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Authentic Teaching Alliance and You

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Authentic Teaching Alliance and You - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Authentic Teaching Alliance and You. Or….What is everybody really going to have to do?. ATA Fellows. Spend 10 hours/week in the school classrooms Fall - 2 weeks observing in each classroom Spring – work with team developing authentic activities. Authentic Teaching course – Fall term

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Presentation Transcript
Authentic Teaching Alliance

and You

Or….What is everybody really going to have to do?

ATA Fellows
  • Spend 10 hours/week in the school classroomsFall - 2 weeks observing in each classroom
  • Spring – work with team developing authentic activities
  • Authentic Teaching course – Fall term
  • Authentic Teaching Seminar – Spring Term
  • Assist in designing, creating, and implementing authentic learning activities
  • Assist with technology incorporation and implementation
Project Coordinator

Terri D. Scott

  • Maintain communication with teachers, faculty, and Fellows
  • Act as their point of contact for general questions and concerns
  • Organize and coordinate aspects of the program at the schools
  • Establish Fellows in the schools
  • Assist with Fellows course
  • Meet monthly with each teacher-Fellow team
  • Observe each Fellow at the school site at least once per month
  • Monitor teacher/Fellows team progress
  • Collect the appropriate assessment materials
  • Prepare a monthly report regarding the progress of each team.
University Folks

Mark Nanny, Mary John O’Hair, Teri Reed Rhoads

  • Maintain and run the overall program
  • Organizing the Fellows course and seminar
  • Mentor Fellows
  • Provide technical and scientific resources for developing activities (Two other science/engineering faculty also will assist in this)
  • Presentations & reports to NSF
  • Publicize ATA and connect it with other programs
Program Assessment

Teri Reed Rhoads

  • Monitor and evaluate progress of ATA
  • Assess effectiveness of ATA for all participants
  • Prepare and distribute evaluation tools
  • Evaluate and analyze assessment data and results
  • Prepare reports and make recommendations
  • Maintain IRB requirements
  • Allow open access to your classroom according to school guidelines
  •  Attend 90% of the bi-monthly planning meetings and multi-site visits
  • Mentor and nurture Fellows as future educators
  • Demonstrate professional and effective teaching practices to Fellows
  • Allow and encourage Fellows to participate in my classroom activities
  • Lead in designing, creating, and implementing activities with Fellows
  • Turn in assessment forms promptly
  •  Complete Fellow evaluations in a timely fashion
  • Periodically attend the Fellows’ course for guest appearances
  • Assist in the evaluation of Fellows projects
  • Present the collaborative projects at academic conferences
  • Commit 12 months to the program
  • Allow access to school for all ATA participants according to school policies
  • Allow teachers to attend bi-monthly planning meetings, conferences, and multi-site visits during the school day (approximately 6 per year; funding is allocated for substitute teacher costs)
  •  Promote the ATA within and outside of the district
  • Continue to promote and encourage authentic teaching methods and assessment, i.e., continue to support and follow the principles of O.N.E.
  • Allow the students and teachers to participate in field studies (funding is allocated for substitute teacher costs)
  • Provide critical feedback about the program and its effectiveness in your school
  • Actively work with teachers, Fellows, and ATA faculty to develop and implement solutions to any problems and issues related to ATA
  • Act as a resource for the teachers and fellows as they are designing, creating, and implementing their projects.
  • Turn in necessary assessment information promptly
  • Mentor Fellows