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Ryan Kashubara - Process Engineer

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Ryan Kashubara earned his Bachelor of Science from Ohio State University and got a job as a quality engineer and inspector for Epic Technologies in Norwalk, Ohio. There, he worked on several kinds of electronics assemblies, such as electrical power meters and cardiac diagnostic telemetry devices. Kashubara led containment efforts on nonconforming material, inspected the product for defects, managed returns for repair, and more.

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Ryan Kashubara

Process Engineer

Ryan Kashubara earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering from Ohio State University and got a job at Epic Technologies in Norwalk, Ohio as a quality engineer. Kashubara worked hard to ensure the integrity of the electronics being produced there. He helped produce the printed circuit board assemblies Epic manufactured. He specialized in the many electronics that Epic produced under contract from a variety of clients. Root cause analysis is a simple enough term. It simply means the analysis of the root cause of a potential problem or inefficiency within a development system.

Ryan Kashubara

Specializing in Electronic Build Contracts

Ryan Kashubara specialized in electronics assemblies that the company Epic Technologies in Norwalk, Ohio was contracted to build that were box build assemblies, circuit boards assembled into device units with plastic or metal enclosures and many other features. Kashubara worked extensively on many different kinds of products while he worked for Epic like electric car charging stations, tele-broadcasting equipment, and more. He has worked for Epic Technologies as an engineer, supervisor, and inspector for much of that time.

Ryan Kashubara

Skilled Engineer

Ryan Kashubara has been a skilled engineer for many years in Ohio. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Ohio State University and worked for Epic Technologies in Norwalk, Ohio, where he inspected electronic components for assembly, performed root cause analysis, and corrective action implementation. At one point, Kashubara managed four customer accounts and ensured that all of the products they contracted Epic to build got what they need.

Ryan Kashubara

Loyal and Passionate Ohio Sports Fan

In Ohio, sports are huge in many communities. Ryan Kashubara, an Ohio native, has been an unwavering fan of the beloved Ohio sports teams, like the Cleveland Cavaliers, Ohio State University football, the long-suffering Cleveland Browns. Kashubara has long been a passionate fan of all of these teams even while working hard in his long career as a process and industrial engineer. Ryan Kashubara makes sure everyone he works with understands at least the basics of many lean principles because he knows they can help improve the throughput of all kinds of product development and creation in many different industries. He lives in Cincinnati, Ohio. When root cause analysis and other actions get at the heart of possible inefficiencies before they can occur, continuous improvement is possible.


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