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Office365 and GAPE The Real Story PowerPoint Presentation
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Office365 and GAPE The Real Story

Office365 and GAPE The Real Story

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Office365 and GAPE The Real Story

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  1. Office365 and GAPE The Real Story SESSION: AP059 Lee Hickin Office365 Technical Specialist

  2. Let’s begin by understanding the size of the challenge

  3. Where is Google in the Productivity Market

  4. In his speech, and again during the Q&A, he said he thinks of Google in three parts: • Search and advertising, which drive revenue today and are therefore still a huge area of focus. • Popular consumer products like Android, YouTube, and the Chrome browser. That's an area of investment now, but he's confident that they will figure out how to monetize them -- just like they figured out how to monetize search back when everybody said it was a dead-end business. • Long-term investments like Google+, Offers, and other local products, which are just rolling out now. From a financial standpoint, in Q2 FY11, approximately 97% of revenues came from advertising, with 69% coming from ads on Google’s own web sites and 28% from other’s web sites through its AdSense program – these ratios are identical to the previous quarter and have remained roughly the same for the past few years. Just 3% - or $310 million (compared to $269 million for Q1 FY11) – of income came from ‘Other Revenues’**.  This figure was UP 20% year-on-yearand UP 15% sequentially. From a  six-month perspective, in the first half of FY11, ‘Other Revenue’ generated $580million, up 4% from $558million for H1 FY10. (**The ‘Other Revenues’ line item is made up predominately of revenues from Google’s Enterprise division (including Google Apps, Google Search Appliance, Postini, Google Maps and Google Earth) AND DoubleClick display advertising fees. Google does not break out Other Revenues in its 10Q so the split between DoubleClick and Enterprise is unclear.  The Google Search Appliance and Postini are however understood to provide the majority of Enterprise revenue.) Google stated that it had hired approximately 2,452 employees in the past quarter, increasing headcount to 28,768 in Q2 up 9% from 26,316 at the end of March.

  5. Placeholder : Google Quotes

  6. A dose of reality….. Unable to use Office 365 Seeing near enough as good enough Are Challenged with deployment Potentally have no SA IE 6 support Windows XP 60%

  7. Agenda Defining Google and their Customers If you can win, what to target Is this a fight in the Web Challenge the Myths How to win* Best Practices * Not a guarantee, actual results may vary 

  8. “..lets face it, if Google was the same price as Microsoft, we wouldn’t be having this conversation..”

  9. Defining Google Define who Google are and what market they are in Born on the Web. 3M businesses, examples include InterContinental Hotels Group, National Geographic, Virgin America, NYU, the state of Wyoming and the US General Services Administration. Underscore that Office 365 is still about the desktop and software, so it will always be tied to laborious and costly updates. Designed for Teams. Google Apps is the better choice for teams. Playing up the collaboration features of Google Docs. No specific comparison to the collaboration experience offered by Office/Office 365. Productive Anywhere. Google Apps is designed to work well on any device, on any operating system; whereas Office 365 is optimized for Windows-based PCs and Windows Phone 7. Simple & Affordable. Simplicity. Arguing lower price is a plus and the options available are clearer than Office 365. Also, saying there is no vendor lock-in with Apps. Security& Reliability. This year Gmail has been available 99.99% of the time, which translates to less than 5 minutes of downtime per month. That includes all downtime, of any duration, for any and all users. We don't plan for our users to be down, even when we're upgrading our services or maintaining our systems, and we make zero exceptions when calculating our uptime. If something does go wrong, we're transparent about it.

  10. 2 Types of Google customers Define the 2 types of Google customers we see Buying Google because they just can’t justify buying Microsoft anymore Buying Google because it seems to be ‘good enough’ Buying Google because its the future of computing

  11. If you can win, where to target We’ve seen this cycle many times before Novell IBM Netscape WordPerfect / Harvard Graphics / Lotus 1-2-3 Linux The fight is the same and so is the adversary – the only this different this time is money and a desire to upset the establishment

  12. Myth 1 : This is all about the Web

  13. Office Web Apps - Isn’t that Office in the cloud ?

  14. Selling Against Google Don’t make the fight about the web-only experience

  15. Myth 2 : Google is good enough

  16. The Devil is in the Details

  17. More Fails….

  18. Beyond Email….

  19. Myth 3 : Google is Enterprisebusinessready

  20. Access & SLA Technology Ultimatum Security & Privacy Support Innovation / Roadmap Business Productivity

  21. Excel 2010 – Before Upload Excel Office Web App! Excel 2010 – After Upload

  22. Excel 2010 – Before Upload Google Spreadsheet Excel 2010 – After Upload

  23. Security & Privacy Conflicting Priorities • Commitment to indexing e-mail for advertising • GAPE T&Cs Publicity Clause • Google Buzz Internal processes “If you have something that you don't want anyone to know, maybe you shouldn't be doing it in the first place.” Eric Schmidt, CEO Google on CNBC (December 9th, 2009)

  24. http://myasia/sites/garysw/default.aspx

  25. WiFi-gate 1 April 27, 2010 Data collected by Google cars “Google does not collect or store payload data.” Peter Fleischer, Global Privacy Counsel Google

  26. WiFi-gate Google Street View 'broke UK laws' (November 3, 2010) UK Information Commissioner Christopher Graham has revealed … that Google Inc. broke UK laws by intercepting payload data from wireless networks while photographic UK streets. Google recently admitted that regulators around the world found passwords and entire e-mails in the payload data…Investigations are ongoing in Italy, France, Germany, Spain and Canada over the privacy breach. Google StreetView Sweeps Broke U.K. Data Law, Privacy Regulator Says (Nov 3,2010) “The collection of this information was not fair or lawful,” Information Commissioner Christopher Graham. British Agency Says Google Violated Privacy Law (Nov 3,2010) Britain’s information commissioner accused Google of violating the country’s data protection laws when its Street View mapping service recorded data from private wireless networks.


  28. Enterprise Innovation / Roadmap Consumer Innovation != Responsible Enterprise Innovation • Google Wave, Google Gears • Google Docs – Microsoft UI Imitation, Poor Implementation. Roadmap “Linus Upson (Google VP Engineering) says he hopes it will put corporate systems administrators out of work because software updates will be made automatically over the Web. But the vast majority of businesses still use desktop Microsoft Office products and cannot imagine moving entirely to Web-based software or storing sensitive documents online” NY Times 24 November, 2010

  29. Pulling the Plug Gears Released May 2007 Wave Announced May 2009 Gmail Adds (Labs Only) Jan 2009 Preview Release Sept 2009 Graduates from Labs Dec 2009 Added to GAPE May 2010 End of Devpt Announced Feb 2010 Suspension Announced Aug 2010 If Google Can Pull the Plug on Wave Like This, What’s Next? " I will not cry for Wave, but I find this an unsettling move. Not because Google has killed something that wasn’t working, but the way it was killed.” Jeffrey Mann, VP, Gartner

  30. Customer Frustrations – Google Apps Sync Help forum > Google Apps > Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook > Is Google Apps Sync enterprise ready My experience of the Outlook sync tool so far is not great - deletions made in Outlook don't seem to be reflected in the web interface, its not easy to drag/drop messages from one file store into another, and the gmail labels means that you end up with 2 or 3 copies of each email if you use the Email Uploader. We use Outlook 2003, and are plagued with constant problems…. prepare for a non-stop barrage of bizarre issues. Everything from crucial functionality failing (new emails not showing in Outlook is a current known issue that Google is working on, and I and several others on these forums have seen emails go into Outlook's Sent Items without ever actually being sent out, and meeting requests are buggy beyond imagining), to weird and flaky behavior that you will have no way of investigating, because Google Support won't let you call about anything except critical system down issues and their email support is slow and apathetic to anything in Outlook.I championed our migration to Google Apps last year, and am now, reluctantly, beginning to select a Hosted Exchange provider because I just can't take any more complaints from my 40 users. I really wanted it to work, but it's simply a completely unreliable system. Changing email systems is a HUGE project - it took 3 months of my full attention last year, and I'm very, very unhappy about the prospect of spending another 3 months this year to switch away, but we almost certainly will - that's how unhappy we are with the Sync tool. The Outlook Sync Tool is not even 70% reliable in my opinion. We are constantly dealing with missing calendar entries and e-mails. Accepted invitations do not get added to the user's calendar. The sync agent is slow and buggy. We've had multiple Outlook profiles get corrupted. I also pushed for Google Apps, all users are using outlook. The sync for outlook is unreliable. Emails don't sync or don't appear. You will lose all good will among your users, and the bigger issue is, you WILL NOT be able to solve their problems. Google support could care less about the whole outlook / sync tool side of the business, and the sync tool seems to give no indications of why it fails (our CEO occasionally has sync go grey and offline, I have NO idea what triggers it because there are no logs, I can't even pinpoint the date or time it drops). Best option is probably a system re-install unless I want to waste days of my life fussing with it.

  31. Basic Feature’s Consumers Are Requesting “Allow Tasks to synchronize with Outlook, Blackberry & other platforms.“ “Please make it possible to use rich-text signatures.” “Allow logo(jpg, gif, png) in email signature.” “Add return receipt option gmailsettings.” “Allow the deletion of a single email response without deleting the whole thread.” “Need to split conversation thread, or delete single mail in thread.” “It would be nice to be able to extract a message from a conversation.” “Task offline with Google Gear” “When you click the reply button, you signature should be at the top, rather then at the bottom of someone else’s e-mail.” “Have a "quick reply" button, to reply to a message without actually opening it.” “The ability to mark an email as urgent (like you can in Outlook)” “Please add automatic spell check.” “Create an more advanced filter. Sorry to say that, but Outlook Express is a good example of properties and actions” “An option to integrate Tasks with Calendar so a task shows as a calendar event on the due date (in the default calendar)” “Add phone numbers to bulk user creation.” “Add a reading pane (optional) such as the one available in MS Outlook.” “We want SORT !!!” “I'd like the Microsoft Exchange equivalent of a mail - enabled shared folder. I need multiple users (with their own mailboxes) to be able to use a shared mailbox (I don't mind using a license for this) from their own logged in account environment.” “"It's been said before, but let me iterate it again: rich text/html signatures in Gmail! For a company with a stake on being a free email provider, it's sad that this feature is intentionally not built-in. Please give us this! It's well overdue.” “Allow for images in signature.” “Allow all tasks to be viewed, not just per group.” “drag and drop attachments in to an email.” “Change the subject of an email (like in Microsoft Exchange) to enhance organization.” “Ability to add pre-defined signatures when writing an e-mail. Normally don't use company signature, but in more official emails, first contacts etc. I normally add it. This could be done through icon on format-bar like in Outlook.”

  32. Product Ideas for Google Tasks (Nov,2010) “Why can’t I syncmy Tasks?” "I'd like the ability to create recurring tasks. That way monthly bills or weekly items can be added and checked off." "Visual distinction for missed/overdue tasks - like highlighting or something." "Reminders! I would like be able to set reminders in an identical manner to the calendar event system, but for tasks (including SMS reminders)." "Allow Shared Task Lists. This would be useful at home (e.g. sharing grocery lists) and at work (sharing project-stage to do-lists). Assigning tasks to people with whom the list is shared would be a nice bonus." "Task right now are kind of a stand alone feature, It would be nice to see them fully integrated. Such as a uniform task bar in Calendar, Gmail ..” "Better integration with … Calendar (i.e. showing tasks at their due date & time, show overdue tasks, daily task agenda)." "I'd like the ability to set a due date for certain tasks, to assign priority, to assign tasks to others, and to sync tasks.“ "Include Reminders, Notifications, and Daily Agenda in Tasks Calendar." "It should be easy to convert a email message into a task, and to convert a task into a calendar entry. Drag and drop would be nice. A backwards link to the original item (email or calendar entry) would be much valued.""I would like to be able to assign CATEGORIES to tasks, rather than having to create multiple to-do lists. Added bonus: tasks can be assigned to multiple categories.“ "I need to be able to sort tasks by due date and priority. That way I can view only tasks due today, only due in the next week, or all dates, and then arranged by priority on those days.“ "I would like to be able to prioritize the task lists instead of only allowing it to be in alphabetical order.“

  33. Offline Support Removed! Source:

  34. Technology Ultimatum Service Delivery • China, Turkey ….???, ???, ??? Client Access • File Fidelity • Outlook Connector – “Training Wheels” for Gmail • Offline “Fixed”

  35. Gartner: Will Microsoft and VMware Dominate the Cloud Landscape?

  36. Support Migration • BinaryTree exits Partner Program Post Deployment “It's also their lack of professional customer support. Enterprise counts for 2 to 3 percentof their business and I think they put 2 to 3 percentof their effort into it, whereas enterprise is Microsoft's wheelhouse.” Ron Brister, Director of IT Serena Software Inc.

  37. Support “It's also their lack of professional customer support. Enterprise counts for 2 to 3 per cent of their business and I think they put 2 to 3 per cent of their effort into it, whereas enterprise is Microsoft's wheelhouse.” Ron Brister, Director of IT Serena Software Inc.

  38. Users who forwarded an e-mail with an attachment while Gmail was offline would sometimes have that attachment stripped—without warning when it arrived at its destination. Google's support team told Serena to disable the offline feature in Gmail, an untenable solution in Brister's opinion. Google Apps Replaced by Microsoft for Immature Products, Service

  39. Analyst Validation

  40. How to Win: The Fundamentals Now No Understand and Research the Customer Product Based Cloud Pitch Develop and Express an Informed Opinion Feature/Function Comparison Our Process & Methodology are our Strength Lack of Clear Approach and Process

  41. Do’s and Don’ts DO Don’t DO Don’t DO

  42. Tips to successful selling Sell Productivity not Platform Use the CIE – it is hugely compelling Ribbon Hero, Office Labs, OfficeTalk Avoid a feature war but know the important features Lose the battle to win the war, Google advocates are worse than Linux zealot  Nothing beats experience…hands on scenarios

  43. Demo and Trial - Best Practices Get Office 2010 deployed Leverage DDPS and Jumpstart POC Pilots Know your customer’s scenario Don’t demo a blank tenant Put yourself on your customer’s tenant