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Homeroom Improvements

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Homeroom Improvements. By: Alec Palladino , Earvin Orejola , and Dhiraj Banda. Group Selected. The group which we selected was Ms. Johnsons’ homeroom. We selected this homeroom due to the diverse class of high school students.

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homeroom improvements

Homeroom Improvements

By: Alec Palladino, Earvin Orejola, and Dhiraj Banda

group selected
Group Selected
  • The group which we selected was Ms. Johnsons’ homeroom.
  • We selected this homeroom due to the diverse class of high school students.
  • We also selected this homeroom because the students were all seniors, giving them insight on how homeroom period operated throughout their high school career.
purpose of research
Purpose of Research
  • A popular complaint about Ak is the boring homerooms.
  • We did this research to find a way to improve the enjoyment, overall likeability, and usefulness of homeroom.
our survey
Our Survey
  • We surveyed 15 people using a cluster sampling method.
  • We gave 15 surveys out to everyone in our 4th block class.
survey results
Survey Results
  • Responses: most people were guys
  • Most people were in the 11th or 12
  • Most people were happy with their teachers
  • Most people were unhappy with the students in their homeroom
  • Most people feel as if though homeroom could be scheduled better.
  • Almost everyone we surveyed hated DEAR day
  • Homeroom (excluding DEAR day) averaged around a 3 in happiness
  • Most people would want homeroom to be a study hall period every day or just get rid of it all in general.
ms johnsons homeroom observations
Ms. Johnsons’ Homeroom Observations
  • Based on the observations we have found that students seem disinterested during homeroom
  • Students aren’t focused and would rather spend their time studying.
  • Team building activities are not taken seriously, rendering them ineffective.
online research
Online Research
  • We chose to use online research to gather information about what other high schools around the country do pertaining to homeroom
  • http://nanowrimo.org/en/forums/reference-desk/threads/107406
    • Many high schools don’t have homeroom
    • Instead they only exist to take attendance
  • http://www.proteacher.net/discussions/showthread.php?t=1685
    • Homeroom is only for announcements
    • Homeroom is used for study hall
data analysis
Data Analysis
  • Almost all males surveyed requested that homeroom and the teambuilding activities be replaced for study hall or Knight Time.
  • Everyone surveyed unanimously agreed DEAR Day should be expunged.
  • All females surveyed agreed homeroom should be replaced by Knight Time.
  • Solution #1
    • Get rid of homeroom because of it’s inefficient use of school hours
  • Solution #2
    • Allow study hall in homeroom in order to make it more productive for students
  • Solution #3
    • Get rid of dear day due to numerous complaints in our surveys
promotion flyers
  • To promote our new homeroom ideas we would hand out flyers around the school. The purpose of these flyers would be to create awareness and increase morale of the students.

New Homerooms!

  • No more DEAR Day
  • Study hall 5/5 days a week