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CHARRETTE. Martin Rayala Kutztown University Doug Marschalek University of Wisconsin-Madison. What is a charrette?

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Martin Rayala

Kutztown University

Doug Marschalek

University of Wisconsin-Madison

What is a charrette?

The word charrette is derived from the French word for cart. At the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris in the 19th century, proctors would circulate with charrettes at the deadline hour, collecting the drawings of the student apprentices for delivery to the master artist for critique. Apprentices would jump onto the carts with their drawings, often still frantically making last-minute changes. Thus, the word conveys a sense of the intensive, concentrated effort.

A charrette is a meeting to resolve a problem or issue.

Within a specified time limit, participants work together intensely to reach a resolution. The sponsoring agency usually sets the goals and time limit and announces them ahead of time. A leader’s responsibility is to bring out all points of view from concerned local residents as well as agency representatives and experts.

Components of a charrette:
  • definition of issues to be resolved;
  • analysis of the problem and alternative approaches to solutions;
  • assignment of small groups to clarify issues;
  • use of staff people to find supporting data;
  • development of proposals to respond to issues;
  • development of alternative solutions;
  • presentation and analysis of final proposal(s); and
  • consensus and final resolution of the approach to be taken.
Why is it useful?
  • A charrette is problem-oriented.
  • A charrette produces visible results.
  • A charrette enlarges the degree of public involvement.
  • A charrette calls attention to an issue.
Materials can include:
  • large maps
  • overlays to allow sketching on maps
  • boards to display applicable data
  • photographs of sites
  • large newsprint pads &

markers to record ideas

  • handouts of basic goals/time

limits/meeting ground rules

  • printed background information

with background data

7 indicators that you may need a charrette
7 Indicators That You May Need a Charrette
  • High degree of hypotheticals
  • High number of decision-makers
  • High complexity of related issues
  • Short time frame, big project
  • High publicity required
  • High potential of controversy
  • High demand for great graphics
  • National Charrette Institute

  • US Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration


  • Eco-Charrette

  • City of Long Beach Planning Advisory Board

  • The A. Alfred Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning

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