Assessment of student teaching and internships
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Assessment of Student Teaching and Internships. Sam Evans Western Kentucky University. 9/26/02. Western’s Actions to Become Accountable for Impact on P-12 Learning. Shift in focus from teaching to learning – 1998 Collaboration with ten Renaissance Group institutions – 1998

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Assessment of student teaching and internships

Assessment of Student Teaching and Internships

Sam Evans

Western Kentucky University


Western s actions to become accountable for impact on p 12 learning
Western’s Actions to Become Accountable for Impact on P-12 Learning

  • Shift in focus from teaching to learning – 1998

  • Collaboration with ten Renaissance Group institutions – 1998

  • Application and acquisition of a Title II Partnership for Teacher Quality Grant – 1999

  • Title II State Teacher Quality Grant - 2002

Renaissance partnership goals
Renaissance Partnership Goals Learning

  • Become accountable for the impact of teacher candidates on P-12 student learning

  • Improve teacher performance in key areas and show an increase in teacher’s ability to facilitate learning of all students

The paradigm shift from focus on teaching to learning
The Paradigm Shift from LearningFocus on Teaching to Learning

Partnership objectives
Partnership Objectives Learning

  • Accountability Systems

  • Teacher Work Samples

  • Team Mentoring

  • Program Redesign

  • Business Partnerships

  • Networking

  • Research and Dissemination

Mandate for accountability
Mandate for Accountability Learning

  • NCATE/Kentucky Standards

  • CPE Goals

Ncate 2000 standard 1
NCATE 2000 Standard 1. Learning

  • Candidate Knowledge, Skills and Dispositions

    • Candidates preparing to work in schools as teachers or other professional school personnel know and demonstrate the content knowledge, skills and dispositions necessary to work with all students. Assessments indicate that candidates meet professional, state and institutional standards.

Ncate 2000 standard 2
NCATE 2000 Standard Learning2.

  • Assessment System and Unit Evaluation

    • The unit has an assessment system that collects and analyzes data on applicant qualifications, candidate and graduate performance and unit operations to evaluate and improve the unit and its programs.

Cpe goals for improving teacher quality
CPE Goals for Improving Teacher Quality Learning

  • Goal 1 – Make the improvement of P-12 teacher quality (both at the preparation level and at the practicing teacher level) a top priority in all state supported universities.

Cpe goals for improving teacher quality1
CPE Goals for Improving Teacher Quality Learning

  • Goal 2 – Develop accountability systems at each institution to provide credible evidence that candidates can facilitate the learning of all students and that graduates at all levels are making an impact on student learning.

Cpe goals for improving teacher quality2
CPE Goals for Improving Teacher Quality Learning

  • Goal 3 – Develop valid and reliable performance assessments for Kentucky’s New Teacher Standards and Kentucky’s Experienced Teacher Standards that can be used for exit of teacher preparation programs, Rank II and Rank I programs as credible evidence that the benchmarks of performance adopted by the Education Professional Standards Board are met.

Western s components for an accountability system
Western’s Components for an Accountability System Learning

  • Comprehensive data management system

  • Ongoing performance assessment system of teacher candidates

  • Mentoring teams

  • A research program that links teacher performance to studentlearning

Western s data management system
Western’s Data Management System Learning

  • Aligned with teacher standards

  • Multiple measures of performance

  • Multiple data points (admissions through induction)

  • Provides analysis of student, course, program, and faculty

  • Performance/Progress

Data collection sources
Data Collection Sources Learning

  • Admissions data

  • Electronic portfolio data

  • Field experience data

  • Exit data

  • Post-graduation follow-up data

Western s performance assessment system
Western’s Performance Assessment System Learning

  • Aligned with Kentucky Teacher Standards

  • Based on Four Levels of Critical Performance

  • Uses Electronic Portfolios to record, store, and manage performance data

  • Uses Teacher Work Samples in student teaching as evidence of candidate’s ability to facilitate learning

Kentucky new teacher standards 1993

Design instruction Learning

Create learning climate

Implement instruction

Assess learning progress

Reflect on and evaluate teaching

Collaborate with parents and professionals

Engage in professional development

Demonstrate content knowledge

Use technology for instruction

Kentucky New Teacher Standards (1993)

Critical performance
Critical Performance Learning

  • Specific descriptions about what teacher candidates must know and be able to do at different levels of growth and development toward one or more teaching standards.

Electronic portfolio data screen for each course s critical performances
Electronic Portfolio Data Screen Assessment of Student Learning(For Each Course’s Critical Performances)

  • Record of completion of Critical Performances aligned with Kentucky’s New Teacher Standardsthat includes:

    • Performance scores

    • Performance exhibits

    • Time of completion

    • Number of attempts toward completion (being added)

Teacher work samples in student teaching
Teacher Work Samples in Student Teaching Major

  • A major source of data for Level IV critical performances that provide evidence of candidates’ ability to facilitate learning of all students.

Teacher work samples
Teacher Work Samples Major

  • A process that enables teacher candidates to demonstrate teaching performances directly related to planning, implementing, assessing student learning and evaluating teaching and learning a four-week standards-based instructional unit.

Teacher work samples focus on seven teacher processes
Teacher Work Samples Focus on Seven Teacher Processes Major

  • Use of context

  • Learning goals

  • Assessment plan

  • Design for instruction

  • Instructional decision making

  • Analysis of student learning

  • Reflection and self-evaluation

Teacher work sample components
Teacher Work Sample Components Major

  • Teaching process standards

  • Teaching performance prompt

  • Scoring rubric

  • Twenty page narrative plus attachments teaching exhibit

Teacher work samples seven teaching processes
Teacher Work Samples MajorSeven Teaching Processes

Benefits of tws
Benefits of TWS Major

  • Focus on P-12 student learning

  • Focus on development of assessment tools

  • Focus on key standards

  • Alignment of standards, curriculum and assessments

Evidence of student learning
Evidence of Student Learning Major

  • Seven Performances

    • Formative findings do provide support for the idea that successful performance on a teacher work sample can be an indication of higher quality assessment of student learning.

      Salzman & Denner (2002)

Evidence of student learning1
Evidence of Student Learning Major

  • Accountability System

  • Longitudinal research linking programs with output data

Evidence of student learning2
Evidence of Student Learning Major

  • Performance Items

    • Quality of pre/post assessment

    • Disaggregated assessment data

    • Gain scores

    • Candidate’s ability to communicate results

  • Evidence from First Year Teachers

    • Follow-up surveys

    • Data from first year teachers

Persons to contact about western s accountability system
Persons to Contact About MajorWestern’s Accountability System

Sam Evans

[email protected]

Tony Norman

[email protected]

Tabitha “Toby” Daniel

[email protected]