children s views of the world through maps n.
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Children’s Views of the World Through Maps PowerPoint Presentation
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Children’s Views of the World Through Maps

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Children’s Views of the World Through Maps - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Children’s Views of the World Through Maps. Allyson French ECI 524 5/27/10. Let’s Help Each Other Easier By Ivo Antioniev Gabrovsky Bulgaria Age 9.

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let s help each other easier by ivo antioniev gabrovsky bulgaria age 9
Let’sHelp Each Other EasierBy IvoAntionievGabrovskyBulgariaAge 9

This map illustrates the interconnectedness of the world. In this map we see technology represented through computers and phones as a mechanism for communication around the world. The idea of people helping people is the central theme and is beautifully represented.


The World UnitedBy Maria Jose Godoy DevilatChileAge 9

This map depicts a bridged world with accessible travel. Most interesting is the use of what looks to be newspaper or a list of words to represent the continents. The idea that we are separated by words or language is an important aspect of the world we live in.


This map seems pretty self-explanatory. Even at the young age of nine, the importance of money has not gone unnoticed. Money makes the world go round, and the use of assorted visa cards as a map is a clear indication that this child in particular understands this concept.

Life is Impossible Without CardBy Emil Marvin MikkEstoniaAge 9


The people in this map are holding hands and standing across the globe. I think the idea this child is trying to illustrate is a world ruled by the people. His understanding of the world is one in which we can be united together.

People’s Parliament

By Horvath Lili


Age 9


This map is intriguing mainly because it could be interpreted in several different ways. I think the child is trying to demonstrate a world in which everyone can get along. Being from the perspective of a nine year old Iranian, dissention and discord are undoubtedly familiar concepts for this child. The placement of various country flags inside an hourglass shows a belief that over time we can achieve global harmony.

Living in a Globalized World

By BitaGarshasbi


Age 9


This map is a beautiful depiction of a world in which we can recognize our differences and celebrate these differences together. The illustrations look like stacking dolls, which is interesting because stacking dolls can stand individually or together as one unit. The understanding of the world that is being displayed here is the idea of maintaining independence while also having the ability to work together.

We Are Different, But We Are All Together

By ElizavetaZhirnova


Age 9


The perception here is perhaps a fear of losing globalization. This shows a deeper understanding of the world in that this child realizes the difficulties involved in foreign relations, and would like to prevent further dissention.

Protecting My Globalised World

By Stefni Jacobs

South Africa

Age 9


Everyone Has the Same Rights


Age 9

This is a very idealistic understanding of the world, and is perhaps a representation of what this child wishes the world were like because everyone does not currently have the same rights across the world.


This map shows only North and South America, and the author is from South America. This is interesting because it signifies that perhaps this child’s understanding of the world is solely based on North and South America and not the world at large. However, the use of string is intriguing because it could be alluding to a close connection between the two separate continents. The title, itself, is insinuating this as well.

The Americas, Our Continent

By Maria AgostinaRaffi


Age 9


The use of various country flags inside other countries demonstrates a desire for a global nation. This child understands that there are people from all over the world living in different countries.

Many Nations, One World

By Sophia Liu

United Kingdom

Age 9

final thoughts
Final Thoughts

The level of understanding demonstrated in the maps drawn by these nine year olds is astounding. They all have a clear vision of how they believe the world should look. Most of their maps illustrate an idealistic world and not the current world we live in. However, it is interesting that regardless of their country of origin similar themes resound; the most common being the desire for a globalized and united world.