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From 2005….

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From 2005
From 2005….

Some high-quality police-focused research but research is fragmented and scattered; relations between the academic community and Scottish police forces are ‘ad hoc and infrequent’; and the extent to which ‘research results is being fed directly into practice by its originators is negligible’. (Professor Carol Heddermanm University of Leicester)

To 2011
To 2011….

Within a very short time, SIPR has become one of the most important (if not the most important) institution for policing and police science within Europe (Professor Thomas Feltes, University of Bochum)

A new paradigm
A new paradigm?

Neyroud (2011) identifies need for ‘a new paradigm’ that changes the relationship between research and policing:

- police adopt and advance evidence-based policies;

- universities become active participants in the world of police practice.

The drivers of change
The drivers of change…

Investment… in new, relevant research and capacity building

Innovation…. in knowledge exchange and education

Internationality… placingScottish policing in a global context

Impact … on processes, policy and practice

Investment in new, relevant, collaborative research across Scotland…

Funding of £2.1m from SFC and ACPOS over 4 years used to support..

Research excellence, relevance and capacity building via 7 lectureships, 3 PDRAs, and 9 PhD studentships;

Knowledge exchange activities, including over 50 events attended by over 3000 people;

Supporting the leadership, management and infrastructure of SIPR

Additional investment of over £4m in research, KE and capacity building 2007-2010

Community of 40+ PhD students

Innovation in police education the sipr postgraduate policing diploma msc
Innovation in police education: the SIPR Postgraduate Policing Diploma & MSc

Development funding from:

Internationality Policing Diploma & MSc

Impact the importance of evidence based policing and collaborative partnerships
Impact: the importance of evidence-based policing and collaborative partnerships

Promoting the use of research evidence in policing;

Developing ‘full collaborative partnerships’ through the processes of knowledge generation, diffusion and use;

Establishing ‘a dialogue of listening’

Sipr phase ii
SIPR Phase II collaborative partnerships

Renewed investment from ACPOS over the next four years to fund a programme of research and KE;

Renewed investment from universities over the next four years to support the leadership and strategic development of SIPR.