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4 Fertility Options in India PowerPoint Presentation
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4 Fertility Options in India

4 Fertility Options in India

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4 Fertility Options in India

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  1. 4 Fertility Treatment Destinations Safe & Successful Procedures in India

  2. Why Choose Fertility in India? India offers a variety of affordable fertility treatments and procedures (compared to jaw dropping prices of the US, UK or Canada). Some of the procedures offered in India, such as surrogacy, are available only in few countries around the world. Most common fertility treatment options: • IVF with Egg/Sperm donation • IVF with ICSI/IUI • Sperm/ Egg/Embryo Donation/Freezing • IVF with Gender Selection (PGD) • Surrogacy

  3. Fertility Tourism in India SAFE LEGAL AFFORDABLE SUCCESSFUL

  4. Why Choose Fertility in India? India is one of the most chosen and most affordable fertility tourism destinations, chosen by a multitude of international patients. The country offers more than 500 fertility centers, modern equipment and physicians with more than 30 years experience in the field, most of them trained abroad. You will not only have access to latest fertility techniques, but also to a professional medical team, dedicated to the patient's well-being.

  5. Top 4 Fertility Clinics in India Manipal International Fertility Centre New Life India Nova

  6. With fifteen hospitals and three clinics spread all over the country, Manipal Hospitals have been performing high quality and safe fertility treatments for more than 5 decades. Manipal Hospitals Bangalore, Goa, India

  7. The center offers a comprehensive range of fertility services, such as IUI and IVF treatments, ICSI, Surrogacy options, egg and sperm donation, Laser Hatching, Freezing. • IVF with egg donor price: $7,000 • IVF with ICSI price: $4,000 • Surrogacy price: from $25,000 International Fertility Centre New Delhi, India

  8. New Life India is the only European owned clinic in India with a world-renowned team of doctors, who have been internationally trained in the latest assisted reproductive technologies, meeting EU standards. New Life India New Delhi, India

  9. Nova has 11 medical centers throughout India, all offering superior healthcare services at convenient, upscale locations and affordable prices. NovaSpecialty Surgery IVF price: $4,250 IVF with egg donor price: $5,000 Surrogacy options: starting at $10,200 Bangalore, India

  10. Fertility in Indiavia PlacidWay India has a lot of options when it comes to fertility treatments and procedures. Let us help you find the treatments and you choose the one which best suits you!

  11. Fertility Options Worldwide PlacidWay will make sure you will get the best options to choose from! If you need more information about the Fertility procedures and the top IVF clinics in the world, do not hesitate to contact us!

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