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Auburn Triathlon Run Course PowerPoint Presentation
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Auburn Triathlon Run Course

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Auburn Triathlon Run Course - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Auburn Triathlon Run Course. 7k Course (3 Laps for 13.1mi course):

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Auburn Triathlon Run Course

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    1. Auburn Triathlon Run Course 7k Course (3 Laps for 13.1mi course): Exit Railhead Park soccer field nearest canyon edge. Proceed out gate beyond rear of field and AID station mile 0. Go under Pacific Ave bridge through large yellow gate, and onto wide paved State park road. Just after tunnel, turn right onto narrow paved access road and proceed uphill towards Pacific Ave (also part of bike course). At top of hill, turn Left and join water canal trail at its origin. Continue for ~1/2 mile on trail to reach Maidu Dr. Go directly across Maidu Dr and pop back down onto canal trail at street light post. Proceed on well-worn shortcut trail (briefly leaving canal edge) and pass Mile 1. Proceed on canal trail to reach Maidu Dr again and turn Left. AID station mile 1.25 is at Maidu Dr. Proceed along Maidu Dr (same route as bike course), continuing straight (Maidu banks 90-degrees left and uphill) to enter State Park through large green gate. Continue descent on wide paved road for another ~1/2 mile to bottom of hill. Notice 4-way intersection with narrower paved road below wide main road. Commence sharp right 180-degree turn (virtual U-turn to head back the direction you came) onto lower paved road. Proceed downhill on lower paved road towards Dam construction site. AID station Mile 2 is just before pavement turns to gravel. Proceed across narrow Dam construction site on gravel road and enjoy flat section to turnaround. Soon after Dam site, return to roughly paved road. Continue to end of road and turn around at gate. Continue back along Dam construction road, passing mile 3 on return portion, then reaching Dam construction site to commence climb to finish line. Pass AID station at mile 3.4 (identical spot to outbound aid station) and continue climbing back to 4-way intersection. Slice across (up and left) 4-way intersection to rejoin wide paved bike course road heading towards Railhead Park. Proceed to end of road and through tunnel towards soccer field. Proceed around the outside of chain link soccer field fence to enter field through gate along far sideline. Enter soccer field and continue in same direction along sideline, heading towards pond. Turn left at edge of field near pond and proceed along final finish straightaway. Long course athletes will turn down final straightaway, then U-turn to commence Laps 2 and 3 along identical route.