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Integrated Automation and Billing Solution

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Integrated Automation and Billing Solution - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SWSOFT GLOBAL HOSTING SUMMIT 2006. Integrated Automation and Billing Solution. Doug Johnson, Oleg Shaikhatarov June 1, 2006. HSPcomplete Background. 2000 - development started in Singapore Virtuozzo needed management tools Create and manage VPSs Application templates Billing, monitoring

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integrated automation and billing solution


Integrated Automation and Billing Solution

Doug Johnson, Oleg Shaikhatarov

June 1, 2006

hspcomplete background
HSPcomplete Background
  • 2000 - development started in Singapore
    • Virtuozzo needed management tools
      • Create and manage VPSs
      • Application templates
      • Billing, monitoring
  • 2001 - focus on hosting providers
    • First customer: Usonyx
  • 2002 - June - HSPcomplete 2.0
    • Reseller features
    • Payment gateways
    • Packaged solution
hspcomplete background3
HSPcomplete Background
  • 2003 - Plesk integration begins
    • Combination of shared and VPS hosting
  • 2004 - September - HSPcomplete 3.0
    • Integration with SiteBuilder
    • International focus
  • 2005 – HSPcomplete growth
    • SiteBuilder, SWsoft KA Integration
    • Providers in 35 different countries
      • Multi-lingual notifications
      • International domain names
      • Bank transfer payments
  • 2006 – Expansion and growth
hspcomplete principles
HSPcomplete Principles
  • Providers need an easy-to-deploy automation solution
    • Integrate all systems
    • Deliver all common hosting services
  • HSPcomplete requirements
    • Completely integrated solution
    • Works out of the box
  • Revenue generation is part of a control panel’s job
    • Upgrade users directly from maintenance screens
    • Equip administrators with marketing messages and promotional tools
hspcomplete functional architecture
HSPcomplete Functional Architecture

Provider Control Center

Reseller Control Center

Customer Control Panel

Customer Storefront

Extended Systems

30+ Domain


Firewall & Load Balancer

50+ Payment


Hosting Servers

Web Site




E-mail &





Dedicated &





Help Desk


Online store


Ext. Applic.


Distributed Storage

Management Servers

Extended Systems

hspcomplete business benefits cost savings
HSPcomplete Business Benefits – Cost Savings
  • Costs and Prevention
    • $3 / customer / month
      • Reported cost for a large, well-known service provider to complete routine tasks that are automated by HSPcomplete
      • Includes: changing passwords, adding / deleting mailboxes, updating contact information, managing mailbox sizes, monitoring storage, answering questions such as “Is my service ready yet?”
    • $2 / customer / month
      • Reported cost for a large telecom carrier to manually create bills and process checks
    • 5% of revenue
      • Reported cost of uncollectible revenue without a fraud checking system like that provided in HSPcomplete
    • $2,000 / month
      • Reported online advertising cost of a medium size hosting provider
      • HSPcomplete provides tools for up-selling customers
hspcomplete business benefits increased revenue
HSPcomplete Business Benefits – Increased Revenue
  • Revenues and Retention
    • $25 to acquire each customer
      • Reported acquisition cost per customer
      • HSPcomplete automatic renewals and rapid provisioning improves customer retention by up to 5% per year
    • 10% revenue increase
      • Amount of money service providers can make by making upgrades easily available to their customers
      • HSPcomplete provides upgrade capabilities directly from the customer control panel
    • 6 extra months of revenue
      • Internally developed solutions can take 6 months to 1 year to deploy
      • HSPcomplete deployment can be completed in 2 weeks
hspcomplete in production eapps rick lingsch
HSPcomplete in Production – eApps – Rick Lingsch
  • eApps decision to automate
    • Needed “ERP” system to meet aggressive growth plans
    • Standardized technologies and business processes
    • Wanted vendor dedicated to hosting industry
  • Implemented HSPcomplete as sole platform in June 2004
  • About eApps
    • eApps is a premier provider of managed hosting services specializing in mission critical web applications using Tomcat and JBoss Java application servers, relational databases, and other advanced technologies
    • Offering consists of VPS and dedicated, no shared
    • Service and support is demanding for these users
    • We package many of our applications ourselves
hspcomplete in production eapps rick lingsch9
HSPcomplete in Production – eApps – Rick Lingsch
  • Virtuozzo and HSPcomplete Integration Benefits
    • Self service functions allow customers to do more, without our help
    • Billing integration allows us to deploy services quickly
    • Support staff effectiveness is maximized through standardization and Provider Control Interface
  • eApps – Looking ahead
    • Doubled revenue since June 2004
    • 2,500+ VPS customers on HSPcomplete (and growing)
    • HSPcomplete foundation will help us:
      • Deliver new and improved offerings
      • Grow revenue faster than headcount
hspcomplete 3 3 priorities
HSPcomplete 3.3+ PRIORITIES
  • Do What Customers Want
    • Effective tracking of feature requests
    • Product community
    • Get feedback on early stages
    • Impossible to implement everything
    • Modular design and documented API
    • Easy accessible samples and documentation
  • International ready
    • Automate providers in 40+ countries
    • From solid markets like US and Germany to South Africa, Korea and New Zealand
  • Improve quality and usability
    • Better QA process and longer release cycles
    • Simplify interface and make it standard
  • Improve scalability
    • Automation is needed to help you grow
    • More customers means more load
    • Dedicated team working on architectural improvements and optimization
what s new in hspcomplete 3 3
What’s new in HSPcomplete 3.3
    • Standard XML-based API
    • Language and platform independent
    • Can be called from remote server
  • SDK with docs and samples
    • Customization techniques with samples
    • Plug-ins how-to with samples (payment, anti-fraud, promo, domain and dns)
    • Migration toolkit
    • SOAP API reference
  • PHP shopping cart-like online store
    • Based on SOAP API
    • Can be installed on remote server
    • Can be used as a sample for creating any kind of shopping cart to plug into HSPcomplete
what s new in hspcomplete 3 3 continued
What’s new in HSPcomplete 3.3 (continued)
  • Improved Plesk/Virtuozzo/SiteBuilder support
    • Virtuozzo Zero-Downtime Migration (ZDTM)
    • Virtuozzo EZ templates (Linux) and .efd templates (Windows) management
    • Plesk Domain Aliases, Application Vault and Plesk Desktop management
    • SiteBuilder for Windows 3.1
  • Improved Domain/DNS services
    • Bulk domain registration
    • WHOIS privacy support
    • Unlimited TLDs/registrars with different pricing
    • Provide resellers with their own registrars setup
  • Many billing improvements
    • Complete set of billing reports
    • Move subscriptions between accounts
    • Cancellation requests management
    • Mass print PDF invoices and more
what s new in hspcomplete 3 3 continued13
What’s new in HSPcomplete 3.3 (continued)
  • HSPcomplete management node clustering
    • Possibility to install HSPcomplete on multiple servers to handle 100,000s customers
    • Allows fault-tolerant setup with monitoring and load balancing
    • HSPcomplete Advanced Configuration Manual included
  • Integration with 3rd-party helpdesk systems
    • Kayako SupportSuite and Cerberus Helpdesk integrated
    • Integration based on SOAP API
  • Integration with Varilogix
    • Prevent fraud using automatic calling system
  • Improved User Interface
    • Improved browsing efficiency
    • Hide/show search and action bars
    • Export to Excel from any listing
hspcomplete roadmap
HSPcomplete Roadmap









June July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July






hspcomplete roadmap15
HSPcomplete Roadmap
  • Please contact for an updated HSPcomplete roadmap slide.
hspcomplete 3 4 open fusion
HSPcomplete 3.4 (OPEN FUSION)


Control Panel

Virtuozzo Power Panels

Plesk Control Panel




3rd party




wrap up and questions
Wrap up and questions

Thank you for your attention.

Contact information:

Douglas Johnson

+1 703 995 6221,

Oleg Shaikhatarov