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Animal Characteristics and Behaviors

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Animal Characteristics and Behaviors - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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By: Justin, Liam, and Emma. Animal Characteristics and Behaviors. Animal Characteristics - Herbivores.

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animal characteristics herbivores
Animal Characteristics - Herbivores
  • Animals that only eat plants are called herbivores. Herbivores are plant-eating and have feet built for locomotion, flat teeth, and each eye looking to the side (which gives them a wide field of vision without moving their heads).
behavior herbivore
Behavior – Herbivore
  • One example of behavior for a herbivore is protecting themselves by staying in packs so they will not get eaten by a passing carnivore.
animal characteristics carnivores
Animal Characteristics - Carnivores
  • Animals that eat meat (or other organisms) are called carnivores. Carnivores have claws, teeth or sharp beaks, and both eyes looking forward (which helps them judge distance to their prey).
behavior carnivore
Behavior - Carnivore
  • One type of behavior for a carnivore is patience, like hiding behind plants or rocks because they need patience to hunt their prey and kill them on the first attempt.
animal characteristics omnivores
Animal Characteristics - Omnivores
  • Animals that eat both plants and animals are called Omnivores. Many omnivores (bears, pigs, etcetera) have a good sense of smell. They need a good sense of smell to smell other types of animals or plants that they can eat.
behavior omnivores
Behavior – Omnivores
  • One type of behavior for omnivores is being nocturnal because it is easier for them to hunt in the dark. A chicken is an example of an omnivore, they eat seeds but they also eat worms or other insects.
how do some animals survive
How do some animals survive?
  • Animals have to have physical and mental characteristics to be able to survive in the wild. We have made a few examples to show which animals have which characteristics to survive in there natural habitat. One example is the giraffe, they need to be tall and fast to get to their food and to escape from predators. Also they have instinct to learn were to go and what to eat. They know that they have to have a certain amount of food to live. Another example is a penguin, they know that they have to make sure that their eggs are confined so that there are more penguins in the world. Also the parents know that in order to survive they have to catch food for their young and while they are doing that the penguin has to watch out for their predators. If one penguin doesn’t do his job the young will not survive.