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  2. Primary Messages Product Objective: To engage people emotionally with the brand Role of Media: Demonstrate the problem each NOW TV product is solving and engage our audience in the product • Turn your TV into a Smart TV with the NOW TV Box for £9.99 • Stream movies, sport and TV shows straight to your TV • Free catch-up TV • Access to NOW TV without a contract • Stream in 720p picture quality Free Catch Up TV ready on the box Watch live and catch-up channels with Sky News, BBC iPlayer and Demand 5 straightaway plus there is more being added all the time. Access NOW TV and start streaming Sky Movies, Sky Sports and much more With NOW TV you can stream Sky Movies, Sky Sports and 10 of the best pay TV channels without a contract. Get even more Stream to your TV in 720p big screen picture quality. Plus, you can choose from a huge range of apps and channels to add whenever you want, like Spotify and Facebook. Education Objective: To help people understand our offering Role of Media: Clearly explain the NOW TV product elements and how the product can be accessed Content Objective: To take action and purchase Role of Media: Showcase our brilliant content and multiple product points to drive immediate trial. • Turn your TV into a Smart TV with the NOW TV Box for £9.99 • Stream movies, sport and TV shows straight to your TV • Free catch-up TV including BBC iPlayer and Demand 5 • Access Sky Sports, Sky Movies and the best Pay TV • channels with NOW TV without a contract • Stream to your TV in 720p big screen picture quality

  3. Supporting Messages Simplicity Standalone message or inject into key messaging • Connect wirelessly to the internet and start streaming in minutes • From the easy-to-use menu to the simple, intuitive remote, the NOW TV Box makes streaming simple for everyone Quality Standalone message • “There’s almost no reason on Earth not to buy a NOW TV Box”- THE TELEGRAPH • ‘...a no-fuss streamer able to add BBC iPlayer, VoD movies and sports to any TV for a tenner.‘- T3 • For more quotes see appendix Size Standalone message or inject into key messaging • The little box that fits into your pocket Comparative Value: Cheaper than taking the family to the cinema Competitive Value: Cheapest media streaming box in the market Don’t get locked into a 12 month contract Price Point Value : Less than a tenner Don’t spend hundreds upgrading your TV Individual test strands/stories Value

  4. The category and box are both new. We should pull this out wherever we can to increase initial attraction and response. Insight • The idea of streaming to your main TV in big screen picture quality is hugely motivating. • The idea of liberating content from laptops and portable devices drives huge appealbut the idea of buying a new TV is a cost barrier. The term ‘Smart TV’ is shorthand for streaming content via the internet via the main TV set. This is the clearest articulation of what the box is and does and was therefore the most motivating benefit in both qual and quant research. • Consumers are excited but are also confused, frustrated and over-whelmed by all the entertainment options available. Simplicity and singular narratives are more important than ever. In all comms we should make sure that we avoid ‘techie’ jargon and emphasize the easy and simplicity of set-up and us.

  5. Notes • Seeing is believing There is a level of confusion around how the NOWTV box works. Many assume the laptop to be the point of entry and ‘control panel’ for streamed content. They think the box projects what’s on your laptop onto your TV or they think it might be a router. The interface is a very clear way of showing what the product is and does without lengthy description. • Keep it simple Simplicity is one of the key motivators of the NOW TV box. Messaging should reflect this by avoiding jargon and always being specific, clear, tangible and where possible linked to a customer benefit. • Optimise your activity Messaging should be adapted to the channel it appears in. Research and best practise should guide what and how many messages you should feature. Testing will help you uncover the best message by format, creative and time. • Create Urgency Leverage opportunities like last install dates, limited stock, series start dates, PR coverage and countdown messages to drive urgency through headlines, copy and CTAs. • Highlight and multiply features and benefits. The strongest benefits are always specific, tangible and clear. Focus on both quality and value. Use the strongest USPs coupled with accolades and endorsements to add credibility. Pull out items that are unique to the product. Where possible, multiply the benefits to widen appeal.