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HSAPP. LCDR Michelle Colledge HSAPP Administrator. Impact (as of 31Dec2010). HSO CADs have steadily climbed since the program was implemented in Jan 2005. Impact (cont.). Comparison- Average monthly CADs, pre and post implementation. History. Jan 2004:

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LCDR Michelle Colledge

HSAPP Administrator

impact as of 31dec2010
Impact (as of 31Dec2010)

HSO CADs have steadily climbed since the program was implemented in Jan 2005

impact cont
Impact (cont.)
  • Comparison- Average monthly CADs, pre and post implementation

Jan 2004:

  • There were over 800 applicants in the applicant pool waiting for placement (recruitment was not the issue, placement was!)
  • No system existed for placement of applicants
history 2004 to 2006
History-2004 to 2006
  • Updated applicant database
  • Put out first call for nominations for discipline liaisons in fall 2004.
  • Forty-seven liaisons were appointed on 31Dec04 for the 2005-2006 term and managed 220 applicants in HSAPP’s first quarter.
  • LCDR Colledge served as sole administrator for until Fall 2006. Two additional administrators were selected at that time.
  • Role: Manage the HSAPP program and provide advice and guidance to discipline liaisons and individual applicants, when needed.
  • Responsibilities:
    • Aid in the selection of Discipline Liaison and HSAPP Administrator nominees
    • Serve as a liaison between Discipline Liaisons, OCCO, and the HSPAC/Recruitment Subcommittee
    • Manage applicant lists and make assignments
    • Assist liaisons in problem solving and conflict resolution
    • Recognition of Discipline Liaisons
discipline liaisons
Discipline Liaisons
  • Role: Serve as a liaison between HSO applicants, agencies that employ HSOs, and HSAPP Administrators
  • Responsibilities:
    • Mentor applicants
    • Guide applicants through application process
    • Refer position announcements to applicants
    • Review applications, KSAs, and prep for interviews
discipline liaisons1
Discipline Liaisons
  • 61 Discipline Liaisons were appointed on 31Dec10 for the fourth two year term (2011-2012) since the program began
  • Participation as a Liaison satisfies Precept 4 (Officership) of the HSO promotion benchmarks
  • Certificates of Appreciation are submitted annually to Liaison OPFs, and a unit award may be submitted at the end of a term
  • Discipline Liaisons serve two-year terms.
  • Administrators serve three year terms.
  • The maximum time liaisons or administrators can serve in their role is 6 years.
  • The maximum amount of time an officer can serve in the program is 12 years.
  • Calls for nominations of liaisons and administrators are sent out on the PAC ListServ and announced at PAC meeting in the Fall (Oct).
  • Nomination packets consist of a CV and Letter of Intent.
  • The number of liaisons and administrators is determined at the discretion of the PAC.
  • The Recruitment Subcommittee and HSAPP Administrators are responsible for the review of nomination packets.
  • List of recommended nominees is forwarded to the PAC for approval.
  • Appointment letters signed by the PAC Chair and Recruitment Committee Chair are placed in officer OPFs by 31Dec.
appointment and training
Appointment and Training

A number of reference materials were created to aid the Discipline Liaisons

  • Series of initial training/refresher sessions are conducted for Discipline Liaisons re: program goals, objectives, and materials
  • Guest presenters also conduct a training presentations on topics such as the calculation of T&E, the IRC, Physical fitness requirements, application processing, etc. as needed
  • The Applicant list is updated every quarter using the Applicant Locator and Officer Locators Tools
  • Applicants rotate off the list when they are CAD, unresponsive, or are no longer interested in the USPHS
  • In the past year, applicant numbers generally hover around 300 for any given quarter
bottom line
Bottom Line
  • Applicants have an mentor and advocate
  • Liaisons have leadership role and an opportunity to develop officership
  • The program is working and the category is growing (50% since implementation in 2005)!
  • New officers coming through the program are referred to the Mentoring Subcommittee to be matched with a Mentor to provide consistency.