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Creating a life map PowerPoint Presentation
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Creating a life map

Creating a life map

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Creating a life map

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  1. Creating a life map

  2. What is a life map? A life map tracks your journey through life and marks out important events along the way. Remember! An important event doesn’t have to be exciting or memorable for others, the map is all about showing what is important to you. What makes an event important?

  3. Important events in your life • Events that teach you something about life e.g. being selected for a team might have taught you the value of hard work and perseverance • Events that made you feel suddenly more mature/ older/ grown up e.g. looking after your little brother or sister for the first time • Events that gave you inspiration for your future e.g. the first time you were given Lego and built a 1000 piece skyscraper hinted at you future love of architecture. • Events that highlight how important it is to enjoy life e.g. you pet budgie only survives 2 months under your care Both good and bad events can make you appreciate, adapt or change your life in some way

  4. What should your map include? • A minimum of 10 events and a maximum of 12. Have a clear understanding of the reasons why you have selected the event) • A symbol or picture that represents each selected event. The picture should give an indication of how you felt about the event. • A label which identifies and roughly dates the event. You can be creative and poetic with these labels e.g. the road to happiness on my new skateboard, Christmas 2001 • Connectors between events which helps the viewer understand the order in which they happened. The connectors can also indicate how the road between one event and another felt. What important lesson or understanding did you come to during this period of time? • Some people use arrows, some people draw roads, some people draw a bunch of islands and draw little boats travelling between each; it is up to you how you see your map. Is your life map a road map, a diagram, a geographical map, a maze, a swirling circle or a game of snakes and ladders?

  5. Life map examples(Somebody's future life map but a good example of layout)

  6. Life map examples(Done by much younger student but a good concept if more detail is added)

  7. Life map examples(just needs the connectors to show the path of events)

  8. Life map examples(missing the connectors but nice presentation)

  9. Inspiration- mazes

  10. Inspiration- maps

  11. Inspirations- game boards

  12. Inspirations- The Tree