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PayPal. The Online Payment Company. Introduction. PayPal PowerPoint Presentation By: Jalik Parham. Topics of Discussion. The History Of Paypal The Growth of PayPal How The Service Works Uses for Send Money eBay’s Acquisition of PayPal Competitors Complaints. The History Of .

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The Online Payment Company.

  • PayPal PowerPoint Presentation
  • By: Jalik Parham
topics of discussion
Topics of Discussion
  • The History Of Paypal
  • The Growth of PayPal
  • How The Service Works
  • Uses for Send Money
  • eBay’s Acquisition of PayPal
  • Competitors
  • Complaints
the history of
The History Of
  • Co-Founders: Peter Theil and Elton Musk.
  • Theil was a securities lawyer and a options trader and Musk was a engineer and a model from South Africa. Founded in 12/1998
the growth of paypal
The Growth of PayPal

Oct 99 – 24 Members

Dec 99 – 12,000 Members

Feb 00 – 100,000 Members

Apr 00-1,000,000 Mmebers

how the service works
How The Service Works

Illustration of how PayPal works

uses for send money
Uses for Send Money
  • Pay for an auction item
  • Split a Restaurant Bill
  • Send Money to your friends or family
  • Pay Bills
  • Play Prof. Kopec in a game of chess for a couple of dollars.

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ebay s acquisiton
eBay’s Acquisiton
  • Ebay acquired PayPal for $1.5 Billion in 2002
  • eBay integrated PayPal’s services with their own.
  • eMoneyMail, Ecount,

CheckFree,, MoneyZap,,

  • PayPal simply does it better, cheaper, and faster than the rest. They also had the first move advantage.
how paypal makes
How PayPal Makes $$
  • Float; PayPal re-invests funds that sit in member’s PayPal accounts.
  • They charge approximately 2.5% of the dollar amount to the recipients of PayPal transfers.
complaints about paypal
Complaints about PayPal
  • Poor Customer Service
  • Credit protection policies are flimsy
  • The approx. 2.5% charge is too high
  • “Double Taxation” – “Tax” by eBay and “Tax” by PayPal
the future of paypal
The Future of PayPal
  • PayPal has a bright future.
  • They are considering branching out into a full fledge online bank with many banking products.
  • They will continue to expand their successful integration with eBay.