national conference on agriculture for rabi campaign 2005 06 n.
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National Conference on Agriculture for Rabi Campaign 2005-06 PowerPoint Presentation
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National Conference on Agriculture for Rabi Campaign 2005-06

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National Conference on Agriculture for Rabi Campaign 2005-06 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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National Conference on Agriculture for Rabi Campaign 2005-06. 15 th & 16 th Sept. 2005 New Delhi. Madhya Pradesh. Agro Climatic Zones in Madhya Pradesh. Cropped area & Cropping intensity. Unit – Lakh ha. M.P. State position in comparison to All India level.

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national conference on agriculture for rabi campaign 2005 06

National Conference on Agriculture forRabi Campaign 2005-06

15th & 16th Sept. 2005

New Delhi

Madhya Pradesh


Flood/Excess rain : 17 districts, (in the month of July)

  • 14.72 lakh hect. area under delayed sowing





(In m.m.) Normal: 387, Actual: 228 , - 41%


Area coverage of major Kharif crops

Soybean 41.92

Paddy 15.14

Cotton 6.35

Unit – Area lakh ha. Prod. Lakh tones Cotton in lakh bales


Reason for shortfall in kharif production:

Monsoon delayed 10 to 12 days .

Due to Flood and Excessive rains 5-6 lakhs ha. area remain unsown.

Delayed sowing in Sagar, Rewa & Jabalpur division due to Flood & Excessive rains.

Long dry spell during the month of August 05


Programme for Rabi 05-06 of State M.P.

Rape & Mustard 8.50


Wheat 43.00

Gram 30.00

Unit – Area : lakh ha.

Prod. : Lakh tones


Programme for Rabi 05-06 of State M.P.

Rabi target has been increased keeping in view the unsown area (5 – 6 lakhs) during kharif 2005.

Crop diversification from cereals crop to pulses and oilseeds.

Area under wheat has been reduced to 3 lakhs hect. and the area under Gram, Rape & mustard has been increased.


Rabi strategy for enhancement of productivity

  • Area expansion
    • 86.05 lakh Ha 2004-05
    • 94.10 lakh Ha 2005-06
  • Seed Distribution Programme increased-
    • 3.75 Lakh Qtls 2004-05
    • 4.31 Lakh Qtls 2005-06
  • Fertiliser Distribution Increased-
    • 6.50 Lakh MT (NPK) 2004-05
    • 7.31 Lakh MT (NPK) 2005-06
  • Emphasis on crops like Gram, Mustard which require less irrigation.

Rabi strategy for enhancement of productivity

  • More thrust on Durum wheat-
    • Increase in area
    • Variety replacement.
    • Marketing through Agri-Export Zone.
  • Seed replacement rate: Seed replacement programme are being taken up on large scale for increasing SRR.
  • Encourage larger use of Bio-fertilisers, INM, IPM, Vermi compost & Seed Treatment Materials-
  • Efficient water management through micro irrigation methods.
  • Farm Mechanization

Rabi strategy for enhancement of productivity

  • Extension approach in 15676 Contact Village and 1127 Gokul Gram:
    • For increasing productivity 15676 Villages has been identified as contact Villages and 1127 Villages as Gokul Gram, in which each village Extension Workers is allotted 2 villages and advised to take all integrated efforts such as training organic farming, Seed production & seed replacement programme & balanced use of fertilizer.
    • Involvement of ‘Krishak Mitra’ in extension activity.
    • Mass Media support to Agriculture Extension, Establishment of Kisan Call Center, Agri. Clinic and Agri. Business, Information Support, Innovation in Technology dissemination (ITD), Training support to Agriculture , Private Extension.
agriculture credit


Kisan Credit Card

Flow of credit:

The `details of agriculture credit provided is as under:



































unit lakhs rs

Funds received from GOI & utilization under Centrally Sponsored Schemes

Unit – Lakhs Rs.

* Change of mode of scheme in to Augmentation of ground water otherwise Addl. admin aproval should be given of Rs. 13 Corer under Macro Management.

unit lakhs rs1

Additional Funds requirement during The Financial year 05-06

Unit – Lakhs Rs.

* Change of mode of scheme to Augmentation of ground water otherwise admin approval should be given for Rs. 13 crore under Macro Management Plan.

status of quarantine facilities in m p state

Status of quarantine facilities in M.P. State

C.I.P.M. Center Indore is authorized by GOI to grant the phytosanitary certificate from March 05 .

Availability of land: land not acquired. Correspondence under taken.

Availability of building: At present quarantine work is performed in C.I.P.M. building Indore

Availability of equipment: Required equipments are available with C.I.P.M. Center Indore.

Their requirement: At least 7 qualified persons are required for quarantine work

Certificate granted: 100 Phytosanitary Certificates granted by C.I.P.M. Center Indore.

national horticulture mission

National Horticulture Mission

Submitted action plan in Aug. 04

Total Cost 499 crors

Revised action plan submitted amounting Rs. 385 crores.

After getting guide line in the manth of July 05 action plan for the year 05-06 awaiting Rs. 65 crores submitted to GOI.

Govt. of India DAC has appointed M/S Rabo India Pvt. Ltd. Bombay to review the action plan and make presentation

On 8th Sept 05 Action plan was discussed with the consultant.

Consultant after discussion has finalize the No. of districts and crops to be covered in NHM. preparation of presentation in progress.

agriculture produce marketing committee apmc amendments

Agriculture Produce Marketing Committee (APMC) Amendments

Provision regarding contract farming.

The provision of the Contract Farming as approved under Act. and Bye lows have been made applicable on the APMCs w.e.f. 01/09.2004.

2. Provision of the single license for entire state.

M.P. Government vide its notification no. 25-20-2002 XIV-3 dated 9/6/04 notified single license for more than one market area.



Schemes pending at GOI level

1. Dryland farming

2. Crop Insurance - Unit Patwari halka

3. Maximization of Oilseed & Pulses production in Bundelkhand region Project

Control of Hairy Catter Piller

Issues for discussion

Shortage of DAP

2. Augmentation of Groundwater in Malwa and Nimar area

Biogas – Target to be increased

Quality of breeder seed and seed minikits.

MRP of B.T. Cotton/Hybrid seed/ reserch varieties

Produton of B.T. Cotton Hybrid seed through ICAR.

Increasing trend of cost of cultivation.


Gram – 46% contribution in Nation


Soy state – 60 % contribution in Nation