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Un restaurante hispano

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Un restaurante hispano. SPN 2 Honors. Nuestro Restaurante. PROJECT OUTCOME In groups of 2 or 3, students will produce an authentic fictional restaurant or menu featuring foods from a Spanish-speaking country of study. You will have your choice of presentation: Restaurant Website

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nuestro restaurante
  • In groups of 2 or 3, students will produce an authentic fictional restaurant or menu featuring foods from a Spanish-speaking country of study.
  • You will have your choice of presentation:
    • Restaurant Website
    • Menú Grande with a short video advertisement
step 1 the location
Step 1: The location


  • Find a city in a Spanish-speaking country and research its authentic cuisine and restaurants.
  • Create your own restaurant based on the foods you have studied in your En El Restaurante Unit and cuisine that is authentic to your Spanish-speaking country.
step 2 la comida
Step 2 La Comida
  • When you have chosen a location, decide which foods or ingredients are common in your region and city and intermingle them with the ones you are learning about in this vocabulary section.
  • Be sure that your group has represented all of the following sections of the menu:
  • 5 bebidas
  • 3 aperativos
  • 5 platosprincipales (entrees)
  • 1 especialidad de la casa (use a minimum of 3 superlatives and descriptive sentences to describe the special)
  • 4 postres
tarea 1
Tarea 1:

Write a brief explanation including

  • The region and city where your restaurant will be located.
  • The cuisine that you have chosen to specialize in; including photos and your sources for determining that this is authentic local cuisine.
  • Proximity to local attractions, including photos of what is located near your restaurant.
tarea 2 ahora en espa ol
Tarea 2: Ahora, en español…

Respondan a lassiguientespreguntas en espanol:

  • ¿Dóndeestásurestaurante? (Región, ciudad)
  • ¿Cuálesotrasatracciones hay cerca del restaurante?
  • ¿Cómoes? (grande, elegante, casual, económico) ¿Cuántosmeseros, cocinerosfamosos hay? ¿Hay un patio?
  • ¿Quétipo de comida se sirveallí?
  • ¿Cómopuedepagar la gente? (efectivo, tarjetas de crédito?
  • ¿Estáincluida la propina?
tarea 3
Tarea 3:

Respondan a lassiguientespreguntas en espanol:

  • ¿Cuáles la especialidad de la casa?
  • ¿Cuálesbebidas se sirven?
  • ¿Cuáles son los postres?
  • ¿Quées un buenaperativo?
  • ¿Cómo son los precios? ¿Económicos o caros?
step 4 the presentation website or men y video
Step 4: The Presentation:Website or Menú y video
  • If you decide to do the online menu/website for your restaurant, you should use an online web page creator. Two good ones to check into are:
  • www.wix.com
  • www.weebly.com

A few good templates/examples can be found here:




If you decide to create a menu, use a presentation board or poster board to make an extra large menu. Include pictures in color and all of the items on the rubric. You will then create a video advertisement for your restaurant.

la p gina de web
La página de web

Once you have chosen your webpage option, you will create your website.

Include the following information about your restaurant:

  • Name and type of restaurant
  • A description of the restaurant, including number of tables, indoor/outdoor seating,

information about the chef(s), location and proximity to other attractions in the city/region.

  • Information about reservations, payment options, tax, and tip
tarea 4
Tarea 4:

Respondan a lassiguientespreguntas en espanol:

  • ¿Cómo se llama surestaurante?
  • ¿Cuántas mesas tiene?
  • ¿Se necesitaunareservapara comer en el restaurante?
  • ¿Cómo se reservauna mesa –- porteléfono o en internet? (o ambos)
  • ¿Pueden los clientespagar con tarjeta de crédito o necesitanpagar en efectivo?
  • ¿Estánincluídos los impuestos y laspropinas en los precios?
step 5 the presentation
Step 5: The presentation

Van a presentarsu restaurante

a la clase, usandosupágina de

web o sumenúgrande y video.