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Earth History GEOL 2110

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Earth History GEOL 2110. The Paleozoic Era Late Ordovician Period Limestone, Limestone, and more Limestone and The Emergence of the Appalachians. Major Concepts.

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earth history geol 2110

Earth History GEOL 2110

The Paleozoic Era

Late Ordovician Period

Limestone, Limestone, and more Limestone

and The Emergence of the Appalachians

major concepts
Major Concepts
  • The great Sauk sea retreated to the edge of the NA craton about 480 Ma, when it transgressed the craton again (the Tippecanoe Transgression) over the next 50 million years, a whole new diversity of marine live came with it.
  • While Cambrian sands were initially spread over the craton as the Tippecanoe beach trangressed over the land, creating another ultrapure quartz sandstone formation – the St. Peter, this was quickly followed extensive deposition of fossil-rich limestone.
  • In the late Ordovician, the eastern margin of Laurentia transformed from a passive continental slope margin to a tectonically active volcanic arc – the Taconic.
  • Immature sediments shed westward from this arc accumulated between the continent and the volcanic arc and eventually became deformed and metamorphosed when the arc eventually collided and was thrust onto the continental edge –Penokean-like.
the ordovician explosion
The Ordovician “Explosion”
  • Changes in Ordovician from Cambrian Fauna
  • more complex food chain
  • extend higher above the seabed
  • hard part made of calcite rather than phospate
arrival of classic paleozoic fauna
Arrival of Classic “Paleozoic” Fauna




“Sea Lillies”


Sea Shells



and the world s best index fossils
…and the world’s best Index fossils!




new kids on the block
New Kids on the Block

Jawless Bony Fish


why this explosive radiation
Why This Explosive Radiation?
  • An Early Ordovician regression followed by the most extensive transgression up to that point in Earth history
  • Enormous areas of shallow marine environments - niches
  • Atmospheric oxygen reaches modern-day levels
the tippecanoe trangression
The Tippecanoe Trangression

St Peter SS – Platteville LS, St. Paul

prior day analog
Prior-Day Analog

1.85 GaPenokeanOrogeny

next lecture
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The Paleozoic Era

Cambrian and Ordovician History of Minnesota and Wisconsin