Did paul dislike women i corinthians 14 29 35
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Did Paul Dislike Women? I Corinthians 14:29-35 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Did Paul Dislike Women? I Corinthians 14:29-35. Introduction-1. In this chapter Paul is giving instructions concerning spiritual gifts These were miraculous abilities given to christians in the church’s infancy Paul deals mainly with speaking in tongues and prophesying

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Did paul dislike women i corinthians 14 29 35
Did Paul Dislike Women?I Corinthians 14:29-35

Introduction 1

  • In this chapter Paul is giving instructions concerning spiritual gifts

  • These were miraculous abilities given to christians in the church’s infancy

  • Paul deals mainly with speaking in tongues and prophesying

  • He instructs them to speak individually in an orderly manner

  • Some women possessed the gift of prophesy- Acts 21:8-9

  • But Paul said they were not to speak in the assembly

Introduction 2

  • Paul wrote in V34- Let your women keep silent in the churches

  • In a different context, he wrote in I Tim. 2:11-12- Let the women learn in silence with all submission. But I do not permit a woman to teach, or to have authority over a man , but to be in silence.

  • He also said that wives are to be subject to their own husbands as unto the Lord- Eph. 5:22

  • Because of these and other statements, some have accused Paul of disliking or even hating women

Introduction 3

  • This is not a new claim

  • But the voices have become louder since the “women’s liberation movement” in the 1960’s

  • Today they are being heard in some churches of Christ

  • This claim suggests that Jesus, who knew Paul and chose Him to be His apostle, had the same attitude toward women

  • Let us examine some of the things that Paul wrote about women

Women mentioned by paul 1
Women Mentioned by Paul-1

1. Priscilla

  • A christian woman and wife of Aquila

  • Paul met them in Corinth- Acts 18:1-3

  • He worked with them in making tents

  • She had a part in teaching Apollos the complete gospel- Acts 18:26

  • They hosted a church that met in their house

  • Paul said that she and Aquila had laid down their own necks for his life- Rom. 16:4

Women mentioned by paul 2
Women Mentioned by Paul-2

2. Phoebe

  • A christian woman from the province of Achaia

  • Paul described her as the “servant of the church in Cenchreae”- Rom. 16:1-2

  • He exhorted the christians at Rome to receive her and assist her with whatever she needed

  • He said she had helped him and many other christians also

    3. Other women in Romans 16 including Mary (V6), TryphenaandTryphosa (V12), Rufus’ mother (V13) were commended by Paul

Women mentioned by paul 3
Women Mentioned by Paul-3

4. Lois and Eunice- II Tim. 1:5

  • The grandmother and mother of Timothy

  • Paul identifies these women as having an unfeigned faith

  • A faith that they passed on to Timothy- Acts 16:1

  • These women taught Timothy the scriptures from his childhood- II Tim. 3:15

  • Their teaching prepared him to receive the salvation which is in Christ and be an effective evangelist

Women mentioned by paul 4
Women Mentioned by Paul-4

5. Women in Philippi- Phil. 4:3

  • Those who labored with Paul in the gospel

  • Paul urged his yokefellow to help these women

  • He said their names were written in the book of life

  • That indicates Paul’s confidence in their faithfulness to the Lord and their eternal salvation- Rev. 21:27

  • What higher compliment could be given to anyone than Paul did to these women

The reason for this accusation 1
The Reason for This Accusation-1

  • Paul clearly loved and appreciated these women

  • He never wrote anything derogatory or prejudicial toward women

  • There are two reasons for the charge

    1. A desire for women to be able to do anything that men can do

  • And a denial that women should be subject to their husbands

  • These are views that are prevalent in our society today

    2. A failure to recognize the source of what Paul wrote

  • If it was just Paul’s opinion, we don’t have to follow it

  • But Paul didn’t just write his own opinions

The reason for the accustaion 2
The Reason for the Accustaion-2

  • He wrote “the commandments of the Lord”- I Cor. 14:37

  • Having received the very words from the Holy Spirit- I Cor. 2:13

  • Paul gave two reasons for women not taking authority over men- I Tim. 2:13-14a. The order of creationb. The deception of the Eve by Satan

  • These do not change with time or societal views

  • The problem of those who make this claim is not with what Paul wrote but with what God has said

In conclusion
In Conclusion

  • It is clear from the statements that we have examined that Paul did not harbor any dislike for women

  • He loved and respected women

  • The things that he wrote about women were God’s instructions for men and women identifying their roles in the home, society and the church

  • It is our duty to submit to God’s will and fulfill the role that He has given us