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About us. Table of Contents. About Pronto Team Case Studies. About Pronto. About Pronto. Organization with cohesive professional services…expanding the horizons. Process Frameworks Improvement . Automation Solutioning. Consulting. Technology. Business Support.

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About us

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Table of Contents

  • About Pronto
  • Team
  • Case Studies

About Pronto

Organization with cohesive professional services…expanding the horizons

Process Frameworks


Automation Solutioning



Business Support

Operations and service delivery models



Business Development


Head Creative

Graduate, J.J. College of Arts

10+ years of experience in creative, strategy and business development


Head Marketing Delhi

Physics Graduate, Delhi University

11+ years of experience in quality frameworks, business transformation, operations and client servicing


Managing Director

Graduate BITS Pilani,

20+ years of experience in business development and finance


Head Execution

Computer Graduate, Pune University

8+ years of experience in technology, operations and business development

Abhijeet Kumar

Head Marketing

Graduate, IIT Bombay

8+ years of experience in technology, marketing and business development




Kamal Saboo

Head Mobile Technologies

Graduate, IIT Bombay

8+ years of experience in mobile technologies and development on various mobile platforms

=> Team of 8 developers working on various mobile platforms including Iphone, Android, J2ME and WAP.

Prasad Puranik

Head PHP Technologies

Bachelor of Science

12+ years of experience in PHP and .Net technologies

Atul Jain

Senior Technology Consultant

Post Graduate, IIT Delhi

19+ years of experience in technology and business architecture

Fahad Siddiqui

Head Java Technologies (SCEA Level 1)

Graduate, IIT Bombay

6+ years of experience in J2EE in various domains such as financial services, mobile technologies etc.

Rohit Kumar

Head SharePoint and Microsoft Technologies

Graduate, IIT Kharagpur

7+ years of experience in SharePoint and Microsoft Technologies


Business Case Studies

  • Customer Service/retention
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Virtual Banking
  • Regionalization
  • Facebook Application
  • Smart TV Application
  • Ecommere Portal
  • Internal Applications
  • Intranet Portal
  • Placement Portal
  • Document management System
  • VAT compliance Enterprise Application
  • Non Banking Mobile Applications
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Marketing

Case Study – Vodafone

Vodafone needed to encourage customer loyalty, however, with minimum effort at the customer end to

manage and consciously maintain loyalty information. It is proposed that the points accrual will take

place automatically as the customer continues to avail vodafone services, he/she to be communicated of

reward status and redemption to take place at the most convenient manner.

Key Features

Auto allocation of redemption points

Customer intimation through mobile platform

Online redemption

Multi merchant voucher system

Comprehensive user dashboard

URL : http://bonustalktime.com


Case Study – Delhi Duty Free

Delhi Duty free aspired to create the very first online loyalty system, where the points accrual and

redemption take place real time. First of its kind system which allows you to redeem the points in the

very next purchase post meeting eligibility criteria. Wing to wing system which starts its lifecycle from

POS to customer interface through internet and mobile phone. It also communicates with customer for

combo offers , SMS based redemption user requirements through multiple interface

Key Features

Real time information flow

Auto enrolment of customers

Customer intimation through mobile platform

SMS based redemption

Comprehensive user dashboard

URL : http://rewardportddf.in:1010/index/home


Case Study – ICICI Bank I-Mint Phase I

I-Mint is a unique rewards program that lets a loyalty-mint subscriber earn points on the activities you do daily, like

refueling, using your mobile phone, traveling, shopping, eating out, watching movies, flying etc. You can earn points

irrespective of how you make the payment – cash, cheque, credit or debit card. Points earned can be redeemed against

an unparalleled collection of fabulous rewards.

Key Features

Automated request creation and

generation of loyalty card

Dealer search

Points earned history

Redemption history

Comprehensive user dashboard

URL: http://www.imint.in/


Case Study – Standard Chartered Loyalty Portal

Every time you use your eligible card to shop at participating Bonus Points Partners, you automatically

earn Bonus Points which are over and above the Reward Points you already receive. Search the

extensive list of Bonus Points Partners in your area - there are thousands across India ready to reward

you with Bonus Points every time you transact. Bonus Points help you accelerate your points earning

and achieve your Rewards faster.

Key Features

User-friendly navigation

Comprehensive merchant search


Special offers search

Extensive cross linking

URL: http://www.bonuspoints.co.in/


Case Study – ICICI Bank iZone

Conventional Net Banking Portals using older technology (e.g. HTML based) suffer from numerous limitations such as non realistic website navigation, unorganized clusters of huge information, complexity of sites and non-intuitive navigational flow, non-targeted page refreshes result in slow transaction processing, difficult inter-departmental navigation and others. All these limitations make net banking seem formidable/inconvenient resulting in lesser net banking users. Our product makes the net banking portal correlate to a real world banking experience. The bank's customers will be thrilled by the natural look, feel, and functionality of our product that they can relate to the physical banking experience. Our product resolves all the limitations of older technology portals and increases the ROI potential of the bank's web enabled banking infrastructure giving NEW AGE NET BANKING!

Key Features

Easy to use, highly interactive, very user friendly and close to real navigation

Increased transaction and page loading speed

Multiple actions in one page

High Security Application

URL: http://izone.icicibank.co.in/Myebank/index_noIE6.jsp/


Case Study – ICICI Bank Hindi Website

One of the ten most visited banking and financial websites in the world, ICICI Bank's website on Oct 7 launched its new website in Hindi version to serve the people on a wider reach. The Hindi version of the website, like its English one, would offer all major details like money transfer, bill payment, open fixed deposits and placing requests for different types of services. The largest private sector bank of India, ICICI Bank's CEO said, "We have launched the Hindi version of the personal banking pages on our website to offer our customers with the power to use technology for convenient banking.” (Ref: news.oneindia.in)

Key Features

Easy to understand Hindi

User-friendly navigation and site structure

Intelligent cross-linking

URL: http://www.icicibank.com/hindi/


Case Study – P&G Shiksha Facebook Application

Expansion of the web idea across other digital platforms like facebook is done by developing a highly advanced and animated quiz based game. We have combined animation and logic to generate a very funful and intelligent game for kids. Game also effectively utilizes the social sharing features of facebook.

Key Features

A new way of communicating ideas on the social networking platform

Highly interactive facebook game

Usage of both business logic and animation for facebook game development


Case Study – BIGFLIX LG TV Application

With new digital platforms like Smart TVs being launched, BigFlix was aiming to expand its reach into these new digital media platforms also. We helped to achieve their vision and developed a TV application for LG TV. This application is designed for TV users and supports all remote navigation controls. Advanced features like video navigation in various categories, search, video details and video streaming have been incorporated in the application. All the content displayed on this application is regulated and controlled by BigFlix from their backend servers. Using this application, BigFlix is now able to reach a large segment of target customers, which was only possible through TV advertisements before. And the best part is, this application gives user to navigate, search and perform many other dynamic features.

Key Features

A new way of communicating ideas on the TV platform

Highly interactive TV application supporting navigation, search and video streaming

Usage of business logic, TV compatible UI and client server API integration

Integrated with TV remote navigation

Future scope of integrating buying through TV


Case Study – Wopshop.com Ecommerce Portal

Success story of Flipkart and other leading ecommerce portals have initiated a new era of ecommerce in India. Wopshop.com is the first mover in ecommerce for kids & toys. Their target customers are kids and parents. We helped them integrate concepts of both deals and ecommerce using an open source platform. Wopshop.com supports both normal and deals product sales with feature of associating multiple product parameters with every product. Customer acquisition tools like newsletter and registration are also built in. Flow of buying products is kept simple and as per international standards. A detailed and extensive admin panel makes it much easier for business owners to manage and place their products.

Key Features

Supports all features of ecommerce application

Cash-on-delivery and payment gateway

Customized to work for both deals and normal product selling

Detailed and comprehensive admin panel

Import/export of data possible for integration with various systems

Integration of social networking features


Case Study – HDFC Intranet Portal

The purpose of the software is to create an environment on intranet, where all bank users can manage bank data and perform various engagement activities. This platform will work as a consolidation platform for all the data available with bank. It also introduces many user-friendly features to manage and upload data. Except necessary features, this intranet portal also has many engaging features like photos, polls etc. The portal also introduces automatic evaluation of employees on the basis of their past data. This is managed by the data analytics module in the portal.

Key Features

Secured application

Data analytics

Consolidation of all data

User engagement modules

Log and Audit Trail

Excel upload interface

Effective document management


Case Study – Axis Bank Placement Portal

This application is designed to automate the placement process of Axis Bank. This portal supports

customization of placement forms to the nth level. Placements are designed and published online. User

takes the placement online and data is captured according to per pre-defined structure. Business rules

are applied on the captured data to calculate desired results. Relevant data is made available for

download using multiple filters.

  • Key Features
  • Automated dynamic placement form
  • creation and generation
  • Complex business rules on top of
  • captured user data
  • Multiple filters like campus, year to
  • download data
  • Data download in structured excel files

Case Study – Kotak Bank Document Management Portal

The purpose of the software is to create an environment where investors can peruse through documents related to the fund as a part of their due diligence efforts. With the help of our business consultants, our team has generated a unique and secured method of sharing documents on the web.

Key Features

Secured application

Copy protection for images

Blocking keywords command of copy for high security

Access Management

Document Tree

Detailed Logging

Browser Idle Time & Automatic Logout


Case Study – BMR VAT Compliance Enterprise Application

Client operates as a service provider in the tax compliances and tax compliance process consulting domain. The purpose of the application is to create an environment that helps companies adhere to their tax positions on a per-transaction basis and minimize exposure and risk related to non-compliance. The rule based application caters to rules and regulations of different states of India. Inter alia, the application creates and maintains accurate tax and credit registers and generates returns and other mandatory.

Key Features

Integration with SAP and other ERP applications

Business rule driven orchestration of state VAT laws

Automated scheduling & tracking engine to define and manage workflows

Dashboard based activity and exception tracking on the basis of access rules

Use of J2EE framework for high security and rapid development


Case Study – BIGFLIX

BIG Flix envisioned to transition from brick and mortar video parlors to online and mobile based

Customer acquisition and management strategy. We enabled a complete web based customer

subscription, sales and delivery engine. With the need of the hour, the interface have been made

available through WAP portal easing out and enhancing customer experience

Key Features

User-friendly navigation

Comprehensive movie search

Mobile interface

Video Streaming

Subscription and ordering

URL: http://m.bigflix.com


Case Study - WAP

Problem Statement: Client was an education portal helping students to prepare for competitive exams. Client was looking for a suitable vendor in WAP technologies having experience in heavy content driven WAP sites and Mobile application development.

Solution Provided: Since the client was too content rich, we helped client to organize the content for mobile along with that provided client with simple mobile applications in all the mobile devices through which user can straight away come to Client's WAP site (for marketing purpose - these applications could be distributed through Bluetooth). We helped the client to create a light weight mobile client and an automatic redirection script, which would check if user is accessing his website from mobile would present the light weight version to him.

Key Features

Major Categories Covered - Engineering, MBA and Study Abroad

FAQs provided on mobile

College information provided on mobile

Simple practice tests were created for mobile, which user can take easily through their mobile device

Interactive features like Ask us a question were also provided over the mobile site itself

Content beautifully organized to easily fit the small mobile screen

Social media integration - Facebook and Twitter was also provided

URL: www.minglebox.com

Other Projects: http://www.magicbricks.com (WAP portal for real estate portal )


Case Study - Android

Problem Statement: Client is a web based comparison cum shopping portal, and wanted to experiment different mediums to reach consumers. Web being an already cluttered medium, client was ready to explore new avenues through which it can enable more user satisfaction by helping users by making its contents more readily available.

Solution Provided: We helped the client analyze the web analytics, and recognizing that with having a dedicated mobile medium they are getting more than 2000 hits daily via mobile. A couple of them even were doing end to end transactions through mobile medium. Then came the next problem which medium to cater first. Since most of the users coming to website via mobile were smart phone users, smart phone was the definite choice. iPhone penetration is still low in India and with growing reach of Android, we suggested client to move ahead with the dedicated Android application.

Key Features

Easy browsing of products

Comparison of products

Dedicated search functionality

Add to favorites/wish list - which were locally saved for user ease of information remembering.


CaseStudy - VolksWagen

Volkswagen – Think Blue

Promotional Campaign by Volkswagen for Passat new launch. Same version has been developed on Android too.


CaseStudy– Kolkata Knight Riders

KKR Application

Problem Statement: KKR, a not so winning team in past IPL seasons, wanted to charm their fans through every possible medium. We helped to achieve this through slickest medium possible, helping them enhance their public image.

Solution Provided: We enabled them on the most app savvy platform in a short span of 1 month. With eye-catching GUI provided by our creative partner, we helped them move one ladder up on consumer satisfaction.

Key Features

Match Schedule

Match Rankings

KKR videos

KKR game and fan pictures



KKR Match alerts

Other Projects: An Application, which is a plug-in for online shopping portal