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September Monthly Reflections. By Cole, C. How I Collaborated With My Mentor.

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How i collaborated with my mentor
How I Collaborated With My Mentor

  • My mentor and I have been talking about what kind of fractal I should be doing over the next two months, and we decided that it would be best to start with a simple fractal and build my way up to a harder one. We decided that we would do a “Sierpinski Triangle”,( those are one of the easiest,) the equation for this fractal is D = ln(3) / ln(2), D = 1.0986 / 0.6931, and D = 1.5850. We also decided that I could do a “Koch Curve” with the equation D = ln(4) / ln(3), D = 1.3863 / 1.0986 ,and D = 1.2619.

How i collaborated with my mentor1
How I Collaborated With My Mentor

  • Mr. Smyth, and I have been talking a lot about what my final project, and are going to work on a snowflake fractal called the, “Koch Snowflake.” This is a feral complicated fractal that consists of many triangles put together, and turned to make up a different shape.

What the end product will look like.

The start of a Koch fractal.

What i have learned this month
What I Have Learned This Month

  • I have learned that trying to figure out the equations on the first day will not work it takes time and a lot of work to find what you are trying to do. I also learned that I will have to meet with my mentor like every other week if not every week, and have to put a lot of extra work into this project because it is a calculus project. I have found that if you use a steady hand and hand eye coordination that this will be easier because this is not just a math project I have to be able to draw this fractal. Those are some of the many things I have learned this month.

My goals for next month
My Goals For Next Month

  • My Goal for October is to start with my first fractal, and to learn how to draw the lines to fallow the equation’s rule. I also plan to pick out my the fractal for December. How I plan to achieve this is by going into intervention every Wednesday to work with my mentor, and get any necessary help that I need to reach my goal. I hope to have at least a fourth if not a half a fractal done. I hope to get far, and have more to show.

Either of these would be a good chose of a final project.

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