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Johnson County Environmental Department

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Johnson County Environmental Department Overview of Solid Waste Program For League of Women Voter’s February 4, 2006 The Environmental Department has its roots in solid waste! The beginnings….

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johnson county environmental department

Johnson County EnvironmentalDepartment

Overview of Solid Waste Program

For League of Women Voter’s February 4, 2006

the beginnings
The beginnings….
  • In the late 1970s, issues arose with the disposal of aluminum slag waste from the S&G Metal Company at the Johnson County Landfill, Inc.
  • The company had illegally disposed of this waste in numerous locations in Wyandotte County.
  • Newspaper articles indicated the material was hazardous waste.
next thing the county heard was
Next thing the county heard was…
  • The waste needed to be cleaned up and it could go to the Johnson County Landfill.
  • The county objected. It was then determined that KDHE and EPA had concluded the material was not hazardous waste, so it could go to a municipal solid waste landfill.
however the situation caused
However, the situation caused…
  • Great concern on the part of Johnson County officials concerning regulation of the Landfill and a desire to have more local regulatory control.
  • Through negotiations, the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) agreed to delegate various solid waste responsibilities to Johnson County.
the environmental department was
The Environmental Department was…
  • Officially formed in January, 1982.
  • Some of the lab staff within the Wastewater Department were assigned to the new department.
  • Up until 1987, staff wore two hats.
  • Lab Division of Wastewater and Environmental Department
  • In 1987, a separate department was created.
the new department was is made up of
The new department was/is made up of…
  • 3 divisions from 3 departments:
  • Pollution Control Division which was the staff from the prior Environmental Department
  • Sanitation Division from the Health Department
  • Laboratory Division from the Wastewater Department
so trash was indeed the impetus to form an environmental department j
So…trash was indeed theimpetus to form anEnvironmental Department J
  • The Department has grown to include almost all aspects of environmental regulatory work.
  • Protecting You and Your Environment since 1982!
major program components

Major Program Components

Solid Waste Management Program

Household Hazardous Materials Program

household hazardous materials program
Household Hazardous Materials Program
  • Since 1993, provide alternative to landfill disposal and sewer disposal of unwanted household chemicals.
  • The LOWV was involved in our early days and provided important volunteer support. THANKS!

Permitting landfills





1 Johnson County Landfill, Inc.

2 City of Overland Park C/D Landfill

3 City of Lenexa SW Transfer Station

4 City of DeSoto Tree and Brush Burning Site

5 City of Olathe Compost Site

6 City of Olathe C/D Landfill

7 City of Olathe Solid Waste Transfer Station

8 O’Donnel & Sons C/D Landfill

9 Asphalt Sales C/D Landfill

10 Holland Corp. C/D Landfill

11 APAC-Reno C/D Landfill








as well as
…as well as:
  • Special waste disposal permitting at the Johnson County Landfill.
  • Issue about 400 each year, primarily from industrial waste, and contaminated soils clean up.
and finally solid waste management planning
and finally, Solid Waste Management Planning
  • Environmental provides the staff support to the County’s Solid Waste Management Committee which is responsible for the Solid Waste Management Plan.
solid waste management plan
Solid Waste Management Plan
  • “(a) Each county of this state, or a designated city, shall submit to the secretary a workable plan for the management of solid waste in such county.”
  • Our first one was adopted in 1972.
board of county commissioners is held accountable for the swmp
Board of County Commissioners is held accountable for the SWMP
  • “The plan developed by each county or designated city shall be adopted by the governing body of such county or designated city if so authorized.”
solid waste management committee advisory committee to bocc currently meets quarterly
Solid Waste Management Committee—advisory committee to BOCC-currently meets quarterly
  • …, not to exceed
  • five members representing any cities of the first class
  • three members representing any cities of the second class
  • and one member representing any

cities of the third class; and…”

solid waste management committee members con t
Solid Waste Management Committee members, con’t
  • “(2) one representative of unincorporated areas

of the county or counties;

  • (3) representatives of the general public,

citizen organizations, private industry, any private

solid waste management industry operating in the

county or counties and any private recycling or

scrap material processing industry operating in the

county or counties;

  • (4) the recycling coordinator, if any, of the

county or counties; and

  • (5) any other persons deemed appropriate by

the county,…”

key to the plan is to assure

Key to the Plan is to assure

Proper storage, handling and disposal of all solid wastes generated in the County for at least 10 years out.

plan is to be reviewed
Plan is to be reviewed…
  • On an annual basis
  • And every five years for major revisions, as needed.
  • We are just beginning to work on the first major revision since 1995. Cindy Kemper will expand on this area.
swmc meeting schedule for 2006
SWMC Meeting Schedule for 2006
  • January 11, 2006
  • April 12, 2006
  • June 14, 2006
  • August 9, 2006
  • October 11, 2006
  • December 13, 2006
the solid waste world has changed greatly since 1972
The solid waste world has changed greatly since 1972…
  • “Subtitle D” changes in 1991 to the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) became effective in1993.
  • Provided for nation-wide standards for landfill design and operation.
johnson county landfill meeting activities
Johnson County Landfill Meeting Activities
  • KDHE and JCED have been meeting with JCL staff on nearly a monthly basis since February 1993 to assure open communication between all and provide for a forum to discuss all landfill issues.
  • KDHE and JCED work closely on the review of all reports, drawings, and documents required under Subtitle D and compliance issues associated with the JCL.
the first area at the jcl to be designed constructed and operated per subtitle d regulations was
The first area at the JCL to be designed, constructed and operated per Subtitle D regulations was…
  • Phase 3 and this area opened up for disposal operations in November, 1995.
  • Phase 1, 2, and 4 were constructed many years prior to the 1991 Subtitle D regulation revisions.
increased monitoring activities
Increased monitoring activities:
  • Subtitle D also resulted in a significant increase in the number of groundwater wells and monitoring activities at the JCL.
  • Subtitle D also resulted in monitoring of landfill gas emissions around the perimeter of the landfill and inside any buildings at the landfill.

In addition, the Clean Air Act regulations also affect gas emissions from landfills. The JCL is inspected by the JCED air quality staff for compliance with the Clean Air Act.


Because of the volume and quality of gas production at the landfill, the use of the gas as an energy source was secured by a separate contractor, and an extensive gas collection system was installed and operational by the end of 1998. The landfill gas is collected, treated, and piped to a gas pipeline system located about one mile to the northwest of the landfill.

and perhaps the most significant change
And perhaps the most significant change….
  • The expected closing of the Johnson County Landfill, Inc. by 2027 which has served the metropolitan area since the 1950s.
  • No new municipal solid waste landfills are currently being planned in the metropolitan area.
until then we will continue with
Until then…we will continue with..
  • With our regulatory duties for permitting, inspecting, and monitoring landfills and
  • Working on a major revision of the County’s Solid Waste Management Plan
  • Now, Phil Askey will do a presentation on the Johnson County Landfill