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Combined Federal Campaign ePledge Update September 2013 Xavier “Lew” Lewis - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Combined Federal Campaign ePledge Update September 2013 Xavier “Lew” Lewis Director, Heart of Alabama Combined Federal Campaign. ePledge Initiative. Combined Federal Campaign donations via electronic payroll deduction were previously not an option in the DoD

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Presentation Transcript

Combined Federal Campaign

ePledge Update

September 2013

Xavier “Lew” Lewis

Director, Heart of Alabama Combined Federal Campaign

Epledge initiative
ePledge Initiative

Combined Federal Campaign donations via electronic payroll deduction were previously not an option in the DoD

Teams from DFAS, OPM, and the DoD Volunteer Campaign Management Office (VCMO) collaborated to create the first true paperless payroll deduction option for DoD personnel

MyPay ePledge:

Increases donor confidentiality

Reduces administrative workload and administrative errors associated with paper pledge form processing

Reduces campaign costs which results in fewer donor dollars being spent on overhead and more donor dollars being provided directly to the CFC supported charitable organizations

Epledge overview
ePledge Overview

MyPay allows military and civilian personnel in specific Executive Branch organizations (see next slide) to establish a CFC allotment within the CFC season

ePledge will be available to 89 of the 169 Combined Federal campaigns in 2013

ePledge development was mirrored on the Employee Express (EEX) electronic giving system currently in use by several other Federal organizations

IMPORTANT: CFC Office is responsible for funds distribution and has access only to the pledge data (e.g., donor’s name, allotment amount, and individual designations, but not Social Security Number and log-in information)

DFAS Customers

  • Military Departments

    • US Army

    • US Air Force

    • US Navy/US Marine Corps

  • Independent Defense Agencies and Field Activities

    • Defense Commissary Agency

    • Defense Contract Management Agency

    • Defense Finance and Accounting Service

    • Defense Information Systems Agency

    • Department of Defense Education Agency

  • Executive Branch Clients

    • Veterans Administration

    • Environmental Protection Agency

ePledge Process

  • This is a transaction site only, and not a research site. 

    • Donors will have 20-30 minutes to complete the transaction

      • Donors are urged to go to the Heart of Alabama CFC’s home page,, in advance and click on the “Search Charities” link

      • “Shop” in advance for which charities you select to designate, noting the charity’s 5-digit code

      • Then go to MyPay to enter the transaction once you have finalized your charities

Epledge process
ePledge Process

Combined Federal Campaign option added to MyPay Main Menu

Epledge process1
ePledge Process

Prior Year’s


Donor selects

“Add New Contribution”

Epledge process2
ePledge Process

CFC Code 0005

Enter Code

Key Training Point:

The screen will ONLY be shown to Active duty Army, Navy, and Air Force Personnel . Those donors must be provided their 4-digit Campaign Code (0005)

All other donors for USMC and DoD Civilians will be automatically linked to CFC 0005.

Epledge process3
ePledge Process

Entering an invalid campaign code will result in an error message

Epledge process4
ePledge Process

Should read:

0005 Heart of Alabama CFC

  • Active Duty Army, Navy, and Air Force personnel must “Confirm Campaign” prior to continuing

  • Others will not see this screen

Epledge process5
ePledge Process

Example: MIL

12 mos. x $50 = $600

Example: CIV

26 pps. x $25 = $650

Donor selects donation amount per pay period/month

Key Training Point:

Maximum allowable total donation for military personnel is $9,999.99 (i.e., for MIL, $833/mo. x 12 mos.). For donations higher than that, the donor should use a paper pledge form

Epledge process6
ePledge Process

Key Training Point:

Due to MyPay’s 20-30-minute time limitation, donor should use the search engine on the Heart of Alabama CFC website:

Click on the “Search Charities” link to select charities, and use MyPay to complete the transaction.

Donors can search for charities in multiple ways. However, see Key Training Point.

The donor can specify the 5-digit Charity Code.

Epledge process7
ePledge Process

The donor can search for a specific charity by name.

Epledge process8
ePledge Process

The donor can search for a charity by service type.

Epledge process9
ePledge Process

The donor can also search for charities using Administrative Overhead rate and/or by Keyword

The donor can limit the search to National, International, and Local


Epledge process10
ePledge Process

The donor can select charities or return to search for additional charities

Key Training Point:

Donor can select a maximum of 30 charities. Donor wishing to designate more than 30 should use paper pledge forms.

Epledge process11
ePledge Process

The donor enters the per pay period (Civ) or per month (Mil) donation amount for each charity

Epledge process12
ePledge Process

Balance remaining is automatically calculated

Donor has the option to continue or add / delete charities

Epledge process13
ePledge Process

Pledge summary is displayed.

Undesignated funds are automatically calculated and displayed.

Key Training Point:

For an organization’s pledges to be properly credited, the donor MUST enter their CFC Unit Identifier

(see next slide)

Examples of Unit Identifiers

(35 Character Limit)



058 VARO

116 42d ABW Staff

118 42d MSG

127 Spaatz Center CC and AR

127/1 Air War College (Note: do not use 127.1)

127/2 Air Command and Staff College (Note: do not use 127.2)

127/4 Squadron Officer College (Note: do not use 127.4)

127/5 International Officer School (Note: do not use 127.5)

127/6 Education Support Squadron (Note: do not use 127.6)

Permitted Characters: numbers, letters, forward slash (/), number sign (#), and spaces.

Epledge process14
ePledge Process

Final review and opportunity for donor to confirm intent

Epledge process15
ePledge Process

Key Training Point:

No forms will be submitted to Project Officer or Keyworker. Donor can view print PDF pledge form for recordkeeping.

Epledge process16
ePledge Process

Donor receipt copy. Up to five charities are listed on Page 1.

Epledge process17
ePledge Process

Additional donation information


  • Once the pledge is completed, the donor cannot reopen the MyPay CFC ePledge Record

  • To make a cancellation, donors must contact their Mil Pay or Civ Pay customer service office

  • Donors will have 20-30 minutes to complete the transaction

Summary of key training points
Summary of Key Training Points

The ‘Campaign Search’ screen will only be shown to active duty Army, Navy, and Air Force Personnel to link to the Heart of Alabama CFC’s 4-digit Campaign Code (0005). USMC and Civ donors will automatically be linked to CFC 0005.

Maximum donation amount for military personnel is $9,999.99.

Twenty to thirty minute time limit to complete transaction.

Donors can designate to a maximum of 30 charities (29 if there are ‘undesignated’ funds remaining).

IMPORTANT: Donors must enter their CFC unit identifier for pledges to be properly credited.

There is no paperwork associated with this pledge type. The donor prints a receipt for his/her records.

Heart of Alabama

CFC Unit Identifiers