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Ryan elantri financial analyst

Ryan Elantri

Financial Analyst

Since spring of 2015 Ryan Elantri has been working closely with the Nittany Lion Fund, LLC as a member of the Penn State Investment Association. Part of Ryan’s work involves tracking global financial trends through PSIA’s portfolio management project. Elantri also simulates financial valuation and hedging techniques against other teams in various stock pitching competitions. In the summer of 2015 Ryan Elantri worked in Shanghai, China as a finance and accounting intern with BoardRoom Limited. During his tenure at BoardRoom he was able to learn the fundamentals of both corporate and private finance and business law in China.

Ryan elantri financial analyst

Ryan Elantri

Wall Street Boot Camp

In September 2015 Ryan Elantri was selected from among hundreds of applicants to join a 40-student group that participated in a semester-long program showcasing professional life on Wall Street. The weekly sessions included guest speakers from various sectors across the financial industry, including, but not limited to, Wealth Management, Investment Banking, Sales and Trading, and Equity Research. The Boot Camp is a creation of Dr. Randall Woolridge, Professor of Finance, and Robin Stevens, Director of Alumni Career Services. The program has proved successful in giving students a picture of the commitment and dedication required to succeed on Wall Street, while providing a platform to use the extensive Penn State alumni network.

Ryan elantri financial analyst

Ryan Elantri

Boot Camp Benefits

Ryan Elantri was a participant in the Wall Street Boot Camp, a training program that equips students with industry knowledge of the financial services sector. As part of the program, members of the Nittany Lion Fund evaluated Ryan on his knowledge of the industry. At the conclusion of the semester, students compete for the coveted networking list that will help them forge valuable professional connections. Ryan Elantri is a member of the Penn State Finance Society (PSFS), which seeks to expose students to the various fields in the financial services industry by providing them with a platform to interact with industry professionals, faculty members and Penn State alumni. PSFS organizes numerous professional development, networking, and social events for its members. The organization is open to all majors who have an interest in finance.

Ryan elantri financial analyst

Ryan Elantri

The Basics Of International Business

  • Ryan Elantri, a dual Economics and Mandarin Chinese major at The Pennsylvania State University, is cognizant of the effects of globalization on modern businesses. As a result of growing competition in the corporate world, many firms are outsourcing their businesses onto the international stage as opposed to solely operating domestically. In making this decision, businesses have to understand the effects of going global and what it takes to do .

  • In expanding internationally, businesses can choose from among the following strategies:

  • Import / Export

  • The global flow of goods is one of the largest activities on the international business scene.

  • Joint Alliances

  • Joint alliances occur when two or more businesses agree to work together for mutual benefit.

  • Licensing

  • Companies located in different countries can enter into a licensing agreement where one company agrees to allow the other to use its brand, technology, and other assets in exchange for a royalty payment.

Ryan elantri financial analyst


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