lap/Race Scoring
  • ID for Children (clothing, ID cards)
  • Driver’s Licenses
  • Prison Inmate Tracking
  • Golf Balls
  • Casino Chips
future uses
Future Uses?


the future market
The Future Market
  • IBM RFID Commercial - The Future Market
  • Shopping in the Future
places for more info
Places for More Info
  • www.RFID.net
  • www.RFIDRadio.com
  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radio-frequency_identification
the end
The End