a n dy trigger and daq system n.
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A N DY Trigger and DAQ System PowerPoint Presentation
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A N DY Trigger and DAQ System

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A N DY Trigger and DAQ System - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A N DY Trigger and DAQ System. Chris Perkins UC Berkeley/Space Sciences Laboratory Stony Brook University. A N DY Review. 11/08/2011. A N DY Measurement Requirements. Want to measure π 0 and high pair-mass Drell -Yan continuum between J/Ψ and ϒ

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a n dy trigger and daq system

ANDY Trigger and DAQ System

Chris Perkins

UC Berkeley/Space Sciences Laboratory

Stony Brook University

ANDY Review


a n dy measurement requirements
ANDY Measurement Requirements
  • Want to measure π0 and high pair-mass Drell-Yan continuum between J/Ψ and ϒ
  • Need to measure Invariant Mass and Position of reconstructed particles
  • Need sufficient resolution of deposited energy and position
  • Beam-Beam Counters (BBC) need relatively crude timing resolution of hits for basic Minimum Bias Trigger
  • RHIC Crossing Rate : 10 MHz
  • Hadronic Interaction Cross Section : ~30 mb
  • Drell-Yan Signal Cross Section : ~7 x 10-5mb at 500GeV
  • Need reconfigurable Digital Trigger System/Pattern Recognition to distinguish signal from other interactions

Chris Perkins

portability of trigger daq system
Portability of Trigger/DAQ System
  • Overall design of ANDY Trigger/DAQ system was ported from STAR Experiment Trigger System

Portion of STAR Trigger Tree

ANDY Trigger Tree – Run 2011

  • System and custom electronics have general utility as Trigger/DAQ system for other experiments

Chris Perkins

trigger and daq system overview
Trigger and DAQ System Overview

All Custom Designed and

Built Electronics






DAQ Receiver (Linux)

Custom Data


Start/Stop Data Taking


Chris Perkins

digitizing buffering and trigger algorithm boards
Digitizing, Buffering, and Trigger Algorithm Boards

QT Boards :

  • 32 Analog Input channels
  • 32 Digital Output bits
    • To Trigger Tree
  • 32 Discriminator Outputs
    • For timing triggers
  • Programmable FPGA over VME
    • For Trigger algorithms
  • Digitizes Analog PMT Input Signals
  • Buffers incoming data
  • Performs initial Trigger Algorithm on data
  • Trigger data Read out over VME
  • Onboard Memory: Enough to store 7ms worth of data
  • Low Noise: RMS Pedestal variation < 1 count

Chris Perkins

qt boards continued
QT Boards (Continued)
  • Custom designed charge integrator circuit for PMT input signals
  • 12-bit, 70 MSPS Analog-to-digital converters
  • Configuration programmable over VME:
    • Daughterboard FPGAs (containing trigger algorithms)
    • Digitizer Gate Start/Stop (1 ns steps)
    • Discriminator Thresholds
  • Dynamic range and sensitivity:
    • 0-200 GeV, ~0.05 Gev (12 bit dynamic range)
    • ~ 0.25 pC/count ADC
    • Linearity over the full range
  • Active Capture Time: ~85ns per crossing (~85%)





Chris Perkins

data storage and manipulation dsm boards
Data Storage and Manipulation (DSM) Boards
  • 128 Digital Input bits
    • Differential Signaling
    • From QT or DSM
    • 16 channels x 8 bits
  • 32 Digital Output bits
  • Programmable FPGA over VME
    • For Trigger Algorithms
  • Buffered data readout over VME
  • Performs trigger algorithm on 128 input bits to produce 32 output bits for next layer of trigger tree

DSM Datapath

Chris Perkins

clock distribution
Clock Distribution
  • Need to keep all boards in sync across many VME crates
  • Custom designed RHIC Clock and Control (RCC) Board
  • Buffers incoming clock from accelerator (~ 10 MHz)
  • Fans out clock and control signals to individual trigger boards and digitizer board VME crates
  • Configurable phase controls

Chris Perkins

data acquisition receiver
Data Acquisition Receiver
  • Individual boards in each VME crate are readout over the VME backplane
  • Data is sent to an aggregating DAQ receiver over a custom built Fiber Data Network (overall data rate ~ 2 Gb/s)
  • Standard Linux machine (DAQ) houses custom built PCI card to receive digitized and triggered data
  • Current bottleneck is boards readout serially over VME backplane
  • Additional VME crates/Trigger boards can be added to system with no penalty because VME crates readout in parallel
  • Events can currently be collected at ~ 3kHz depending on detector occupancy
    • Further optimization is still ongoing
  • Token indexing system correlates packets from each crate and assembles into full event

Chris Perkins

a n dy experimental setup rhic run 2011
ANDY Experimental SetupRHIC Run 2011




Chris Perkins

a n dy in january 2011
ANDY in January, 2011

Trigger/DAQ electronics

Left/right symmetric HCal

Left/right symmetric


Blue-facing BBC

Left/right symmetric preshower

Beryllium vacuum pipe

Chris Perkins

trigger electronics tree run 2011
Trigger Electronics Tree – Run 2011
  • Digitizers/Buffering/Data Manipulation
  • Digital Trigger Tree
  • Data funnels through digital electronics
  • tree with algorithms performed at
  • each level
  • Last board in tree makes final decision
  • whether or not to trigger and readout
  • data
  • Trigger algorithms in FPGAs for easily
  • reconfigurable triggers (over VME)
  • Trigger system can look at every RHIC
  • crossing for a trigger (10 MHz)
    • (nearly zero deadtime)

Chris Perkins

trigger crate layout run 2011
Trigger Crate Layout – Run 2011
  • 3 Total VME Crates

Chris Perkins

detector diagram run 2012
Detector Diagram – Run 2012
  • Add 20 HCAL Modules to close gap above and below beam pipe
  • Test GEM Trackers using independent Scalable Readout System (SRS)

Chris Perkins

trigger electronics tree run 2012
Trigger Electronics Tree – Run 2012
  • Add 20 HCAL Modules
    • Signals will fit into existing HCAL QT Boards
  • No Changes to Trigger Tree from Run 2011

Chris Perkins

trigger crate layout run 2012
Trigger Crate Layout – Run 2012
  • Same as Run 2011

Chris Perkins

detector diagram run 2013
Detector Diagram – Run 2013
  • No BBC Blue
  • Add new PreShower
  • Add ECal Blue
  • Old PreShower -> Mid Y
  • ECal -> Ecal Yellow
  • Expanded HCAL
  • Add first two GEM tracking stations (not shown)
    • Triggered from trigger system
    • Readout using “Scalable Readout System” (SRS)
    • Data Acquisition independent from rest of AnDY DAQ system

Chris Perkins

trigger electronics tree run 2013
Trigger Electronics Tree – Run 2013
  • No BBC Blue
    • (-1 QT)
  • Add new PreShower
    • (+10 QT)
  • Add ECal Blue
    • (+50 QT, +9 DSM)
  • Old PreShower -> Mid Y
  • ECal -> Ecal Y
  • Expanded HCAL
    • (+2 QT)

Chris Perkins

trigger crate layout run 2013
Trigger Crate Layout – Run 2013
  • 10 Total VME Crates will fit into existing STP Data Network
  • Crates readout in parallel so same DAQ rate capabilities

Chris Perkins

detector diagram run 2014
Detector Diagram – Run 2014
  • Add Third Tracking Station

Chris Perkins

trigger electronics tree run 2014
Trigger Electronics Tree – Run 2014
  • Add Third Tracking station
  • Detector Implementation still TBD as well as Trigger/DAQ Interface
  • Trigger Tree same as Run 2013 until Tracking finalized

Chris Perkins

trigger crate layout run 2014
Trigger Crate Layout – Run 2014
  • Same as Run 2013 until Tracking design is finalized

Chris Perkins

reconfigurable fpga trigger algorithms
Reconfigurable FPGA Trigger Algorithms
  • The following triggers have been developed so far and can be interleaved with each other during data-taking:
  • LED (for monitoring detector stability/gains)
  • Cosmic-rays (for relative calibration of Hcal)
  • Minimum-bias (based on BBC)
  • ECal Sum (for triggering on π0)
  • HCal Sum (for triggering on jets)
  • ZDC (for local polarimetry)

Chris Perkins

jet trigger
Jet Trigger
  • Jet Trigger = Threshold on HCal Sum with BBC collisionrequirement
  • Crossings before and after Jet trigger are relatively clean
  • Delivered luminosity is fully recorded, with minimal impact from livetime

Chris Perkins

example jet triggered events
Example : Jet Triggered Events
  • Select from jet-trigger events for HCal “high-tower” to be centered in module
  • Display for each detector of each module the ADC count as color scale (black=greatest count yellow=lowest count)
  • Events look “jetty”, as expected

Chris Perkins

scaler boards
Scaler Boards
  • Capable of capturing input bits for every RHIC crossing (~10 MHz)
  • Currently 30 input bits but easily expandable in the future
  • Data is streamed to Linux Data Receivers and stored on disk



Chris Perkins

  • STAR Trigger System Infrastructure Design was successfully ported to AnDY Trigger/DAQ System for Run 2011
  • A suite of simultaneously running triggers was developed and used in 2011
  • Expanded detector set in future runs will fit into current Trigger/DAQ system while retaining current DAQ rate capabilities

Chris Perkins

backup slides
Backup Slides

Chris Perkins