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The following file exemplifies: Title slides Using figures to complement text. Placing citations within slides (they should be subtle and not distract the audience from the content)

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presentations involving slides

The following file exemplifies:

  • Title slides
  • Using figures to complement text.
  • Placing citations within slides (they should be subtle and not distract the audience from the content)
  • Full citations at the end of a presentation (given this slide, anyone should be able to find all of the source material you used in preparing your presentation
  • Acknowledgments (help received in preparation of the presentation)
  • It does not exemplify the topic of your presentation or the number of slides you should use

Presentations involving slides

the truth behind wing song testing the good genes theory in drosophila melanogaster

The Truth Behind Wing-Song:Testing the good-genes theory in Drosophila melanogaster.

[Modified from presentation given by]

Larry Cabral

Research Methods in Biological Sciences, Bio 220

CSU, Sacramento


Good-Genes Theory

Females chose males based on their genetic quality (Anderson 1994).


Secondary Sex Traits:

are sensory displays that raise the success of the possessor in competition over

mates (Anderson 1994).


The Thesis Project:

is a good-genes theory test that focuses on wing-song.

  • Apply a thermal stress
  • Net reproductive rate
  • Compare populations
Honest Signal

The wild-type population will evolve thermal tolerance quicker then the nubbin population.

“Dishonest” Signal

There will not be a significant difference in the rate of evolving thermal tolerance between the populations.


Sensory Bias

Traits are favored because they already fit an existing sensory bias in females

(Ryan 1990).


Chase-Away Theory

Females evolve resistance to courtship due to male induced harm

(Holland and Rice 98).



There will not be a significant difference in the rate of evolving thermal tolerance between the populations.

materials methods
Materials & Methods


Vail: Seven males and seven females

Replicate: 15 vials

Population: Four replicates

materials methods13
Materials & Methods

Subsequent Generations

  • After laying eggs adults are cleared
  • Vials placed Into incubator
  • After 14 days adults are collected and counted.
  • Assign mates
materials methods14
Materials & Methods


  • 12 hour photo period
  • The first four generations at 25C
  • Remainder of experiment under thermal protocol
materials methods15
Materials & Methods


materials methods16
Materials & Methods


  • Shelf-life of four weeks
  • Food prepared for every generation.
materials methods17
Materials & Methods

Statistical Analysis

SPSS 11.0 Software

Two-tailed t-test

Alpha Risk Level of .05

materials methods18
Materials & Methods


26 Generations

At least one year to complete

materials methods19
Materials & Methods


  • California State University, Sacramento
  • Sequoia Hall
  • Basement

Room 38

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Princeton, NJ.

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larval development in Drosophila melanogaster in laboratory

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Characterization of female preference functions for Drosophila

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Call duration as an indicator of genetic quality in male gray

tree frogs. Science 280: 1928-1930.

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Biff Bojangles – Lab mate, counted flies

  • Eric Cartman – Moral support, wedgies