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New Chapter President Orientation

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New Chapter President Orientation. Shelly Trent, SPHR; Field Services Director. About SHRM. Founded in 1948 World’s largest professional association dedicated to HR About 400 staff members Headquartered in Alexandria VA

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new chapter president orientation

New Chapter President Orientation

Shelly Trent, SPHR; Field Services Director

©SHRM 2010

about shrm
About SHRM
  • Founded in 1948
  • World’s largest professional association dedicated to HR
  • About 400 staff members
  • Headquartered in Alexandria VA
  • Over 250,000 professional and student members in more than 140 countries
  • More than 580 affiliated local chapters
  • Over 4,000 volunteer leaders
shrm s ceo
  • Laurence O’Neil is SHRM’s President and CEO
  • Has held executive-level human resources and corporate positions at profit and not-for-profit organizations, both in the United States and overseas

SHRM Chair

SHRM Board of Directors

Robb E. Van Cleave,



2009-2010 SHRM Chair

shrm s new vision
SHRM’s New Vision
  • Based on a Strategic Business Review completed during 2009, SHRM has developed a five-year plan, along with a new vision, mission, and strategy.


  • “To be a globally recognized authority whose voice is heard on the most pressing people management issues of the day - now and in the future”
shrm s new mission
SHRM’s New Mission


  • Build partnerships
  • Provide a global community to share expertise & create innovative solutions
  • Provide thought leadership, education, & research
  • Be an advocate on the most critical issues facing workplaces & the human resource profession
shrm s strategic priorities
SHRM’s Strategic Priorities

Six Strategic Priorities

Provide high-value resources to existing core membership

Be a global organization

Operate as a financially sustainable organization

Evolve positioning to become more of an advisor and advocate

Attract HR executives and business/organization leaders

Engage non-HR professionals


Volunteer Leadership Structure

Governance Committee*

SHRM® Board

MembershipAdvisory Council

  • Special Expertise Panels
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Employee Health, Safety & Security
  • Employee Relations
  • Ethics
  • Global
  • Human Capital Measurement/HR Metrics
  • Labor Relations
  • Organizational Development
  • Staffing Management
  • Technology & HR Management
  • Total Rewards/Compensation & Benefits
  • Workplace Diversity





Staff Support

*Governance Committee approves appointment of members to special expertise panels.

role of regional teams
Role of Regional Teams

Field Services Directors

  • Main point of contact for State Councils, Chapter Presidents and other chapter volunteers in their respective states/territories
  • Communicate and promote SHRM vision and strategic objectives
  • Ensure that chapters maintain affiliation standards

Regional Administrators

  • Main point of contact for supplies, member lists, audits, checks, and general questions
  • Acts as administrator for regional team
regional assignments
Regional Assignments

Note: Assignments are comparable when compared by number of chapters, number of SHRM members, number of local chapter members, and number of professionals in each state.

regional assignments11
Regional Assignments

Note: Assignments are comparable when compared by number of chapters, number of SHRM members, number of local chapter members, and number of professionals in each state.

state councils
State Councils
  • ALL chapter presidents in the state and other volunteers
  • Provide a structure that promotes and facilitate information sharing
  • Assess/Meet the needs of members and chapters
  • Coordinate legislative initiatives
  • Provide leadership development
  • Communicate with SHRM at-large members
composition of state councils
Composition of State Councils

Councils Usually Consist of:

  • State Director
  • State Director-Elect
  • Past Director
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • District Directors
  • Membership Director
  • State Conference Chair
  • All Chapter Presidents
  • Core Leadership Area Directors (College Relations, Diversity, Governmental Affairs, HRCI Certification, SHRM Foundation, Workforce Readiness and Membership)
  • Other roles as needed
district directors
District Directors
  • Assist chapter presidents with questions—great resource
  • Visit chapters to provide presentation on “SHRM is the Solution” to your members
  • Ensure that chapter presidents attend state council meetings
  • Ensure that chapters submit SHAPE plan on time
  • Should be your first point of contact for “local” questions and basic chapter operations
core leadership areas clas
Core Leadership Areas (CLAs)

Core Leadership Area Directors at the state council level disseminate information to chapter-level CLA Chairs

Chapters and State Councils are strongly encouraged to have representation in each core leadership area on their chapter and state council boards

regional councils
Regional Councils
  • Composed of State Council directors and MAC representative in each geographical region
  • Provide an organized structure
  • Facilitate successful practice sharing
  • Provide guidance and assistance
  • Encourage State Councils to establish connection
  • Play a key role in identifying and communicating emerging strategic issues to the Membership Advisory Council (MAC)
membership advisory council
Membership Advisory Council
  • Serves as liaison between the volunteer leaders and the SHRM Board of Directors
  • Composed of one elected representative from each Regional Council
  • Provides operational input to SHRM to ensure optimum service/support to and from the volunteer leadership
  • Two-way channel of communication
2010 membership advisory council mac
2010 Membership Advisory Council (MAC)

North Central Region

  • Toni Knechtges, SPHR, Michigan

Northeast Region

  • Dan Griffiths, PHR, New Hampshire

Southeast Region

  • Sharlyn Lauby, SPHR, Florida

Southwest Central Region

  • Tara Mauk Arthur, PHR, Arkansas

Pacific West Region

  • Michael Rainey, SPHR, Nevada
special expertise panels
Special Expertise Panels

Provide SHRM with subject-matter expertise on emerging issues

  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Employee Health, Safety & Security
  • Employee Relations
  • Ethics
  • Global
  • HR Consulting/Outsourcing
  • Human Capital Measurement/HR Metrics
  • Labor Relations
  • Organizational Development
  • Staffing Management
  • Technology & HR Management
  • Total Rewards/Compensation & Benefits
  • Workplace Diversity
shrm student chapters
SHRM Student Chapters
  • There are over 450 student chapters
  • Over 15,000 student members
  • Professional chapters should consider partnering with a student chapter in their area
  • For information about starting a student chapter in your area, see
  • Chuck Salvetti is Student Programs Manager at SHRM
expectations of chapter presidents
Expectations of Chapter Presidents
  • SHRM bylaws require all Chapter Presidents be active SHRM members throughout duration of their term
    • Must be indicated in chapter bylaws
    • SHRM encourages chapters to consider requiring all members of its board to be SHRM members for greater synergy in the affiliation relationship
  • Effectively lead chapter through year and mentor president-elect for upcoming year
  • Assure chapter bylaws are being followed
  • Attend and actively participate in State Council meetings
expectations of chapter presidents22
Expectations of Chapter Presidents
  • Please READ all correspondence from your State Council, District Directors, and from your Regional Team
    • Many companies’ servers will not accept email messages from SHRM staff, since we send messages to over 100 chapters at a time
    • Please ask your company to allow email messages from your Regional Team and council members
chapter size
Chapter Size

Small Chapter = 10 – 100 members

Medium Chapter = 101 – 300 members

Large Chapter = 301 – 500 members

Mega Chapter = 501 – 1,000 members

Super Mega Chapter = 1,000 + members

  • Conference calls are held on a quarterly basis for chapter presidents by chapter size
    • Allows chapter presidents to network with presidents from like-size chapters
chapter affiliation requirements
Chapter Affiliation Requirements

SHRM requires chapters to maintain the appropriate level of membership

  • Chapters affiliated before 1/1/04 must maintain a minimum of 10 SHRM members or 30% of total membership, whichever is greater
  • Chapters affiliated after 1/1/04 must maintain a minimum of 25 SHRM members, and anything over 25 must be at least 51% of total membership
  • 100% Chapter - ALL members of the chapter must be SHRM members—no exceptions
shrm affiliate program for excellence shape
SHRM Affiliate Program for Excellence (SHAPE)
  • Formerly known as the Chapter Achievement Plan (CAP)
  • Covers activities throughout calendar year
  • SHAPE Workbook available to be used as a planning tool
  • Outlines scope of work encouraged by SHRM
  • Must be filed with SHRM by 1/31 to receive CFSP
  • Determine who will complete
  • Submission is online
  • An archived webcast and FAQ document available in VLRC
  • Any revisions need to be sent to SHRM through your Field Services Director for review and approval before chapter membership ratifies
  • Any bylaws changes must be approved by SHRM (including name changes and changes in 100% status)
  • Model bylaws available in the VLRC
membership partnership
Membership Partnership

Membership Section includes:

  • Membership Recruitment and Retention Toolkit
  • New Membership R & R Position Descriptions:
    • Membership Director – State Council
    • Membership Director – Chapter (Revised)
    • Director of Member Engagement – Chapter
  • Successful Chapter Practices in Member Recruitment and Retention
membership reports from shrm
Membership Reports from SHRM

Your chapter can request:

  • SHRM monthly or quarterly reports via an email request with a set deadline
    • Current chapter roster
    • Full at-large list within chapter’s established zip code range
    • Expired SHRM members in the chapter
    • New at-large members list within the quarter
  • The roster requests will be distributed within 48 hours
  • SHRM will also be providing sample emails/letters that the chapter can use for their benefit
  • These reports are NOT sent automatically, but can be requested
shrm at large initiative
SHRM At-Large Initiative
  • At-large member is an individual who is a member of SHRM but is not affiliated with a local chapter
  • Recruiting at-large members to your chapter is a great way to increase SHRM membership in your chapter
  • “What’s in it for Me?” recruitment brochure available on the benefits of local chapter membership
    • No charge to the chapter or state council
    • Contact Regional Administrator to order brochures
  • Online membership application includes a required field for indicating chapter membership
recruiting lmos to shrm
Recruiting LMOs to SHRM
  • Promote benefits of joining SHRM to your LMOs
  • Discount of $15 offered to first time SHRM members ($145 vs. $160). Special promotional codes for each region
  • Strengthens partnership between SHRM and the chapter
  • Increases amount of chapter financial support chapter receives from SHRM
membership audits
Membership Audits
  • SHRM audits chapter membership records at least one time each calendar year
  • Chapter required to submit its roster/membership listing/directory to SHRM when requested
  • Your Regional Administrator will request the most updated roster as the audit begins —the more current the chapter roster, the more money your chapter might receive
  • Please have your Membership Chair conduct a quarterly audit of the at-large list and SHRM chapter member list
  • Send your Regional Administrator information on any new SHRM members who join your chapter

Chapter Financial Support Payment (CFSP) Program

To be eligible, the chapter must:

1) Submit a completed SHAPE form and chapter membership roster by January 31st each year

2) Have at least ten (10)/twenty-five (25) SHRM members or 30%/51% (whichever is greater),

3) Have a chapter president who is an SHRM member in good standing

4) Have SHRM Approved Ratified Bylaws on file at SHRM


Chapter Financial Support Payment (CFSP) Program

  • Returns a portion of each SHRM member’s dues to the chapter via payment
  • $6.25 four times a year ($25 annually) per member for 100% chapters
  • $5 twice a year ($10 annually) per member for non-100% chapters
hr certification institute
HR Certification Institute
  • Handbook available online for individuals interested in pursuing certification at
  • $120 “Pay-If-You-Pass” policy for chapter presidents, presidents-elect, student chapter advisors, chapter certification chairs, state council members, regional council members
  • Go to for more info

pinnacle award
Awarded to chapters at Leadership Conference


Assisting community members with welfare to work

Improving community diversity or work/family issues

Teaching job-search skills to the unemployed

Supporting a student chapter

Assisting members with professional development

Impacting local, state, or federal legislation

Meeting needs of senior professionals

NOT limited to these

Pinnacle Award
  • Volunteer Leaders’ Resource Center on
  • State Council
  • Your SHRM Regional team

volunteer leaders resource center
Volunteer Leaders Resource Center
  • Volunteer Leaders’ Resource Center (VLRC)
  • Resources For Chapters
  • Many more resources than just those discussed in this presentation
    • Succession Planning Toolkit
    • Member Survey Samples
    • Strategic Planning Toolkit
    • Orientation Presentation for Chapter Boards
    • Parliamentary Procedure Resources
leadership conference resources
Leadership Conference Resources

Resources utilized during the 2009 Leadership Conference area available for your information/use:

  • Conference Workbook
  • Links to Videos
    • Legal Issues for Chapters
    • Web-based Initiatives
    • Chapter Finances
    • Media Relations
a chapter leader resource guide
A Chapter Leader Resource Guide

Fundamentals of Chapter Operations

  • Excellent tool for all volunteer leaders
  • Provides the basic fundamentals to achieve operational success
  • Download from VLRC
leadersedge e newsletter
LeadersEdge e-newsletter
  • Monthly publication designed to provide volunteer leaders with timely program updates and general Society information
  • Electronic format
  • If you are not receiving this newsletter, please contact your Regional Administrator
guide to chapter financial management
Guide to Chapter Financial Management
  • Provides the chapter with essential financial information
  • Includes info on taxes, incorporation, and record keeping
  • Easy to understand
  • Excellent resource for all Chapter Officers
  • Currently being updated and rebranded, it is available on the VLRC in text format
communication to at large members
Communication to At-Large Members


  • 100% chapters and Super Mega chapters can reach out to at-large members via an e-blast 8x/yr
  • SHRM can send out e-blasts on behalf of chapter
  • Use online request form in the VLRC


  • All chapters can receive mailing labels to send correspondence to at-large members. Contact a member of your regional team for details
directors officers d o insurance
Directors’ & Officers’ (D&O) Insurance
  • The goal of such policies is to protect officers and directors of an organization from liability in the event of a claim or lawsuit against them alleging wrongdoing in connection with the organization's business
  • Each chapter should consider purchasing liability insurance to protect itself
  • Directors and Officers can be sued
  • AON Association Services (
  • A local insurance agent
shrm speakers bureau
SHRM Speakers’ Bureau
  • SHRM staff members and other speakers are available to visit chapters
  • Chapters pay travel expenses for some
  • SHRM staff speaks to 100% chapters at no charge (based on availability)
  • Field Services Directors at no cost, as available
  • Other Resources
    • National Speakers Association
      • Select speakers by topic or state
      • Many topics available
    • Check state council websites also
      • Maintaining state specific speakers & conference speakers

SHRM’s social networking tool under the Communities tab

  • Available to all SHRM members
  • Similar to LinkedIn
  • Start a group for your chapter board to share information, post meeting notes, etc.
  • Join other related groups of interest
    • Groups available by chapter size
    • Core Leadership Areas
    • And more

Chapter Financial Support Program (CFSP)

  • Sign up for direct deposit for your CFSP
  • SHRM will soon REQUIRE this
  • Sign up at
shrm leadership conference
SHRM Leadership Conference
  • FREE conference for chapter presidents OR presidents-elect
  • Hotel and designated meals covered
  • Chapter covers travel
  • EVERY chapter should be represented EVERY year
  • Held in DC area; includes visit to SHRM headquarters
  • November 18-20, 2010
THANK YOU for volunteering
  • You keep SHRM successful
  • We grow because of YOU!