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  1. MATAQALI MUALEVU HOLDING VISSION STATEMENT The Mataqali Mualevu Holding and the individual tokatoka eco-tourism project envisages its members to have gained individual economic autonomy thus enriching their social cohesion, proud of their heritage, resulting in improved village life and the provisions of services to others. The core of its business is surfing. Its top priority is the quality of its service, safety and security of tourist visiting our Islands. MISSION STATEMENT To achieve the above Vision, the Mataqali Mualevu Holding and the individual tokatoka will establish an eco-tourism project, as a vehicle for mobilising Mataqali manpower and resources and increase the cash-flow in the community through their participation in the project to reverse the urban drift, build training programs and lifting the economic and social growth. It is the qualitative mission of the project to develop in the hearts and the minds of its members the appreciation of God’s gift to them, and increase their love and unity shared among their communities. VISSION AND MISSION

  2. OBJECTIVE • To maximise the use of the white sandy beaches represented in the following site, Rakueli, Baravi, Taku and Ucuna Balavu and Nakorovusa by establishing an Eco-tourism project using this site, surf waves, marine park and traditional heritage (forest park) as the focus. • To facilitate the economic participation of the Matuku Island community through increase agricultural, fishery and relevant infrastructure and establish other income generation projects that are associated with the eco-tourism industry. • To support community development action in the improvement of education, medical services, transportation, water supply, and housing. • To reverse the existing rural drift through increased economic and social activities at home and gainful income generation through mekes and traditional skills. • To ensure that what is offered to our tourist are not synthetic or shown outside its original context.

  3. STRATERGIC PLAN TO SET A COMPANY These are only proposed structure to initiate moves so that we can utilize our very God given resources that we have at home. This project will be in couple of phases so that we can have time to develop our man power to cater for the demand and further development as we continue to grow. We have a million dollar resources, if we look at our land mass in comparison to our numbers within our mataqali but we only can achieve this six figure if we sit down, brainstorm, consultation with other resource owners….etc before we commence on our own tokatoka projects. I recommend that we set up a Mataqali Holding as a company and increase what we already have into major projects like wholesale and building materials, resurrect our dairy farm plus piggery, create a marine park plus pearl farm, forest park (Kuku) and opened a trust account for land lease for the Mataqali. Once this is establish then the formation of our tokatoka eco-tourism project start. This can be on a five year plan and we build up our bure on our respective sites using local material. Recommended for starting is to have three private bure and a dormitory with double bed for 20 pax.

  4. WEBSITE I recommend that our website launched early next year (March) so that we can put up pictures of our beaches on the Website plus Computer pictorial of Bure on the site, proposed open date for the Resort/Backpackers and marketing of surf waves in the Island. This will enable the people to pre plan their arrival into the Island as surfing in Matuku is not restricted.

  5. TOURISM FORECAST Visitors Arrival 2005-2010 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 532,000 565,000 610,000 658,000 709,000 762,000 5.56% 6.20% 7.69% 7.87% 7.75% 7.48% Tourism is Fiji’s no. 1 foreign exchanger earner. BENEFITS Tourism is a catalyst for National Development and some of the benefits are:- Employment; employs approximately 40,000 people Increase Foreign Exchange earnings Improve standard of living Improves infrastructure, promote conservation culture and environment

  6. PROPOSED STRUCTUREPHASE I This stage is to open up a Mualevu Mataqali Holding Company where all the Tokatoka within our Mataqali can feed from. Above is a pictorial presentation. After the completion of this phase then we start our individual Tokatoka Project namely Niuburu, Taku, Caka, Mataisigadrega, Ukauka backpackers and feed of from the Mualevu Mataqali Holding, project abovei i.e money is circulating within.

  7. NAMES OFTOKATOKA NIUBURU TAKU CAKA/UKAUKA MATAISIGADREGA PROPOSED SITES BARAVI TAKU & UCUNA BALAVU RAKUELI NAKOROVUSA (AIRPORT SITE) PHASE II (PROPOSE ONLY)These phase is only for individual Tokatoka within mataqali Mualevu namely Niuburu, Taku, Caka, Mataisigadrega and Ukauka.

  8. The idea is for our own Tokatoka to be taught in how to run backpackers or Resort using our Southern Mualevu Co-Operative concept for this very project i.e grow it from within rather then leasing our land to others and we become their staff. Now we can be owner of the resort just like what our grandfathers did to the Southern Mualevu concept. As for qualification is concern we are more qualified currently compared to the old Mualevu generation but they bring development into developing families like building houses, school fees….etc. Southern Mualevu was started was started by our grandfathers and it is still running, record at the longest, successful co-op within the Fiji group. Now anybody can run this business within our mataqali and it becomes part of our daily life. We grew up collecting coconuts and this Co-Op a cornerstone to every individual in our mataqali today. Like any other business our target group is the successful of our 4th generation. But with the current development arising from utilizing of our own resources, if we start this it can grow to be the first backpackers within our tikina. Our target business is surfing, according to my research for surfing we only need the following:_ i) Island ii) Internet Service iii) Wave for surfing (once you have the above three – you can operate from any remote area in the world) As long as you have internet services you don’t even have to market it – surfing is self market once you have the above three.