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Household Goods From the House of Runka PowerPoint Presentation
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Household Goods From the House of Runka

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Household Goods From the House of Runka
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Household Goods From the House of Runka

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  1. Household Goods From the House Of

  2. Introduction Runka has filled this section with wonderful Eco-Friendly products for your entire household! You will find everything from practical everyday items to the whimsical 'One of Kind'. Take your time around your house. You are bound to find and feel that just what you are looking for? Just take a look…… Household Bath Products. Kitchen Products. Lighting Products. Cleaning Products.

  3. Household Bath Products Our Bee Bar comes attractively wrapped in tissue paper and is presented in a beautiful, reusable silver tin. Because the bar is made without water, it won't dry out and will last up to seven months, even with daily use.

  4. Bathing Sponge konjac sponge" aka "konnyaku sponge"? It is an all-natural sponge made from konjac roots (konnyaku), both alkaline and carries a natural cleaning agent, so soap is not necessary.

  5. Kitchen Products Bowls Dishes Runka hasAll Eco Friendly dishes, flatware, bowls and everything else you need for a greener, better kitchen. Spoon Drinking Bottle

  6. Disposable-Reusable Dinnerware Runka has found solutions to using paper plates and plastic utensils for your parties and Picnics. Plastic utensils are a real burden to landfills and standard paper plates, cups and bowls take years to decompose . Bamboo Dinner Plates

  7. Lighting Products Runka has found some very unique and amazing lighting products just for you! Every piece is distinctly hand carved to retain unique natural look and beauty of salt crystals, so no two salt candle holders are alike. Heart Shaped candle Holder Ball Shaped candle Holder

  8. LED Colorful Holiday Lighting They last almost forever! They cut your power bill down an enormous amount and they're at a great price! Elegant and thoughtful, this multi-color string of LED lights will be cherished for a long, long time!

  9. Himalayan Salt Round Light Product This is the wide - round basket filled with Himalayan Salt Crystals. It has a casual and warm look that adds great ambiance to any room. As salt lamp warms up with the light bulb it emits negative ions into the air. Negative ions cause harmful air particles to clump together and fall to the ground.

  10. Cleaners & Detergents A full line of cleaners and detergents that are formulated without the dangerous and harmful chemicals that are bad for you and the planet. All Purpose Cleaner An all purpose cleaner that is designed with our planet in mind. Completely void of damaging chemicals but still effective in removing dirt and grime from just about any surface.

  11. Or Call at our Toll free No. (877) 24RUNKA Mail to us at Contact Information